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Note: tying the recent arrest of Ines Coronel Barreras and F&F?
From Rio Doce in Sinaloa. BTW, a Juan Antonio Aispuro Valle got
himself shot in Culiacancito last night. Related?

Posted on May 5, 2013 by Staff
Ines Coronel, on a silver platter for Barack Obama

On January 9, 2013, Ines Coronel Barrera had been included in the
blacklist administered by the Department of the Treasury of the
United States through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

He appeared along with Damaso Lopez Nunez, an Attorney. The two were
placed as leaders of the Sinaloa cartel and marked so that, according
to the Designation Act Kingpin (Kingpin Act), no one could legally
carry in the United States financial or commercial transactions with
these two people.

Colonel Barreras is the father of Emma Coronel, alleged wife of
Joaquin Guzman Loera, who in September 2011 gave birth to twins at
Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, United States, south of Los

On Tuesday 30, hours before U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in
Mexico on an official visit (the first since Enrique Peña Nieto took
office), the federal government announced the capture of the father-
in -law of one of the world's most powerful drug traffickers.

A visitation will be attending

Ines Coronel Barrera, 45, was captured in Agua Prieta, Sonora,
accused of drug crimes in the mode of production, storage and
transfer of marijuana.

Along with him were also arrested his son Ines Omar Coronel Aispuro
25, Juan Elias Ruiz Beltran, 25, Jose Heriberto Beltran Cardenas,
23, and Reynaldo Rios Morales, 50.

As advertised the fact, Undersecretary of Standards and Media Segob,
Eduardo Sanchez Hernandez said Colonel Barrera research was initiated
in late January of this year, ie after boletinado outside the United

The official said that "according to intelligence information, Ines
Coronel Barrera is identified as the father of Emma Coronel Aispuro,
wife of Joaquin Guzman Loera, whom he married in 2007 in the town of
La Angostura, a town of Canelas, Durango".

A Colonel Barrera is blamed engage in the production of marijuana in
the Sierra de Durango, as well as to coordinate their transfer in
Sonoran municipalities of San Luis Rio Colorado, Cananea and Agua

According to the report, Colonel Barrera continuously charge smuggle
drugs into the state of Arizona.

Sanchez Hernandez said that at the time of his arrest, Colonel
Barrera had no warrant in Mexico, but he failed to stop because he
was caught in flagrante delicto, with rifles, cartridges and drugs.

His arrest took place at 7:00 pm by members of the Federal Police
(PF), in a raid on a warehouse and a house used by him, the father-in-
law of Guzman Loera. In this site we detected two vehicles used to
transport suspects and drug shipments.

They seized two vehicles, 32 packages containing suspected marijuana,
weighing 255 kilos, and four rifles, a short, chargers supplied and
dozens of rounds of ammunition.

Hours after being presented the facts, Mexico reach the president of
the United States.

Manners and Customs

Something similar occurred on October 20, 2008, hours before the
arrival of the then Secretary of State mighty U.S. government,
Condoleezza Rice. On 22 and 23 meet in Puerto Vallarta with the
Foreign Secretary "to review all outstanding issues on the bilateral
agenda." Among those issues highlighted, of course, the fight against
organized crime in the context of the Merida Initiative that was
approved recently by the two countries.

But two days before the arrival of Condoleezza Rice a bomb exploded
in Mexico City. In an operation that was said almost circumstantial,
was apprehended one of the most important men of the clan of Zambada,
along with 15 of his accomplices: Jesus Zambada Garcia, the King.

Brother of Ismael Zambada Garcia, May, was arrested on October 20 in
the Federal District Lindavista, along with 15 others, eight of them

Nothing was known of this brother of May, or PGR reports or
newsletters from the DEA. The only references that were of this
character were reflected in narcomantas rival groups had been placed
in different cities of the republic.

But in announcing his capture, the PGR said that this boss was
responsible for cartel operations in the Valley of Mexico, as well as
control the importation of cocaine and methamphetamine precursors to
produce, via the International Airport of Mexico City.

The head of the PGR was then Eduardo Medina Mora and the head of the
OFDI (today SEIDO), Marisela Morales. Medina Mora is now the
ambassador of Mexico in the United States and was present in
bilateral negotiations during the last visit of Barack Obama to our

For a cat hair

The third week of February 2012, a panel of the Federal Police was
ordered to move to Baja California Sur for a first class operation.
The goal was Joaquin Guzman Loera. The police had information that
the boss was in Los Cabos. And it was true, but before the police
arrived the "whistle". El Chapo got out and only apprehended in the
operation was one of his assistants and some girls.

