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Tamaulipas border arms trafficking
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. / VMC Agency / The Morning -08 November
Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo and other border girl

INCIDENCE. In the United States passing over illegal arms is the most
significant, Bolivar Hernandez Garza admitted, the attorney general
of Tamaulipas. TOMORROW / VMC Agency

Of all the contraband that may occur in the 16 international bridges
in Tamaulipas Valley of Texas in the United States, the illicit arms
is the most significant, Bolivar Hernandez Garza admitted.

The Attorney General added that the municipalities through which this
effect occurs more arms trafficking, are those most densely
populated, ie, Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo and other border
towns of what is called the "little border".

During an interview after participating in the start of the "Campaign
Firearms Exchange" held at the Cultural Center Tamaulipas, considered
that this is recorded, derived from the geographical location of the
state, with whom he considered is the largest market in the world.

"I think (the arms) is not only Tamaulipas but is problem is for
the whole country, remember that the border of Mexico (United States)
is just over three thousand miles, which Tamaulipas has about 300,
and obviously that smuggling of any item is negative for the economy
of any organized society, the arms, is of greater significance,
"explained the Attorney General.

He noted that even if the border municipalities of Tamaulipas have
greater problems with regard to illegal arms trafficking, Bolivar
Hernandez, said that fortunately, the events where the public
participates in committing a crime with a gun are not significant
with the ordinary citizen.

He stated that the fact that its geographical position, Tamaulipas is
involved in a serious problem such as the illegal arms trade is the
result of the closeness he has with the United States, considered the
world's largest market, for marketing of drugs and -Other crimes.

About the work that the Attorney General in the fight against
kidnapping, head of the agency considered that the crime has fallen
on hard times in recent months, derived from the training and
professionalism shown by all members of that group.

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