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Note: Found Tues.

Remains of 5 people found hidden in Arizona desert
By Associated Press
Originally published: May 31, 2013 - 1:56 pm

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Authorities in southern Arizona are investigating
the deaths of five people whose remains were found concealed in the
desert west of Tucson.

Border Patrol agents found the remains Tuesday near Sells, on the
Tohono O'odham Reservation.

The remains won't be examined until next week, but the remains are
skeletal and were found covered partially with rocks and possibly a
tarp or bag, said Dr. Greg Hess, the chief deputy medical examiner
for Pima County.

The area is often used by smugglers and there are frequent
discoveries of remains of immigrants who die while crossing the
desert. But, Hess said, ``It's not the typical scenario of deaths
that we would see in the desert.''

Tribal police did not immediately return a call for comment, and FBI
spokesman Manuel Johnson in Phoenix declined to comment. He cited the
bureau's role in assisting the investigation being led by tribal police.

Until the remains are examined, there's no immediate indication of
possible foul play other than the manner in which the bodies were
concealed, Hess said. ``That's a little suspicious,'' he said.

The people's ages and genders weren't immediately known.

Yuma Border Patrol arrests seven, seizes 269 pounds of marijuana
May 30, 2013 10:26 PM
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According to Kyle Estes of the Yuma Sector Communications Division,
agents assigned to the area discovered footprints crossing the Camino
Del Diablo road about two miles east of Papago Well.

Agents then began tracking the group, and with the assistance of an
Air Interdiction agent aboard a Customs and Border Protection
helicopter, they were able to apprehend seven Mexican nationals who
were carrying backpacks filled with marijuana.

"(The Mexican nationals) were apprehended about three miles north of
the Camino Del Diablo," Estes said. "They didn't get much further
past that."

Estes explained that the group was following a known smuggling route
through the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. He said it is the
same general area portrayed in Luis Alberto Urrea's 2004 book "The
Devil's Highway."

The case will be submitted to the U.S. Attorney's Office for
prosecution. The drugs were seized for destruction.

Yuma County residents can help the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and
Border Protection by calling 1-866-999-8727 toll-free to report
suspicious activity. Callers can remain anonymous.

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Note: Took the bus?

Report of armed men leads to drug seizure
Police found a small bundle of marijuana in this car Monday at Robert
Damon Park.
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013 8:55 am
Nogales International

A report of two armed men in the parking lot of Robert Damon Park in
Rio Rico led authorities to the discovery of a bundle of marijuana in
a parked car.
According to a sheriff's dispatch report, an anonymous 911 caller
reported seeing two men in black shirts standing by a white Dodge
Intrepid at the park shortly after 3 p.m. Monday. One man was holding
an assault rifle and the other had a handgun, the caller said.
Five sheriff's deputies and two Border Patrol agents responded to the
scene, but did not encounter any suspects. However, the Intrepid was
still there, and officers found 9 pounds of marijuana behind the
driver's seat, according to Lt. Raoul Rodriguez of the Santa Cruz
County Sheriff's Office.
The drugs were seized and the car, which was registered to a woman
from Nogales, was impounded. The case is under investigation by the
Santa Cruz County HIDTA Task Force.

Note: Growing instability in Sonora

Published May 31, 2013, 1:54 a.m.
Dan coup de grace to three
With these added 78 crimes committed in 2013 and 23 in May.
They were found on the edge of the canal in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Martin Alberto Mendoza
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora - New Day

Another violent dawn in Yaqui Valley after three men, whose ages
ranged between 17 and 23 years old, were executed with the coup de
grace in the neck by one or more unknown, on the south-side sewage
drain that runs parallel to the street 1500, about 200 meters east of
The finding was reported to the Control Center, Command and
Computation, C-4, shortly before 7:00 yesterday morning, specifying
that the bodies were on one side of the area at the northern end of
the ditch .
Although primarily were reported as "encobijados" elements of the
Municipal Police of the Police of the Colony Marte R. Gomez, rejected
that version, indicating that they were discovered.
Appreciated that only one of them had their hands tied behind their
backs with masking tape and the other two with the laces on his
A glance showed blows to various parts of the body, as evidence that
they were tortured, being lowered, apparently, of a vehicle, Pick up,
as tire ruts, which were noted on the site.
Discard who have been forced to kneel and thus, one of the executors
was responsible for killing them with a bullet in the neck of each.
Although initially were unknown as, at the edge of 13:00 hours, one
of them was identified as Enrique Dominguez Moroyoqui Raymundo, 17,
residing in the town of Benito Juarez.
More front was reported that the other deceased are: Isaac Ayala
Ricardo Molina, also of Benito Juarez and the third Adrian Aguilera
Reyes, 23, who lived in the community of Agua Blanca, belonging to
the same municipal.