Operating the deputy then spoke Cuitláhuac Ramirez, who then left the
PGR tangled, at the end of his term, in the case of generals accused
of having links to drug trafficking.

That day the feds failed in Los cabos, would Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton to participate in an informal meeting with the
foreign ministers of the Group of 20 (G-20).

During his visit to Mexico last week, Barack Obama said over and over
again, to be clear, that the U.S. Government will be respectful of
strategies for Mexico in its fight against drug trafficking. Neither
he nor Enrique Peña Nieto, refused to elaborate on the subject.

At least not publicly.

The U.S. Justice Department itself recognizes that the problem is
out of their hands

Uncontrolled Weapons

Miguel Angel Vega

Hours before Barack Obama commit to fight arms trafficking, in his
recent visit to Mexico, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) issued a
report in which all the omissions noted that the Department of
Weapons, Alcohol and Snuff (ATF) made between 2004 and 2011, which
highlights the lack of control for the sale of all kinds of weapons,
including rifles and AK-type Barret 47.

The ATF led the operation Fast and Furious, which allowed thousands
of weapons entering the country, thus coinciding with an impressive
escalation of death in the country, mainly in the Mexican states of
Chihuahua and Sinaloa.

Now, the Obama administration recognizes that and as a palliative
apparent, the president gives the face and reaffirms its obligation
to eradicate this problem, noting that "his greatest pain lies in the
victims for the violence that erupted in Mexico".

According to the Federal Program Inspection Report for the Sale of
Firearms, in just eight years, the ATF lost track of 174,697weapons
including 83,280 assault rifles like Barrett rifles and AK-47, and
according to some experts, many of these devices could be linked to
the escalation of death in Mexico in the same period.

"A great influence that 58 percent of the permits adrift, and since
then no update, ie, anyone could be acquiring weapons that the ATF
had no awareness of it," explains the 47-page report.

The document adds that the main cause of these omissions are due to
the lack of resources available to the federal agency, and
exemplifies that in fiscal year 2010, the ATF had 940,000 hours of
research to complete the research and intelligence where such weapons
stopped and needed at least another 199,000 hours to complete the job.

And while the "workload" congesting the ATF, the acquisition of
firearms increased year after year, mainly between 2008, 2009 and
2010, when it was implemented the operation Fast and Furious, they
deliberately allowed the transfer of weapons from the United States
to Mexico, thereby losing not only control, but contributing to the
violence that took place in Mexico then.

Barack Obama's hand

On behalf of the conflict that hit thousands of Mexican families,
mainly in the areas of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, and Culiacan, and
across northern Sinaloa, Obama said he would support efforts to
reduce violence and left to the Government Mexican defining the
manner in which U.S. cooperate in the subject.

"We recognize our obligations concerning weapons sent south and
contribute to violence here in Mexico. But what moves me most are the
victims of violence, not only in Mexico, but also in the U.S., like
what happened in Boston, "Obama said during a bilateral meeting
between the two countries, which also was the director of Cisen,
Eugenio Imaz, Attorney Jesús Murillo Karam and the Interior Minister,
Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

However, the U.S. president's commitment depends not only on him, but
would have to see what they say the upper and lower houses of the
country, which repeatedly have blocked several bills, most recently,
a proposal that would banned the sale of assault weapons in that
country, vetoed by legislators of his own party.

However, Obama stressed that the fight would continue.
"We will continue attacking this issue and I'm persistent," said the
president during his visit to Mexico on Thursday and Friday of last

The road of death

The document Inspection Program for Federal Firearms Sales states
that the Phoenix office, which was the one that orchestrated the
failed operation, is one of the divisions that most needs staff to
control the tens of thousands of weapons, for nearly eight years have
gone blank in that federal agency records.

The DOJ report concludes with a series of recommendations to the ATF
to initiate a strong research to determine where they are or where
they may be the weapons out of the census of that agency, either
through research with the stores that provided the weapons, then
locate buyers and eventually locate the weapons.

In the case of weapons that have been found in Mexico, the ATF works
with the PGR, which advises the U.S. government what weapons are
found in its territory and thus placed the arms that came from gun
stores in that country .

And research also suggests making the permissions granted to the
buyers to update the census and thus more control.

The ATF for their part said they would abide by the recommendations
made by the DOJ to achieve greater control over the fate of the
weapons are bought in the United States.


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