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Tuesday November 1, 2011

Calderón. Dark premonitions

President Felipe Calderon warned the governors on a new "crisis" of
security and said there was no possibility of reducing crime rates in
Mexico if there is no reliable police.

Therefore called on governors and the head of the Federal District in
four weeks to present an alternative program for them to comply with
the certification of its police elements in January 2012.

"There comes a security crisis, because the criminal has a different
dynamic pace. That there has been a brutal paradigm shift, the crime
has changed, it became much more violent, more aggressive and the
municipalities and many states must cope, "he said.

By leading the session 31 of the National Security Council in the the
Treasury room of the National Palace, the president stressed the need
to comply with the Public Security Act and to have assessed one
hundred percent of police around the country.

"Society is concerned, quite rightly, by the time we are taking to
the authorities to solve this problem. We can not disappoint the
public, "he said.

Faced with cabinet members, governors and the head of the Federal
District, Calderon said there are around 150 police elements who did
not pass the tests of control and confidence, however, continue
working in areas of anti kidnapping.

"The police have reliable way precisely from top to bottom: start a
process of purification through control of trust instruments. Share
to be reviewed, if required for all levels, the same rigor of
reliability, which is already being done. Mexico can not wait until
the police forces are cleaned at the rate we're going now, "he said.

Without naming names, said that while those who are criticizing the
military to do police work, there are entities requesting support.
"There have been cases in which they spend six months and then we
extend the support for another six months, and I spent a year and
extendable for another year, and I've been three years, and still is
not clear when they will begin to review seriously their police
officers. "

States do not comply
During the council meeting said that some governors will be
impossible to certify all officers on the date marked (January 2013)
due to technical and economic problems.

In this respect, the governor of Mexico State, Eruviel Avila,
requested reconsideration of the date presented, since according to
the Technical Secretariat of National Security, the calculated time
for the evaluations is 12.14 years.

Without specifying whether it was the State of Mexico, Calderon said:
"People have to wait 12 years for reliable police. Who will citizens
call you when they are when they are victims of stealing or
kidnapping if you know your police are not reliable. "

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City government chief, admitted that the
deadline is not going to meet. He said in Mexico City and were
evaluated 12,000 elements and 42,000 to be done.

"We did not get to 50 percent in the month of May (of next year).
Where others will not be materially possible, because there is no
polygraph. "

The governor of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre, said the rules are very
stringent to meet the target. "Our reality is different, we do not
aspire to be as the Switzerland police or any of those advanced
countries," he said.

However, Calderon shot back: "And yes, maybe it's pretentious to want
to have police like Switzerland. I honestly, as a Mexican, do not see
why a Mexican can not hope to have the best police the world in your
town, your state and country. Yes, we have different levels of
development, but our people have the same rights as other citizens. "

Also, the governor of Oaxaca, Gabino Cue expressed concern about the
fate that the police will not approve the assessment; by suggesting
an alternative project of employment.

In this respect, Calderon said: "Probably we stay with smaller
police. Better to have a small police force reliable, than a
multitude who are totally committed to crime. "

Meanwhile, the governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo,
pledged to fight "hard" crimes such as kidnapping, homicide,
extortion and theft in all its forms.

Also relied on advancing the state police certification for January
2013 to have reliable elements.


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