Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AZMEX cyber attack on Riodoce (English)

Will try it in english this time
significant because the publication has been doing some good
reporting on the drug war,
and also because of increasing capability of cartel ops in internet
Report from Noroeste, also in Sinaloa.
( my understanding of internet things is marginal in any language)

HACKERS attack Ríodoce weekly site
Ismael Bojorquez, editor of the Sinaloa, said on Friday they realized
failure to upload information
Francisco Cuamea

The Weekly Ríodoce in CULIACÁN._ Sinaloa, suffered another attack.
On this occasion, its website received a "severe attack" cyberspace,
which on Saturday shut down the network. Ismael Bojorquez, editor of
the Sinaloa publication, said on Friday they realized failure to
upload information, but it was on Saturday when the company
Dreamhost, which provides them with storage service, confirmed the
attack. "The domain riodoce.com. Mx suffered a severe DDoS attack and
this has caused downtime for many customers shared server.

Unfortunately we (dreamhost) can not provide service to a customer
that upsets other services. You will need to store this domain
elsewhere, "the communication of the company signed with the initials

Bojorquez said that, with advice from the organization Article 19,
the PGR stand in a complaint against those responsible for the attack
on its website, and bring value to the U.S. complaint.

"We already have confirmation there was an attack," he said, "we are
sure that someone does not like what we're publishing, then, can come
from many parts. You can not rule anything out."

In October this year, Ríodoce received the Maria Moors Cabot Prize,
awarded by Columbia University in New York, along with other media.

Last week, Javier Valdez, founder of the weekly, was awarded the
International Press Freedom awarded by the Committee to Protect
This publication Sinaloa has joined a series of attacks that have
suffered different forms of Sinaloa, such as Noroeste and the Debate
over the last three years.

Yesterday, the Committee to Protect Journalists demanded an
investigation of the attack on Ríodoce, considering an attack on
press freedom and information.

DDoS Attack
It is an attack on a system
computer or network
which causes a service to be

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