In implementing the triple point is found five shell, 223 mm caliber,
AR 15 rifle fired, although initially it was mentioned that they were
killed with "goat horn", but a study of ballistics caliber determined
by the recovered cases.
It was reported that the first of the now deceased was swarthy, 1.70
tall, short hair. He was wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans. He had
tied his hands to the back with masking tape. The other physical
features were similar to the first, except that the second was
wearing blue shirt, polo and wore white tennis. The third brought
white shirt, jeans and shoes, court type, suede.
In the last two tied their hands with the laces of his shoes.
According to the rigidity of the bodies, it was determined that they
were killed between five six on Thursday.
Police rushed to the site local, state, federal and Mexican Army
personnel and the Attorney General of the State, whose officers were
in charge of the investigation.


Publicado mayo 31, 2013, 1:54 AM
Dan tiro de gracia a tres
Con estos suman 78 los crímenes cometidos en el 2013 y 23 en el mes
de mayo.
Fueron hallados en el borde del canal en Ciudad Obregón, Sonora
Martín Alberto Mendoza
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora - Nuevo Día

Otro violento amanecer vivió el Valle del Yaqui luego que tres
hombres, cuyas edades oscilaban entre los 17 y 23 años de edad,
fueron ejecutados con el tiro de gracia en la nuca por uno o varios
desconocidos, sobre el bordo sur del dren de aguas residuales que
corre paralelo a la calle 1500, a unos 200 metros al oriente de la
El hallazgo fue reportado al Centro de Control, Comando y Cómputo,
C-4, poco antes de las 7:00 de la mañana de ayer, precisándose que
los cadáveres estaban a un lado de la zona de rodamiento al extremo
norte del bordo del dren.
Aunque primeramente fueron reportados como "encobijados", elementos
de la Policía Municipal de la Comisaría de la colonia Marte R. Gómez,
desecharon esa versión, indicando que se hallaban descubiertos.
Sólo se apreciaba que uno de ellos tenía las manos atadas hacia atrás
con cinta canela y los otros dos con las agujetas de los tenis que
A simple vista presentaban golpes en distintas partes del cuerpo,
como evidencia que fueron torturados, siendo bajados, al parecer, de
un vehículo, tipo pick up, según las rodadas de los neumáticos, que
se advirtieron en el sitio.
Se descarta que hayan sido obligados a hincarse y de esta forma, uno
de los ejecutores se encargó de darles muerte con un balazo en la
nuca a cada uno de ellos.
Aunque de primer momento estaban en calidad de desconocidos, al filo
de las 13:00 horas, uno de ellos fue identificado como Raymundo
Enrique Domínguez Moroyoqui, de 17 años, con domicilio en la
población de Benito Juárez.
Más delante se informó que los otros fallecidos son: Isaac Ricardo
Molina Ayala, también de Benito Juárez y el tercero Adrián Aguilera
Reyes, de 23 años, que vivía en la comunidad de Agua Blanca,
perteneciente a esa misma cabecera municipal.
En el punto de la triple ejecución se encontraron cinco casquillos,
calibre .223 milímetros, disparados con rifle AR 15, pese a que
inicialmente se había mencionado que les dieron muerte con "cuerno de
chivo", pero un estudio de balística determinó el calibre de los
casquillos asegurados.
Se informó que el primero de los ahora occisos era tez morena, 1.70
de estatura, pelo corto. Vestía sudadera roja y pantalón de
mezclilla. Tenía amarradas las manos hacia la espalda con cinta
canela. Los otros eran de rasgos físicos similares al primero, sólo
que el segundo vestía camiseta azul cielo, tipo polo y calzaba tenis
de color blanco. El tercero traía camiseta blanca, pantalón de
mezclilla y zapatos, tipo tenis, de gamuza.
A los dos últimos les ataron las manos con las agujetas de su
calzado. De acuerdo a la rigidez de los cuerpos, se determinó que
estos fueron asesinados entre las cinco y seis de la mañana de este
Hasta el sitio acudieron policías municipales, estatales, federales y
personal del Ejército Mexicano, así como de la Procuraduría General
de Justicia del Estado, cuyos agentes quedaron a cargo de las pesquisas.


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