Thursday, May 9, 2013



Real leadership you cannot depend on.

It is great to have a "leader" with her priorities in the right
place. During a video-conference session yesterday with agents and
managers, Secretary Napolitano once again showed how out of touch she
is with the rank-and-file employees who make DHS run.

In response to a question about the low morale problem in CBP, she
answered with a laugh "My morale is high." Her dismissive comment is
simply stunning, but unfortunately, it is typical of the way she has
run things.

Asked about her most memorable moment as DHS Secretary, she said
something even more stunning. She said her most memorable moment as
DHS Secretary was the time she threw out a first pitch at a Yankees
game. This pretty much says it all. She revels in her "celebrity"
while leading the largest law-enforcement agency in the history of
this nation and the most memorable thing she has done is throwing a
pitch at a baseball game. Not attending a funeral of a murdered
agent, not meeting with the families of murdered agents, not anything
to do with her job (outside her "celebrity" status), but throwing a
pitch at a baseball game.

And please don't think these were just spontaneous comments. All
questions had to be submitted days beforehand so she could select the
questions she wanted to answer. This was a scripted publicity stunt
designed to show she is "connecting" with agents.

We have begged for real leadership in this Agency for years, and it's
become painfully apparent that nobody cares. It is more important to
lie to the American people about how secure the borders are and to
push for another amnesty program than it is to be a real leader of a
law-enforcement agency.

NBPC representatives have attended musters and meetings with
thousands of agents. We engage in the tough questions. We don't hide
behind some sort of imagined "celebrity" status. We don't believe
rank-and-file agents give one hoot about Napolitano throwing out some
ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. We care about border
security, being allowed to do our jobs, being able to take care of
our families, getting the equipment and support we need. And we
continue to dream about having a real leader who we can respect and

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