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Thursday November 17, 2011
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Dismantled in Torreon a telecommunications network of Los Zetas
The system is valued at $ 350,000, about 4.5 million pesos, and is
considered the main hit of operation "Laguna Segura"
Alma Gudiño

Torreón., November 18 .- Elements of the Ninth Military Region,
involved in operating the Laguna Segura, dismantled a communications
network belonging to the criminal group Los Zetas, in the city of
Torreon, which is valued at 350 thousand dollars and four people were

The system consisted of a Central Process Unit, two hard drives with
a large storage capacity, three digital repeaters, a radio base,
digital band.

In addition, an ICOM radio long range aviation-band, which allows
communication with aircraft from the ground, and four laptop
computers linked in networks, 63 digital radio equipment, 59 analog
radio equipment with multiple accessories, 22 mobile radios , 24 cell
phones and various documentation.

The federal agency reported that the system was used to coordinate
and control their criminal cells and monitor the security forces and
evade the authorities in the region Laguna.

The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) stressed that the
assurance is given as a result of increased technical analysis tasks
and use of information, allowing the military a surprise coordinated
action at the site known as the "Central" .

Criminals operating this system were located in the residential
colony Hacienda de Torreon, Coahuila, he said.

They also seized several doses of cocaine and the arrest was achieved
of four subjects who were in charge of management and operation of

Among those arrested is responsible for this communication network of
the criminal group operating in the region of the country, although
the Department of Defense decided not to reveal the name because of
security concerns.

The telecommunications system, subjects and drugs were made available
to the appropriate authority.

This new blow to drug trafficking is considered the most important in
the Laguna region of the states of Coahuila and Durango, after they
launched "Operation Safe Laguna."

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