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Note: Two caught in Hermosillo, Son with .22 Star pistol s/n
B95545, Probably a Mexican import from '60's

Note: M60 is U.S. and allied forces military issue. Same for grenades.

Police: Arms Seized in Honduras Were Destined for Mexico's Los Zetas
By Talita Verastegui

Arms Trafficking Suspect: Honduran police arrested Claudia María
Zepeda Lardy after allegedly finding high-powered military weapons in
her home. The weapons were destined for Los Zetas, authorities said.
[Photo: Zetinva]
Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel was receiving high-powered weapons
from a woman in San Pedro Sula, Honduran police said following an
April 10 raid on the woman's home.

The raid yielded two M-60 machine guns, 15 grenades, two vehicles and
a kilo of cocaine. Authorities said the weapons were probably going
to be sent to Los Zetas, a transnational criminal organization that
is now active in Honduras.

Honduran police and agents with the District Attorney's Office
Against Organized Crime arrested 41-year-old Claudia Maria Zepeda Lardy.

"The Office Against Organized Crime presumes these weapons were
destined for the group known as Los Zetas, which we believe operates
in Honduras too," said Elvis Guzmán, a spokesman for the Public
Ministry. "They were going to be handed over by the detainee."

Weeks of vigilance

Honduran police investigated Zepeda Lardy for weeks before obtaining
a judicial search warrant, said Guzmán, the Public Ministry spokesman.

Undercover police had been conducting surveillance on Zepeda Lardy
for more than a month before detaining her, authorities said. Police
had received a tip that illicit activities were occurring at her
home, officials said.

When she was arrested, she told police that she didn't know weapons
were being stored in her house. She then asked for an attorney and
stopped talking to investigators, said police spokesman Oscar Aguilar.

Police are investigating where the weapons came from, Aguilar said,
adding that the Honduran military took custody of the firearms and

Zepeda Lardy is charged with illegal possession of weapons of war,
said Guzmán. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

Mexican drug cartels operate in Central America

Los Zetas and other transnational criminal organizations have
operated in Central America for years, using drug trafficking routes
in the region.

In July 2012, Guatemala's Court of Constitutionality granted a
request by Mexican authorities to extradite Daniel Perez Rojas, one
of the original founding members of Los Zetas.

Perez Rojas, known as "Cachetes," was serving a 47-year prison
sentence in Guatemala for killing 11 suspected rival drug traffickers
in March 2008. El Cachetes was a trusted lieutenant to Heriberto
Lazcano Lazcano, who was the Los Zetas kingpin at the time. In
October 2012, Marines in Progreso, Coahuila killed Lazcano, who was
known as "The Executioner," "El Lazca" and "Z-3," during a gun battle
in Progreso, Coahuila.

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, known as "Commander 40" and "40,"
replaced The Executioner as the leader of Los Zetas. Los Zetas moved
into Guatemala in 2007, forming an alliance with Guatemalan drug
kingpin Horst Walther Overdick, who is known as "El Tigre." Los Zetas
and El Tigre used violence to attain control of drug traffikcing
routes in Guatemala. In April 2012, Guatemalan security forces
captured El Tigre.

In January 2013, Honduran security forces seized an arsenal of
weapons worth an estimated $2 million at a ranch in Choloma, near San
Pedro Sula. Among the arms confiscated was a gold-plated, AK-47
military assault rifle encrusted with diamonds and emeralds worth
about $50,000. Honduran authorities suspect the weapons were destined
for Los Zetas.


Note: more gun buybacks in Sinaloa. Along with 227 grenades.

Donate more guns in the north
Ahome and Guasave head donation of firearms in upstate
Some of the donated grenade in Campaign Donation and Volunteer
Registration Firearms 2013.
Photography: IONSA.

The municipalities of Ahome and Icesave are located as municipalities
where more handguns, long guns and grenades have been donated within
the Permanent Campaign Donation and Volunteer Registration Firearms
2013, sponsored by the State Ministry of Public Security.

The statistics provided by the SSPE indicates that of the 622
firearms between short and long, among which 227 have grenades that
have been received so far in six municipalities in the state until
May 29, about 60 percent of them have been donated in Ahome and Guasave.

The municipalities that took place at different times in the period
from April 1 to May 29 this year, are Ahome, Guasave, Salvador
Alvarado, Choix, El Fuerte, and Sinaloa.

In the municipality of Ahome have been donated by citizens a total of
256 weapons, including short and long, so there have been 67
registered of them.

While in Guasave 117 weapons have been taken over and there have been
registered 41.

In Ahome have been received 52 grenades and in Guasave a total of 46
such explosive devices.

The municipality of Salvador Alvarado is located the third site with
94 guns donated, including long, short and grenades;

and there has been a single weapon registered.

Municipalities with fewer donated weapons are El Fuerte, with 65 and
29 registered entries, Choix with 61 donated and 16 registered with
the Secretariat of National Defense, and finally the town of Sinaloa
with 29 donated, nine registered.

From the April 1 that initiated the Permanent Campaign Donation and
Volunteer Registration Firearms and until May 29, to deliver a total
of 92 computers minilaptop.

The report said that the campaign will continue permanently and
rotatably carried in all the municipalities of the state during the
coming months.


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