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Note: Interesting background on recent developments in Sinaloa and
As the level of inter/intra gang violence increases. Of most
interest perhaps is that most of the key players still originate from
Sinaloa. Local ex-pats tell us that worse is to come. Fallout
expected to affect Sonora and Arizona.

Published: 11/08/2011 5:34
By: Luis Gerardo Andrade landrade@frontera.info

He ordered 'El Sillas' to kidnap relatives of "el mayo'
The Ministry of National Defense presented Juan Francisco Sillas
Rocha, aka "El Sillas" or "El Rueda", an alleged lieutenant of
Fernando Sanchez Arellano, leader of the criminal organization of the
Arellano Felix.

TIJUANA, Baja California (PH)
Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, "El Sillas", a lieutenant of Fernando
Sanchez Arellano, "El Ingerniero", kidnapped relatives of Ismael "El
Mayo" Zambada in retaliation for the kidnapping of his sister.

After being arrested last Friday, The Attorney General's Office (PGR)
on Monday introduced Chairs Juan Francisco Rocha, "El Sillas", 34,
who was also known as "El Rueda"

"El Sillas" was arrested on 5 November by the Mexican Army in
coordination with the municipal police and state authorities.

The arrest took place because the immediate reaction and
establishment of a siege by the authorities after the attack on two
people traveling aboard a vehicle on the Boulevard Insurgentes, who
were injured and taken to hospital of the locality.

According to the PGR, Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, a native of
Culiacan, Sinaloa, is considered one of the most violent subjects and
responsible for countless murders he had his orders direct from "El

The same federal authority said that "El Sillas" ordered the
kidnapping of three women, relatives of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, the
September 25, 2010 in Tijuana, in retaliation for the kidnapping and
disappearance of his sister, Lizeth Sillas Rocha, committed on July
30, 2010, in Nogales, Sonora.

On October 30, 2010 women were rescued by the Mexican Army, who were
in a safe house located in Real del Monte subdivision, the delegation
La Mesa.

The rescue was achieved after a clash between soldiers and members of
organized crime where a suspected gunman died.

That same night were arrested Kevin Jeovanny Serna Mendoza, "El cabo"
and Mario Alberto Trejo Cortez, "El Chuki" who were in possession of
23 rifles, ammunition and drugs.

The PGR explained that "El Ingeniero" ordered "El Sillas" since 2008
to maintain an intense struggle against Teodoro Garcia Simental, "El
Teo" for control the "square" in Tijuana.

Jesus Manuel Mariscal Ramirez, Alejandro Sotelo Pineda and Cristian
Ezequiel Sotelo Rodriguez, alleged members of the criminal group were
arrested along with "El Sillas".

With the detainees were five handguns, magazines, cartridges, two
vehicles, real estate and various media of communication.

The detainees and confiscated items were made available to the public
prosecutor of the Federation assigned to the Office of Special
Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI).

The PGR said that in the coming hours, the Federal Public Ministry
shall decide on the legal status of individuals presented.

And with this arrest was significantly affected by operating
activities of the organization and command of the Arellano Felix
brothers, and their criminal structure.

Note: speaking of spillover. Cajeme, Son is off a side road from
HWY 15, coming up from Sinaloa.

Published: 11/08/2011 15:01 By: Eduardo Lopez elopez@elimparcial.com
Cajeme has highest number of executions: Attorney
With 71 executions so far in 2011 in Cajeme, is the municipality with
the highest number of violent cases, mostly related to organized
crime, said Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez.

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora (PH)
With 71 executions so far in 2011 in Cajeme, is the municipality with
the highest number of violent cases, mostly related to organized
crime, said Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez.

"There are 70 cases, so Cajeme is the municipality with the highest
number definitely," he said.

The prosecutor's statement was given two hours before, in the city
and the outskirts of a private hospital, another man was executed,
who became victim number 71 of organized crime.

"We will step in and search results, I have no doubt that these
people have to find other spaces, but crime is not just a police
factor, there are many things to accommodate for this (the Violence )
to eliminate it from the town.

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