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September 3, 2004 at 6:00PM MST
Lupita Murillo Reports
Labor Day campers near US/Mexico border: Be cautious

Labor Day marks the end of summer vacations and many will be heading to camp grounds.

Some will be camping near the border, but the recent murder of a hunter has authorities warning campers to be cautious.

Steve Montano often camped alone in the Santa Rita mountains. His hobby turned tragic last weekend when he was shot several times.

No arrests have been made.

Pima County Sheriff's Homicide unit continues to investigate the possibilities. It may have been drug or people smugglers or thrill seekers.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is issuing a warning, especially in areas along the border.

Lorraine Buck says, "Be aware, if you are going camping, hiking or a day trip, to be aware that there is an issue in that area with illegal immigration."

It's those same routes that illegal drug traffickers use to smuggle their goods, so authorites want the campers to use caution and basic safety, such as

    * never go alone
    * make a plan and follow it
    * share that information with another person
    * let them know when you'll be returning
    * take a cell phone
    * take plenty of water and extra food. 

Buck says, "Because of the circumstances we know is occurring througn the networks of law enforcment agencies, we just felt it was a good idea we needed to give people as much information so they can have a safe holiday."

If you witness illegal activity, don't intercede. Contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call 911 or (520) 88-CRIME

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