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Note: mostly of interest to locals, interesting details on shootout
at Gusave, also be interesting to find out what going on there.
Higher level people involved. Also interesting mix of weapons of
army & police. Why several up armored vehicles abandoned? A .50 in
the mix?

7 killed in clashes
Base attack of Guamúchil DSPyTM and then 'crash' armed groups
Northwest / Editorial
Two of the victims were killed by the Mexico 15, near El Burrion,
next to a truck.
Photo: Northwest.

GUASAVE .- The central upstate shook yesterday morning after opposing
groups of organized crime faced death in the municipalities of
Salvador Alvarado and Guasave, killing seven suspected gunmen were
killed and one arrested.

The first skirmish occurred at about 2:30 pm when Guamúchil
preventive agents clashed with an armed group on the street Dr. de la
Torre and Zaragoza.
Subsequently, the city moved to DSPyTM facilities for shelter, but
came moments after the criminals on board at least five trucks,
armored apparently, and shot 12 patrol vehicles and corporate
facilities as well as some nearby houses.

Minutes later, the street railway and Miguel Hidalgo located the
bodies of four people shot to death after apparently opposing armed
groups clashed after the attack on the police.
The deceased were later identified as Andrés Sepúlveda Oswaldo
Mendoza, 20, Jesus Berrelleza David Terrazas, 22, Luis Angel Felix
Rubio, 22, and Edgardo Marquez Ortega, 32, originating in the
trusteeship of El Burrion.

Another young man named Jesus Ramon Rodriguez, also with the same
address, who traveled along with the dead in a Tsuru, Red, was with a
bullet in his right hand and was detained by soldiers in the curve of
the Serrano, after a rollover.
Nearby found abandoned a Dodge, double cab, 2010, and an armored
Chevrolet Colorado type, around 2008.
According to reports from corporations, then the gunmen held a series
of clashes on International Mexico Highway 15, from Las Brisas to El
It was established that the gas station in front of the latter town,
south to north side and on the federal highway near a armored
Chevrolet station wagon, green, 1998 model, were the bodies of two men.
The dead were named Gil Marcos Ayala, 38, resident of the ejido May
1, Ahome, and Guillermo Leyva Castro, 26, resident of El Huitussi.
While in the community of Cuatro Caminos, under Mexico 15, found the
body of another young man who until press time had not been
identified and who was killed with a grenade in hand and wearing
It was near the toll booth and recorded El Burrion where the heaviest
fighting between members of organized crime, because in these areas
were abandoned six late-model armored vehicles, in one of which were
located long and short arms , mags and alleged marijuana and secured
over 300 caliber shell casings from AK-47 7.62x39mm.
At dawn, dozens of military, federal and city surrounded the area
where the violence occurred.
People who transited the Mexico 15 revealed that as 5:00 am there was
still a large armed group installing a roadblock.

Chevrolet-Wagon, 1998 model, armored
Chevrolet Pick-up, double cabin 2010 model
"Jeep Cherokee type, white, 2008 model, armored
-Pick up, Dodge Ram, Model 2008, armored
-Pick up, Dodge Ram Heavy Duty, Crew Cab, 2010 model, armored
-Pick up, Dodge Ram Crew Cab 2010 model, armored
-Dodge, double cab 2010 model
-Chevrolet, Colorado type, model 2008
-Nissan Tsuru type
4 AK-47 rifles
46 magazines for AK-47 rifle "goat horn"
5 9 mm caliber pistols
5 hand grenades
Tactical equipment
A bag with suspected marijuana
2 military-style uniforms

Living moments of tension
Now it was the people of the community of Cuatro Caminos whom they
lived firsthand the war in that place by organized crime.
"I think it was about five o'clock when they heard the first shot and
the only thing we did was dive to the ground, as we have seen in
movies, but they were minutes of intense gunfire," a neighbor told
from this locality.
Another neighbor said even with the fear among the veins as one of
the wounded gunmen came and knocked on the door of his house, but
then withdrew.
"I do not talk anymore", he was recommended by an elder.

