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Note: Re: AZMEX UPDATE 3 Caborca is on a main drug trafficking
route into AZ. A family of 4 from Caborca killed just few days ago.
As expected the Sinaloa conflict is spreading north.

Published: 25/11/2011 3:50 By: Editorial ElImparcial
Found five bodies in Sinaloa border
A total of five bodies, four originally from Caborca, were found
between Tuesday and Wednesday at the border of Sonora and Sinaloa
said Jose Larrinaga Talamantes.
Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)

A total of five bodies, four from Caborca, were found between Tuesday
and Wednesday at the border of Sonora and Sinaloa said Jose Larrinaga

The spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported
that the five people were killed in Sinaloa.

"We had knowledge of facts in which four people from Caborca ​​
were killed in the State of Sinaloa, were apparently deprived of
their liberty, near Guasave, victims and the bodies were found in
the border between Sonora and Sinaloa.

"And yesterday (Wednesday) also learned of a woman who was deprived
of her life, was apparently, according to research we have of the
Attorney General of Sinaloa, is that this person was kidnapped in Los
Mochis" said.

The person who found last Wednesday indicated that she was deprived
of her liberty from a Camaro car with her husband and daughter.
"Only she was deprived of her freedom and was found yesterday, also
on the border between Sonora and Sinaloa.

"They are many cases where there are many bodies that have been
victimized in the State of Sinaloa and are laid in the border", he

Currently the Office participates in a operation with State Police
and State Police Investigators

Murderers did not affect the peace: Malov
In addition, the Governor says the Pacific cartel, Los Zetas and the
Beltran Leyva vie Culiacan
José Alfredo Beltran

CULIACÁN .- To Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez, the violent day on Wednesday
that showed 25 executed is a fight between gangs that did not alter
or affect the public peace.
He said that after these events, held a meeting of security
coordination group at the Ninth Military Zone, involving the armed
forces, where they asked if it was necessary to seek support from the
Federation, but was told "no".
"We also asked what was the hypothesis of these facts, it was agreed
without nothing confirmed yet that this is a struggle that exists
between criminal groups in the plazas (AOR's), and what they wanted
was to send a message between cells of criminal groups .
"Why did not alter the order, did not affect the peace, took them
very well as long as changes are made to control both the Bomu, as
municipal police between 5 and 6 in the morning to enter and leave
surely they executed elsewhere, and leave it in the heart of the
city, "he said.
The state ruler said that will be reinforced with checkpoints and
patrols in Culiacan with the Army, the State Preventive Police and
state police.
"If you were looking for was just 'warm square' in order to come
today (authority), they are doing, we have incorporated new elements
of the Ministerial Police and soon we will be incorporating more than
120 members of the force that will be watching Culiacan."
Valdez Lopez reiterated that does not require more federal support,
because the elements which are sufficient to account points "shield"
of protection or control positions in Culiacan.
"I do not think the solution is to ask the other hand a booster. If
it were, I have no problem asking, I am sure that concentrating the
elements as will happen, can we give greater vigilance to Culiacan,"
he said.
The Government's concern, he said, is how to improve surveillance in
the capital "without losing the gains" in Los Mochis and Mazatlan.
"Sometimes (the criminals) is what we seek, we move the police to
where they are affecting or stay and they go to other places to move
the police," he added.

Identifies those who 'are fighting for the plaza'

"We all know that here operates the Pacific cartel (Sinaloa) and that
other cartels or local cells which are allied with some Zetas, the
Beltran Leyva, the Carrillo that are in dispute, those are the groups
that we detected, but we have no evidence, but everyone knows it,
"said the Governor.
This is to ask what are the criminal groups are generating the drug-
related violence in the state.

Note: Esteemed Gov. Malova strikes again. Not going down well with
the locals who are stuck there. Sympathize, but they ( politicians
and govt. officials on both sides of border) need to live like the
rest of us. Maybe they could do a better job.

Fear Security Authorities for their Children
Admits Governor Mario Lopez Valdez he has sent his children outside
the country due to insecurity.
El Sol de Mazatlan
November 25, 2011
Ana Lydia Aviles

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The entire population at risk, the problem of
violence that exists in the state since no one is guaranteed life,
given the situation in Sinaloa, but those most at risk are the
families of the authorities and public servants who are fighting the
criminal groups.

Governor Mario López Valdez acknowledged that some authorities, as
appropriate, have been forced to send their children to other
countries because of the insecurity that prevails.

However, he stressed that nobody has to send their children to other
countries the problem of insecurity that exists in Sinaloa, because
the government takes action to fight crime.

"Fortunately not everyone is in a dangerous position as we have those
of us with the responsibility to combat criminals. Today, the public
exercise has become difficult to separate dangerous," he said.

"We've heard some talk of criminals when we have caught, a leader of
a cell or head of a group, they are looking for someone from our
family to exchange it and that means that officials will not have the
conditions to operate freely and safely, "he said.

Valdez Lopez finally said that the fact that a public servant send
children to another country, not because you are in a position of
privilege, but to work only focused on fighting crime.

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