Friday, May 31, 2013

AZMEX I3 31-5-13

AZMEX I3 31 MAY 2013

Note: Not to even forget the inseparable links between corruption
and gun control which the state typifies.

Connecticut!!! Vamos!!!
"Bienvenidos a todos los extranjeros!"
While the illegal aliens who get by us wait for their Ganga de Ocho
amnesty program to be implemented we suggest they may want to head
for Connecticut. Connecticut values illegal aliens and wants to offer
them driver licenses. This will be a good place to settle in, get a
driver license, sign up for social service programs (using your new
driver license as identification), enroll your kids in school and
become established. But the state of Connecticut is in for a rude
awakening if they really think that illegal aliens are going to
purchase auto insurance and be responsible though. The first clue
that illegal aliens have no interest in being responsible and law-
abiding may be that they ignore our laws and sneak into our country
without permission. They have no interest in purchasing anything but
the food necessary to sustain themselves and enough gas to get
around. They will rent a single home or apartment for multiple
families to live in at the same time. Connecticut state officials
will soon learn some valuable lessons…after it's too late.

One more slap in the face for Border Patrol agents. Risk your life,
swim against the tide to do a job the Obama Administration largely
wants us to fail at, and then see all the millions who have succeeded
in getting by us rewarded again with amnesty and other benefits
normally reserved for law-abiding citizens.

Let's see if we can get this straight. While many American citizens
in Connecticut can't get a driver license because they have violated
some non-criminal traffic law or failed to purchase insurance,
illegal aliens who have committed a criminal act in coming here (8
USC 1325) and aren't even legally allowed to be here can jump right
in line and get a license. Makes perfect sense. When 30 or 40 illegal
aliens use the same residential address on their driver license this
will be the first clue for Connecticut state officials that their
naive attempt to enroll more future Democrat voters is not going well.

We have included a map to show our illegal alien customers the best
way to get to Connecticut. Read more here.

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