Note: Altar
Published April 29, 2011, 7:46 a.m.
Disclaimer police chief in Altar

The Chief of Police of Altar, Sergio Bustamante Hernandez, submitted
his resignation for personal reasons.
Sergio Bustamante Hernandez stepped down to work for PGR.
Alfonso Campos-RUBIO
Altar, Sonora - New Day

For personal reasons the lawyer Sergio Bustamante Hernandez submitted
his resignation as general director of the Preventive Police and
Municipal Transit, which last held since September 2009, confirmed
the mayor Rafael Rivera Glass.
The mayor indicated that altarense foregoing vacated one of the most
important jobs for the city administration.
It also expressed "that the date will be administrative adjustments
and readjustments, in addition to select either the profile of who
directs altarenses safety because it is one of the most important
positions for the administration," he stressed.
While Hernandez told Bustamante that sought his resignation to take
another position of interest for

note: Ciudad Obregon
A gang intercepted last night outside her office
A young doctor, a specialist in children's dentistry, was deprived of
liberty, by three young guys who had their faces covered and carrying
high-powered weapons, while leaving his office in Tamaulipas and
Morelos streets, last night at 20:30.

The victim in this violent chapter Sayda Vivian Elias Villegas, 26,
residing in Hidalgo # 801 between California and Quintana Roo,
Colonia del Valle. Data from the scene indicate that the young
professional was approached by three young guys who covered their
faces with ski masks dark.

Those outlined, carrying guns, assault rifles, apparently of the
popularly known "goat horns."

To make contact with her, held her arms and violently opposed but
stubborn resistance, the force went to a Chevrolet, Captiva line,
golden color, then fled to the west Morelos.

Witnesses said one of the subjects wore a shorts, type shorts, khaki
color. All three are young looking.

It was also said that the young professional, was working in a doctor
of Dentistry for Children, accompanied by her father.

note: Ciudad Obregon
Deprive of freedom cajemense

Police arrest 3 involved and seize tactical weapons and equipment
A obregonense was deprived of his liberty by several armed men to be
intercepted in front of the Recreation Park La Sauceda, Hermosillo,
and rapid mobilization by elements of the Municipal Police detained
three individuals, but the whereabouts of the victim is unknown.

These events took place last Wednesday afternoon and is affected
Egurrola Flavio Arturo Sánchez, 31, who was traveling with his wife
Claudia Gómez Guerra, 30, and a minor.

Hermosillo police authorities, said the family Egurrola Gomez, moved
from Phoenix, Arizona to this town, when they were stopped by heavily
armed individuals.

The detainees are now Piñuelas Carlos Lopez, Giovanni Martin Cota and
Luis Zúñiga Flores Raúl Mendoza. His arrest was carried out on the
road to Sahuaripa while riding in a gray pick-up truck with Sonora
This vehicle carried three rifles, two handguns, several magazines,
body armor and several rounds of ammunition.

Authorities have not found the father and or his car a late model
sedan and have not found the other sedan used in the kidnapping of

Transit to train 140 armed officers
The director of the agency explained that the Highways officers have
a job risk
Orlando Chavez
Friday, April 29, 2011 | 12:58:39 PM
IDNOTA=239714&IDSECCION=Portada&IDREPORTERO=Orlando% 20Ch%

Chihuahua, Chih .- The Director of Highways, Raymundo Romero, said
the agency will arrange to have ready the 140 agents will be able to
be armed. The official explained that the Highways officers have a
job risk.
"What we are doing is to flesh out the words of the governor, who had
said they were going to arm agents Road, to the hostile environment
that is ... is a recurring theme, we are bringing the Prosecutor
determines "he said.
He added that the vocation of the Roads Corporation is originally
from prevention, because in 64 municipalities is an area that is
within the Municipal Police.
He said attacks on agents that have occurred Transportation in Ciudad
Juarez and Chihuahua are forced to open the debate, but especially to
get ready.

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