Friday, May 10, 2013

AZMEX I3 10-5-13

AZMEX I3 10 MAY 2013

Note: A poll carried today by KTVW Ch. 33 The Univision TV in Phx.
No overall numbers given
BTW, the highest viewership of any TV station in Phx. area.

Believe that the federal government should give citizenship to
undocumented immigrants without a criminal record?

Yes only when the immigrant has no criminal record, pay their taxes
and speaks english. 86%

No 12%

Don't know 2%

Comment: Interesting how closely matches proposed senate
legislation. Not sure how taxes on cash income will be derived.

¿Crees que el gobierno federal debería dar la ciudadanía a
inmigrantes indocumentados sin historial criminal?

Sí, siempre y cuando el inmigrante no tenga récord criminal, haya
pagado sus impuestos y hable inglés.

No 12%

No sé 2%

Univision Arizona

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