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Note: Just what we have been telling people: "We are helpless, we
do not have bulletproof vests, weapons are now discontinued, the
AR-15 rifles that we bring not worth anything because we bring only 6
rounds in the magazine" Municipal Police Angostura

EU seeks further comments on guns sales in border plan
Seeking to reduce the flow of weapons coming into Mexico. Photo: AP
Organizacion Editorial Mexicana
April 28, 2011

WASHINGTON .- The U.S. government will seek another round of comments
on its controversial proposal to require gun dealers in four states
on the border between Mexico and the United States to report the sale
of multiple rifles.

Seeking to reduce the flow of weapons coming into Mexico, where drug
cartels have taken lethal wars to protect their businesses, the
Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, for its
acronym in English) has sought to strengthen requirements reports in
Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California.

Under the proposal, traders would have to report sales of two or more
rifles to the same person at once or for five business days if they
are semi-automatic, with a caliber greater than .22 and detachable

The proposed requirement has led to intense criticism of the powerful
lobbying group on arms, National Rifle Association, which has accused
the government of Barack Obama to use violence in Mexico as a pretext
to try to reduce arms sales.

The ATF has denied making such an effort, and said the records would
be kept for two years and then be deleted if not used by researchers.

The proposal will be published in the Federal Register government on
Friday seeking comment for 30 days, according to a copy obtained by
Reuters on Thursday.

It was first published in December and had a comment period of 60
days he collected almost 13,000 responses. About 30 percent opposed
the reporting requirement and 70 percent were in favor, the ATF said.

The second round of comments are property of new regulations,
according to the ATF, and no substantial changes were made. After
reviewing further comments submitted, the proposal could be
implemented or altered.

Gun ownership is prohibited in Mexico as drug cartels trying to get
all possible weapons from the United States.

U.S. officials have shown more concern about the flow of arms that
cross the border after an immigration officer was shot and killed
U.S. and another injured by suspected members of a drug cartel on a
highway in Mexico in February.

Note: very interesting numbers

In last 11 years
Seize more than 500 thousand bullets in two presidential administrations
Since 2008 he has secured 92.5 percent, numbers that contrast with
the ammunition of police

CULIACÁN .- While some police officers of corporations complain they
had not received enough bullets to perform their duties in a state of
increasingly violent attacks by organized crime, drug trafficking
groups in addition to carrying the best black market weapons and are
stocked with thousands of bullets of all calibers.
Only in the 3 years that the drug war in Sinaloa, the Mexican Army
elements secured to organized crime groups more than half a million
rounds of ammunition, ranging from powerful 50 mm caliber Barrett
rifle, to 7.62 for AK-47 and 5.7 for guns that pass through shields,
and others could get to shoot down aircraft, among many other calibers.
According to information obtained under the Federal Law of
Transparency and Access to Public Government Information, in the last
two presidential administrations, members of the Army have seized
628,808 bullets in the various campaigns and joint operations against
drug and arms trafficking in Sinaloa.
Not to mention the thousands of bullets that were used to commit
3,137 murders in the six years of Juan Sigfrido Millán and 6,629
intentional homicides committed during the administration of Jesus
Aguilar Padilla. In addition to the thousands who are still
circulating in the streets of Sinaloa in the arms of criminals.
In the six years of Juan Sigfrido Millan, the army seized only 29,024
bullets, while in the six years of Aguilar Padilla the military
seized 599,784 bullets.
The large quantity of munitions seized by the army during the two
presidential terms, notes that 581,946 bullets, ie 92.5 percent of
the total, were secured from 2008 to 2010.
The information reveals that it is from January 2007, a month after
the federal government headed by Felipe Calderon declared war on the
drug cartels, when the seizure of hundreds of weapons and thousands
of bullets from the narcos is increased by 100 percent . In that year
the Army seizes 11,697 bullets.
But from 2008, the year that the Sinaloa cartel is split and pitted
against other drug cartels, the seizure is triggered by more than a
thousand percent and soldiers seized 148,972 bullets, for the 2009
seizure materiel that reaches 246,396 bullets, and in 2010 down to

The caliber of the bullets seized from the narcos about everything
from small arms 22 and 25, to 50 mm caliber Barrett rifle, past the 9
mm, 45, 38 super for all types of shotgun, but mainly 7.62 caliber
and famous for the deadly AK-47, one of the weapons of choice for
drug traffickers.
The type of bullets is also very varied, ranging from the simple to
the armored, shock, tracers, incendiary, explosive, and even to the
bullets used by anti-aircraft guns.
The seizure not only of the hundreds of weapons from the narcos, but
also the thousands of bullets that have shows clearly the great
disadvantage that most municipal and state police state to combat
organized crime in the state.
As recently as April 19, Angostura police after an attack on their
base by a group of gunmen protesting the great disadvantage that they
tried to repel the aggression.
"We are helpless, we do not have bulletproof vests, weapons are now
discontinued," said a preventive agent that day the reporter, "AR-15
rifles that we bring not worth anything because we bring only 6
cartridges into the magazine."
The day of the attack in which two civilians were killed and three
wounded, the group of gunmen fired more than 700 bullets at the
police base, patrols and agents, even with 50 mm caliber Barrett rifles.

"We are helpless, we do not have bulletproof vests, weapons are now
discontinued, the AR-15 rifles that we bring not worth anything
because we bring only 6 rounds in the magazine"
Municipal Police Angostura

Seizure of bullets
1999 8 156
2000 4 035
2001 1 485
2002 3 657
2003 6 514
2004 5 177
2005 2 080
2006 4 061
2007 11 697
2008 148 972
2009 246 396
2010 186 578

TOTAL: 628,808

Thursday April 28, 2011

The Burrion. Everyday war scenario Sinaloa

At least seven dead, shot vehicles, weapons and drugs seized and shot
up houses after a series of clashes between armed groups during the
early hours of Thursday, from the city of Guamuchil, until the
Burrion, Guasave.

The first report was Guamúchil Center at 03:00 hours, when a commando
attacked the base of the Municipal Police of this municipality.

Shot up the facilities as well as at least 12 municipal patrol
vehicles, then followed with the City Hall located behind the first
building, causing damage to the facade.

In the escape of the caravan of death, four men killed were thrownout
on Railroad Street and then took the Mexico 15.

The army established that once were on the road from Las Brisas to
the Burrion, in the municipality of Guasave, the assassins are pitted
against another commando, leaving a toll of six trucks and three men
abandoned, shot to death.

The first body was found at the height of the town Cuatro Caminos,
close to the tollbooth, and the other two were at the station of El
Burrion, whose area was cordoned off by the military.

Once the fighting ended, to at 05:00 hours the Army and the various
corporations began to arrive at the scenes of war.

The military arrested a man named Jesus Ramon Rodriguez, who had a
bullet wound in one hand and a rollover.

The units found are a Chevrolet Silverado, Pick Up a color, green
double cab, a silver Ram, and a gray color plates, Sonora. At the
toll booth Ram Cuatro Caminos was a brown double cab, where he had
military-style uniforms. In addition to a Colorado and a Nissan Tsuru
red color.

In the latter carrying the now detained with others who are missing.

All had bullet wounds on the body and crystals. Some of them found 46
AK-47 magazines, four hand grenades, tactical gear, radios, guns,
armies, a bag of marijuana, including clothing.
None of the deceased has been identified by authorities.

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