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AZ: cartel "spotters" Not just in the area mentioned in article.

AZ: IA dead north of Marana, AZ abandoned with several others from
larger group.

Note: These and several other recent interdictions suggest that
negotiations may have broken down. Or DTO's Sinaloa conflicts moving

SON: more than ton of pot seized by Mex. Army near Caborca.

SON: Seize aircraft & half ton of pot.
martes, mayo 07, 2013

SON: Recover stolen Honda Civic and 16 packets of cocaine, 65 of pot.
martes, mayo 07, 2013

SIN: A rare appearance of the 5.7 in Sinaloa.
Publicado en mayo 7, 2013
Ejecutan a joven con "Mata-policías"
Fue encontrado en un camino de terracería en Tepuche.

Gunmen slain in Tamaulipas clashes
Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 5:00 am
Ildefonso Ortiz | The Monitor
Posted on May 7, 2013

Mexican authorities have confirmed that 11 gunmen were killed Friday
in a series of firefights in northern and central Tamaulipas.

But they had not officially confirmed the death of a gunman killed
during a chase Monday morning in the Valle Verde neighborhood of
Reynosa. Details of the pursuit were not readily available, but a
Tamaulipas law enforcement official, who asked not to be named citing
security reasons, confirmed that shots were exchanged during the
chase and that one gunman died.

According to information released over the weekend by the Tamaulipas
Attorney General's Office, known as the PGJ, the first of Friday's
shootouts took place at 2:30 p.m. in the town of Valadeces; that
firefight with the Mexican army left two gunmen dead. Valadeces is a
town in the municipality of Diaz Ordaz, which lies just south of the
Rio Grande, across from Roma.

The second firefight took place shortly after 6 p.m. along the
highway that connects Matamoros and Reynosa; six gunmen were killed
in the firefight with Mexican soldiers.

The third firefight took place at 7:40 p.m. in the central Tamaulipas
municipality of Guemez, where two gunmen and one Mexican soldier were

After Friday's firefights, Mexican authorities reported seizing 10
rifles, nine vehicles and tactical equipment.


Note: just no end to the bad luck for a archetypical homeboy.

Gun, crash, pot load spell trouble for Rio Rican
Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 8:46 am
Gun, crash, pot load spell trouble for Rio Rican Nogales
International Nogales International | 0 comments

A 20-year-old Rio Rico man who was sentenced in March to four years
in federal prison for a drug-running conviction has now been
sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary on a series of
additional, unrelated charges.

The state penalties against Christian Paul Robles stem from an array
of convictions resulting from a gun theft and from an alcohol-related
vehicle wreck in which two girls were left badly injured.

Robles' criminal problems began on June 9, 2011 when a local woman
called the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office after she found a
handgun hidden in her 17-year-old son's bed. According to court
records, a sheriff's deputy recognized the gun as one that had been
reported stolen, and the woman's son was arrested. He later told an
investigator that Robles had left it in his room.

When detectives interviewed Robles, he denied stealing the gun and
instead said he had found it in an open car that he climbed into
while looking for a place to sleep. He said his friend, the 17-year-
old, then came to pick him up and took the gun from the car.

"He got caught with the gun and he blamed it on me," Robles
reportedly told a probation officer during a presentence interview on
March 7.

In any case, Robles pleaded guilty to one count of attempt to commit
burglary in the third degree, a Class 5 felony. During an April 22
hearing at Santa Cruz County Superior Court, Judge Anna Montoya-Paez
sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison for the conviction.

Not long after he was arrested in the handgun case, Robles wrecked a
pickup truck on W. Frontage Road in the Nogales-Rio Rico area on Oct.
1, 2011. According to his court file, Robles "lost control of the
Ford pickup truck he was driving and crashed into some mesquite trees
at such a high rate of speed that (the truck) sheared them off at or
near the base."

Robles and his passengers – two girls under the age of 15 – were
ejected from the truck and the girls were flown to University Medical
Center in Tucson, where one underwent surgery for a broken hip and
the other was treated for swelling of her brain and spinal cord, as
well as contusions to her lungs.

Test results later showed Robles' blood-alcohol level had been 0.045.
And one of the girls reportedly said that he had been speeding and
driving over the yellow line, and that he had swerved to avoid
hitting an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane.

Robles reportedly told the probation officer that he swerved to avoid
a vehicle that was coming at him in his lane. He had earlier been at
a party, and when the officer asked if he had been drinking at the
party, he reportedly said: "I drank some Kool-Aid and I noticed that
it tasted kind of funny, but I didn't think anything of it, but now I
realize that it must have had alcohol in it."

In that case, Robles pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated
assault with serious injury to a minor, a Class 2 felony, and one
count of a minor driving with alcohol in his body, a Class 1
misdemeanor. Montoya-Paez sentenced him to five years in prison for
each of the felony convictions and six months in the county jail for
the misdemeanor. The sentences were all imposed to run concurrently,
as well as concurrent to the burglary sentences.

In addition, the judge can order Robles to pay up to $350,000 in
restitution to his victims following a hearing set for May 20.

Drug run

At the time of Robles' sentencing at Superior Court for the burglary,
assault and alcohol-in-body convictions, he had already begun serving
a four-year federal prison term for a conviction on one count of
conspiracy with intent to distribute approximately 155 kilograms of

According to federal court records, Border Patrol agents busted him
carrying the load in a Chevy Lumina on July 6, 2012. The agents
followed the Lumina as it drove from Ruby Road onto Interstate 19,
and after they conducted a vehicle stop on the car, the driver jumped
out and ran.

The driver was eventually apprehended and identified as Robles, and
agents found the pot load in the abandoned car. On March 18, Judge
Marvin Aspen of U.S. District Court in Tucson sentenced him to four
years in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Robles' state sentences will run concurrent to his federal term.


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