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Mexico asks support for arms trade treaty
The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, JosŽ Antonio Meade, along with
German FM Guido Westerwelle, announced that their countries will be
the first to sign the new agreement approved by the UN General Assembly

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Mexico City | Saturday June 1, 2013
Reuters | The Universal

Germany and Mexico today urged the international community to go for
an early ratification of Trade Treaty ( ATT/TCA ), which will be
opened for signature on Monday by the UN.

The German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, confirmed in a press
conference in Mexico City, that Germany will be the first sign that
the TCA "is a very big progress for the world" and its adoption, " an
important step, relevant and historical in the right direction. "

Adopted by the UN General Assembly on 2 April by 154 votes in favor,
3 against and 23 abstentions, the treaty establishes binding
obligations for governments to assess the transfer of arms and
ammunition, avoid their diversion to terrorist groups and organized
crime, and ensure that they are not used to commit human rights

"It is a contribution to peace and stability that gives this historic
treaty," said Westerwelle, who said his country and maintains a
policy for years "that is more restrictive" in the arms trade.

For his part, head of the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat
(SRE), Jose Antonio Meade, said that Mexico will also be the first to
sign the new treaty, which will be opened for signature on June 3
next day.

Among the "positive" elements of the TCA stressed that addresses the
issue of the arms trade as "global importance" and "that should be
addressed from a multilateral perspective."

He confessed that his country "would have liked to reach a treaty
even more aggressive" but because it's character is comprehensive and
prevents weapons from reaching "who should not have them" is a treaty
"very important and good progress".

"We feel that one of the elements that must be overcome for early
ratification and entry into force is precisely the international
community to back it up significantly", something that should happen
consideration "that is signed so early by most countries as possible ".

"Mexico is in the group of countries which, on the first date of
opening the subscription process (...) will also participate," he added.

In the press conference Westerwelle Meade and asked about the case of
the alleged illegal sale of arms to Mexico by the German company
Heckler & Koch, a German NGO reported in April 2010 and is currently
in the courts of the European country.

Meade said both governments are closely following the case "to
identify whether there had been any violation by that company."

"We are very aware, it is also the German Government, to find a
satisfactory resolution in a process that is being heard by the
courts," he added.

In his turn Westerwelle declined to comment on the grounds that the
case is in court. "I can not comment," said German Foreign Minister,
responding to a Mexican journalist.

Westerwelle, to a question by a German journalist, also refused to
discuss violent protests that are happening yesterday in Turkey and
the reaction of the police repression could threaten the country's
access to the European Union (EU) .

This day thousands of people broke through police cordons to access
Ankara's main square, where they clashed with the police after an act
that began in solidarity with the violent protests that have occurred
since Friday in Istanbul against the Government headed by Prime
Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to Turkish media, Ankara police cracked down on protesters,
mostly students, with tear gas and rubber bullets, which caused
dozens injured in central Kõzõlay Square.


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