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99% Approval Rate!
No, that is not a job satisfaction rating for Border Patrol agents,
it is the current approval rating for amnesty program applicants.
This program was unilaterally implemented by the Obama Administration
because Congress wouldn't give him what he wanted (democracy is such
an old and tired concept).

The USCIS union claims they are overwhelmed and on a quota system, so
they are being forced to "skim" files and rubber stamp approvals. And
this amnesty program is much, much smaller than the program
envisioned by the so-called "gang of eight". So let's see if we can
get this straight – USCIS is overwhelmed by a much smaller amnesty
program than the monstrosity that is looming on the horizon, but we
are somehow to believe that a new program involving millions and
millions of illegal aliens and costing the taxpayers billions of
dollars will be properly scrutinized and implemented? And that
"border security" will come afterwards? We have some ocean-front
property just south of Tucson we'd like to sell you after you fall
for the promise of a "secure" border when the politicians get the
amnesty program they want.

Let's look at reality for a moment – a cutback in patrol hours, a
huge pay cut looming over hour heads, fuel rationing, years-long ammo
shortages, equipment falling apart and morale in the dump, one lie
after another about the illegal aliens who get away from us, lies
about the illegal alien criminals released from prison, but we are
all supposed to believe that a "secure" border is just one more
massive amnesty program away from becoming the new reality. Simply
stunning that anyone would buy this work of fiction.

Read more about the USCIS union's position on the current amnesty
program here.

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Retired BP Chief Calls Secretary Napolitano a Liar
Secretary Napolitano's detractors are growing in both number and
rank. We have been beating on her pretty hard here for many months
(and deservedly so), but now retired top brass is exposing her as well.

You may recall a few months back when ICE Director John Morton and
Secretary Napolitano decided it would be a good idea to release
thousands of illegal alien criminals from prison and unleash them on
the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. It's bad enough that
they did it, but then Secretary Napolitano decided to lie about it.
The first lie from the Administration was that they were all "low
level" offenders. The second lie was the announced numbers that were
released (a couple of hundred is a long way from well over 2,000).
And of course, the third fairy tale was the old and tired "I didn't
know anything about it." that seems to run rampant in the federal
government these days. Does anyone really believe that John Morton
would order thousands of criminals released from prison without the
direct knowledge and approval of Janet Napolitano? Really? If these
people who are paid so much money to run government organizations,
and to know what's going on within the organizations they're running,
really don't know anything about anything unless it's something that
makes them look good, perhaps they should all be fired. In the case
of the recently exposed IRS officials, perhaps prison is more

We remind you that rank-and-file Border Patrol agents are FIRED for
telling lies, and even for not telling everything we know about a
situation (when we are deemed to be withholding information we can be
charged with "lack of candor" and fired). But too many who hold lofty
managerial positions apparently just consider lying part of their
job. And they are supposed to be setting the standard for us.

Read the retired BP chief's blog post here.

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