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Mexico is a step from narcopolitica said Manuel Espino
Organized crime is not content to buy politicians, looking to those
who occupy positions of privilege, he says
José Eduardo Cabrera Ruiz, correspondent

Merida, Yucatan., November 5 .- Former PAN national leader Manuel
Espino said in this city that is very likely that through the
political parties organized crime will strain the electoral processes
in 2012.

Espino Barrientos who arrived in town to meet with members of social
networks and PAN promoters recalled to his former fellow of the PAN
had made sure that was not far off the day the narcos came to the
politicians and now looks to the growing number of murders of mayors,
deputies and even candidates for governor.

He said that Mexico is just one step from to live openly the
"narcopolitics" because organized crime is not content with the
purchase of politicians but for those who occupy positions of
privilege, the problem for which no party has a shield.

He later dismissed the strategy of President Felipe Calderon against
organized crime, because in his opinion, the violence will never be
able to fight with violence but with more social programs, attention
to employment and new projects for entrepreneurs, students,
housewives and a new culture for society as intended to promote from
his political project "Starting Over."

"My respects to Calderon, it is clear that the path is wrong," he said.

At the same time added that he will remain with PAN "until death" and
that his expulsion from the PAN was due to an excess of freedom of
expression, but not corrupt or dishonest, so he thinks in three years
if he decides to return to the white and blue (PAN).

In a hotel in this city Espino Barrientos anticipated that he would
meet two-time mayor of Mérida Ana Rosa Payan Cervera who promotes
citizen support network for Josefina Vazquez Mota in Yucatan.

He also dismissed the secret reports of the U.S. Embassy in Yucatan
Policy, specifically about Ana Rosa Payan Cervera, reportedly
released by Wikileaks, that she was supported by Andres Manuel Lopez
Obrador (PRD) when she ran for governor of the state.

Espino said emphatically: "They say many lies, I know because it was
Ana Rosa, endorsed her, I lived it," but refused to disclose the

Ana Rosa Payan Cervera, a former mayor of Merida and former director
of the National DIF in January 2007 announced his retirement from the
National Action Party after the National Executive Committee rejected
her appeal to overturn the primaries held last December 17 and the
which was won as the candidate of the state government by former
Secretary of Social Development Xavier Abreu Sierra.

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