Friday, April 8, 2011


More Evidence That Mexican Drug Cartel Guns Are Coming From Central
Friday, April 08, 2011

As we reported last week, evidence is mounting that many of the
illegal firearms finding their way to Mexican drug cartels are
originating not in the U.S., but rather from surplus military sources
in Central America.

This week, an IHS Global Insight Daily Analysis article offered
further evidence of the trend.

According to the article, General Douglas Fraser, in testimony before
the U.S. Senate, claimed that Mexican drug cartels are sourcing
weaponry from military arsenals left over from Central American civil
wars and conflicts. Fraser testified that more than 50 percent of
military-grade weaponry flowing through the region originated from
Central American arsenals, with the total quantity in circulation
estimated at between 45 million and 80 million firearms.

The article went on to note that Admiral James Winnefeld, commander
of the Northern Command, declared that firearms were coming into
Mexico from other parts of Latin America, with certain types of
weaponry originating south of Mexico.

As the article points out, the flow of arms from Mexico's southern
border casts significant doubt on the current assertion by Mexican
authorities (and some in the Obama administration) that 80-90 percent
of illegal firearms making their way into Mexico come from the U.S.

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