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Note: Two M82's ?? No details so far.

Two shootings leave 3 dead in Rosales, Chih. 50 mm guns and
implement checkpoints throughout the region
From redaccón | November 14, 2011 | 12:03 pm

Rosales .- Around 11 am, a shooting occurred in the town of Rosales,
at the height of the area known as the Aqueduct, where a criminal
group ambushed elements of the Single State Police while performing
an operation.
Hours later, the place was reached by the Mexican Army and a gap-
close to the municipal-offenders also maintained an intense gun
battle against the military elements.
After the attack on the State Police, the recovery was achieved of 7
vehicles which were found the bodies of two suspects and two 50 mm
caliber weapons, Barret M82.
Then, after the confrontation with the army, which was held in a gap
near the county seat was located a property that apparently acted
'junkyard' as it were located within various parts of vehicles.
It is noteworthy that operate unofficial sources that in the
confrontation took part about 20 gunmen.

Reinforce South Central area of ​​the state
After two violent incidents were recorded over a period of
approximately 4 hours military authorities implemented a heavy
security throughout the South Central region of the state by
establishing review checkpoints at the entrance and exit of the
municipalities in the area.

Note: no model numbers
Chihuahua City
200 municipal police officers carry 9mm new weapons

The Municipal Public Security director, Heliodoro Araiza Reyes said
that the weapons came from the November 7 and delivered to officers
and are in use.

These 200 handguns are part of which were bought from the National
Defense Secretariat (SEDENA), which are brand Prieto Beretta 9 mm
ammunition also acquired 50 000.

The new weapons it replaced elements of the corporation that had the
longest arms, as indicated by the Director, adding that only await
the rest of the weaponry comprising 500 semi-automatic rifles, with
their ammunition.

Thus, by early December, 200 of them were delivered, and finally,
come January the surplus in order to equip a total of 800 officers.

Arrested is the director of the Municipal Police and others in Ahome,
Total around 32 unarmed police officers and detainees
11/14/2011 03:00 PM

AHOME._ director Ahome Municipal Public Security and at least 30
officers of the force were disarmed and detained by agents of the
State Ministerial Police and the Army, operating in was led by
Brigadier General Moses Melo Garcia Iniguez and Jesus Antonio
Aguilar, director of the PME.

According to early reports, the director of the Municipal Police of
Ahome, retired Major Leon Horacio Reyes, Omar Pérez Rubio, Chief
Operating Officer; Germain Carrillo, manager of the corporation;
Baltazar Acosta, coordinator of receiverships, and Sergio Casillas,
operations coordinator , were summoned to a meeting of high-level,
around 10:30 hours.

Commander Aguilar Iniguez, according to testimony, was late for the
meeting due to the rains that occurred in the area.

The site was protected by judicial police and soldiers.

After leaving the meeting, the director of the PME boarded a vehicle
that Melo was General Garcia, and minutes later would give the order
to arrest the chief of police , his employees and agents.
Total around 32 police officers disarmed and arrested.

It was reported that the detainees will be transferred to the state

Guasave, Sinaloa police chief riddled by armed group
The gunmen, who traveled in 10 vehicles caught three officers
traveling with the police commander
11/14/2011 11:00 a.m.

A municipal police commander was gunned down with high-powered rifles.

GUASAVE.-A municipal police commander was gunned down with high-
powered rifles and three officers with him were wounded by an armed
group intercepted by the Mexico 15, out of the receivership of
Trustee of St. Rafael, last night.

The information provided by the Municipal Public Security Bureau
revealed that the fallen cop named Efren Leyva Arturo Castro, a
native of the community of Ranchito de Castro, who suffered multiple
gunshot wounds to the head and body.

According to data from the municipal authorities at 22:26 hours
received a report that the International Mexico Highway 15, from
north to south, near San Rafael, apparently there had been a shooting.

On reaching the place, on the entrance to the town mentioned
preventive agents found him dead

Castro Leyva was established that the three agents and brought to his
command, responsible for surveillance in San Rafael, were intercepted
by members of an armed group that was traveling from the south at 10
vehicles, including a double wheel, who forced the stopping of the
patrol when they left the area to walk the perimeter.

According to preliminary investigations, the commander was separated
from the rest of his colleagues and shot him at close range with high-
powered rifles, depriving him of life instantly.

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