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BP arrests 27 over 3-day period
April 26, 2013 10:30 PM
Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested an alleged child rapist and
26 suspected drug smugglers during a three-day period this week. They
also seized about 1,224 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $612,000.

On Tuesday, agents working near Blythe, Calif., conducted a traffic
stop on a vehicle they deemed suspicious. During the stop, agents
discovered a passenger in the car, a Mexican citizen illegally
present in the U.S., had an extraditable warrant for first-degree
child rape and molestation out of Tacoma, Wash. The man, whose
identity was not released, was turned over to the Riverside County
Sheriff's Office.

On Wednesday, agents apprehended four groups of alleged smugglers
found in a known smuggling area along State Highway 85, south of Gila

Agents used night vision equipment to locate the groups as they
walked through open desert. The first two groups consisted of six men
each who were carrying a combined 713 pounds of marijuana.

On Thursday, two more groups reportedly carrying about 500 pounds of
marijuana were apprehended.

All individuals arrested were Mexican citizens illegally present in
the U.S.

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Police, feds seize nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana from McAllen home
Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 5:30 am
Ildefonso Ortiz | The Monitor
Posted on April 27, 2013

McALLEN — Federal agents and local police seized nearly 2,000 pounds
of marijuana from a McAllen home on Wednesday morning.
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents had observed Jesus
Cardenas Landin load marijuana bundles into his car outside a meat
market at the corner of Ware Road and Lark Avenue in McAllen on
Tuesday afternoon, according to federal court records. McAllen police
found the car outside a house on the 3900 block of Thunderbird Street.
On Wednesday morning, police stopped Cardenas as he was driving away
from the home and obtained permission to search the house, where
agents found hundreds of marijuana bundles with a combined weight of
nearly 2,000 pounds.
Cardenas told DEA agents that he had been staying at that house for
three months and was expecting to receive $4,000 from a man named
Wero — Spanish for blond.
On Thursday, a U.S magistrate judge ordered that Cardenas be held
without bond pending a detention hearing next week.


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March Records more than thousand homicides reported by government
Details Published on Saturday April 13 2013,
Special Writer / The Daily
Mexico, DF
Forty public servants killed in the line of duty.

The Federal Government reported that 1 to March 31, 2013 there were
1,101 intentional homicides thousand related to federal crimes, of
which 1,036 thousand were persons suspected of wrongdoing related to
preliminary investigation.
Furthermore died 40 public servants in the performance of their duty,
and 25 people presumably unrelated to the facts reported in a joint
The secretariats of the Interior (Interior Ministry), National
Defense (Defense Secretariat), the Navy of Mexico (Semar) and
National Security Commission and the Attorney General's Office (PGR)
stated that during this period 92 people were injured by clashes and
attacks related to federal crimes.
Of that total, 69 are suspected of wrongdoing related to preliminary
investigation, 48 are public servants and 75 are presumably people
beyond the facts.
Also, preliminary data report prepared by the National Center for
Planning, Analysis and Information to Combat Crime (Cenapi) of the
PGR, 957 people are suspected of wrongdoing related to preliminary
investigation, so they were put available to a ministerial authority.
As the heading of the assurances, the report is derived from
information reported by the very agencies and National Security
Committee on the activities under the federal crime fighting stressed
that seized 75.86 tonnes of marijuana.


Secure more than 100 migrants in Oaxaca and Tabasco
Illustrative Image.
Published: 27/04/2013 12:13 By: SUN

MEXICO CITY (SUN) 108 undocumented migrants, including seven
children, were seized in several operations in Oaxaca and Tabasco,
according to the National Migration Institute.

In Oaxaca, the INM delegation assured 61 Central Americans , eight
Indians and five Bangladeshis for migratory reviews coordinated by
the Federal Police. Those arrested included eight women and four

As reported by the INM, the operation developed during the reviews on
the main roads near Ciudad Ixtepec entity. The migrants were found in
buses, public transport and trucks.

Authorities also complained to the General of the Republic Procaduría
a driver carrying fifteen migrants hidden in his truck. The alleged
trafficker said coming from Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, and headed to
Texcoco, State of Mexico, where he would receive six thousand pesos
each carrying passengers.

Moreover, the INM in Tabasco assured 34 Central American migrants on
a review of buses in the municipality of Cardenas. Of these, three
are minors.

The minor migrants in Oaxaca and Tabasco were guarded by Officers
Child Protection (IPO's), according to the INM


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