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Note: Some good news for locals, this one been way too long to
happen. A good day for folks in Douglas & AP.

El Periodico de Agua Prieta
Federales capture "el 2000"

He is accused of several massacres, he also behind bodies that
appeared in the Puerto San Luis
Elements of the Federal Police arrested "el 2000" and brought him to
Mexico City, he is blamed several massacres and dismembered bodies
have been found in the Puerto San Luis.

Francisco Hernandez Garcia (a) "el 2000", "Panchito", or "Cabeza de
Vaca" is part of a list published in 2009 where the Attorney
General's Office offered a reward of 15 million pesos for data that
would lead to his capture.

Despite the secrecy with which this fact has been saved by the
Attorney General's Office (PGR), it was possible to know that
"Panchito" was arrested by federal investigators and transported to
the facilities of the Office of Special Investigations in Crime
Organized (OFDI) in Mexico City.

"el 2000" is considered one of the main contributors to the cartel of
the "Beltran Leyva brothers," originating from the neighboring state
of Sinaloa, established his reputation as a murderer and
bloodthirsty, been linked with several of the most notorious murders
in recent years in the region, including the slaughter in Cananea and
Arizpe in 2007 and the appearance, more recently, of bodies dumped in
Puerto San Luis, a few meters from the border with Chihuahua.

In the beginning, Hernandez Garcia was part of the so-called Sinaloa
cartel, with whom he had serious differences and ran off to the gang
headed by Arturo Beltran Leyva (a) "El Barbas" or "el jefe de
jefes", who died in 2009 after a violent clash with elements of
special forces of the Navy.

His detention has continued to compete secrecy, however, sources
close to the Attorney Genera of Justice said that his capture was
achieved after extensive intelligence work of the federal forces in
Ciudad Juarez, where he operated for some time.

Note: good luck on this one

Pima County morgue to begin charging rent
Associated Press | Posted: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 12:18 pm | Comments

Bodies left too long at the Pima County morgue will be charged rent.
The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a $75-
per-day fee to solve the problem of cadaver overcrowding.
In the past, the county has run out of room to house dead bodies
primarily because of migrant deaths.
The Arizona Daily Star ( http://bit.ly/thmYIR) reports many of the
cases are from other counties for which Pima County provides
services, like autopsies. Those counties would be responsible for the
body fees.
"We may not even use these fees. This is not a money revenue
generator for us or anything like that," said Dr. Gregory Hess, Chief
Medical Examiner for Pima County in an interview Tuesday with The
Associated Press.
Hess said he anticipates charging the fee only in rare cases, most
commonly when a responsible party needs to be prodded to make
decisions on burials for migrants and indigents.
Pima County does forensic work for eight other counties. It needed a
mechanism in place for counties to pick up remains that stay too
long, because the county can't continue to build storage or run out
of room, Hess said.
Although there are bodies that have been in the Pima County Forensic
Science Center since 2009 and 2010, the morgue isn't over capacity
right now, he said.
"We just need to have a mechanism to provide an incentive for people
to pick up these remains if for some reason they're not picking them
up," Hess said.
For a private burial, the Forensic Science Center would be able to
charge funeral homes $75 a day to store a body, beginning three days
after the center gives the OK to transfer the remains from the morgue
to the funeral home.
That isn't likely to be done often, said John Chapman, general
manager at Adair Funeral Homes, because bodies typically move faster
than that since they need to be sent to the funeral home so it can
begin its work. But it can happen, such as in cases when the family
of a decedent may avoid making a timely decision, especially if the
person wasn't a close relative, he said.
The fee will be reviewed in three months by people and governments
impacted by the fees.
Information from: Arizona Daily Star, http://www.azstarnet.com

Read more: http://azstarnet.com/news/state-and-regional/pima-county-

6 gunmen die in shootout with rivals in Juárez
by Aileen B. Flores \ El Paso Times
Posted: 11/04/2011 02:31:40 PM MDT

More than 400 rounds were fired Thursday in a battle in which six
people died in Juárez, authorities said Friday.

According to the Chihuahua state police, the confrontation began
about 8:45 p.m. Thursday in the Cuesta neighborhood, near the Sierra
Misiones and Montes Urales streets. Two men were killed inside a car
with Texas plates, and a woman was killed inside another vehicle.

The clash continued in the Del Real neighborhood at the intersection
of Tecnológico Avenue and Tláloc Street, where three men were
killed. Police were able to identify one of the victims as Roberto
Zamora Herrera, 24.

Investigators said they collected 442 bullet casings from the crime
Four vehicles and six weapons were seized.

The confrontation is one of many registered in the city since the
drug war between drug cartels began in 2008. More than 12,000 people
have died because of the drug war in Chihuahua state since 2008.

Aileen B. Flores may be reached at aflores@elpasotimes.com; 546-6362.

Mexican military: Communications equipment seized in Reynosa
November 08, 2011 7:34 AM
Naxiely Lopez
The Monitor

The Mexican military seized antennas and other communication devices
during an operation Sunday in Reynosa.

Soldiers from Mexico's 8th military zone seized nine receiving and
transmitting antennas, six voltage regulators, six repeaters, five
duplexers, two vehicle-type radios and a portable radio in various
locations throughout the city, according to a news release from
SEDENA — Mexico's ministry of defense.

These seizures were part of operation "Noreste," which seeks to
generate a climate of peace, trust and harmony for the population,
officials said.

Soldiers turned the communication equipment over to the proper

Monitor staff writer Naxiely Lopez compiled this report.

Note: an ongoing problem and not only in Mexico

There is corruption among cadets
Details Posted on Sunday, November 6, 2011 5:42
Written by Martin Mendoza

Of the 75 students of the academy had 36 false documents

Thirty-six cadets from the Municipal Police Academy could be out the
fourth generation that will graduate on 25 November, as a result of
false certificates of high school that they had to be admitted as
candidates earlier this year.

Although the matter has been handled with remarkable secrecy and
stealth, unofficially it was established that the matter "exploded"
last weekend at the end of the period of academic training of future
public servants.

In trying to locate the academy's director, Armando Rivera, to know
his stance on this serious situation, he was not located in the
building of the Municipal Public Security Ministry.

For corporate counsel, lawyer Saul Montoya, the issue is delicate,
and does not know all the details but said, adding that it seems the
authenticity of the documents is not confirmed.

"I have no interference in the matter, a matter of discussion with
the headmaster to give his version and also to know how it is
realized," he said when approached yesterday afternoon when he
descended from the upper floor the police building.

Some cadets were concerned about their peers, because not only could
they be left out and instead of 75 new police officers will only be
39, unaware why they did not realize in time the authenticity of the
documents of the suspended cadets.

Officers who participated in the training period as instructors, they
regretted that all their work may be a waste for those aspiring
guardians of public order.

This, he added, is not only because they had the responsibility to
verify the legitimacy of the certificates which tried to prove that
they had completed high school, by staff who was responsible for
making the selection of aspiring cadets.

There were cadets who upon being questioned about the situation,
refused to talk about it, saying they were not authorized to do so,
but without revealing from where that order came. Were implemented
only say they can not say anything.

It was established that the graduation ceremony which will be the
fourth generation of police graduates of the Academy of Municipal
Public Security Ministry, is scheduled to be held next Friday 25
November, yet undetermined location.

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