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for locals mostly

Note: there has been an increase in body count in areas south & west
of Nogales last few days.
The relocation of el dos mil to Cd. Mexico may have contributed to
lower annual murder rate in town.

Report: Murders dropped sharply lst year in Nogales, Sonora
Murders dropped sharply in 2011

Nogales Sonora Mayor Jose Angel Hernandez Barajas, fourth from left,
and Police Chief Luis Manuel Lugo Duron, third from left, stand at
attention Wednesday during a memorial for police officers killed in
the line of duty. The city's deputy police chief, Raúl Suárez
Gabriel, and Sonora State Police Officer Faustino Gil Castelo were
killed last September.

Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 8:53 am | Updated: 10:21 am, Fri Jan
6, 2012.

Report: Murders dropped sharply lst year in Nogales, Sonora
Nogales International

Murders in Nogales, Sonora dropped by approximately two-thirds in
2011, according to statistics attributed to the local police and
published in a leading Sonora daily.

The Hermosillo-based newspaper El Imparcial reported on Dec. 27 that
the Nogales Municipal Preventative and Transit Police had tallied 79
murders in 2011, down from the 226 it counted in 2010. Local media
outlets had put the 2010 death toll as high as 242.

The 79 murders would be the lowest number in the border city since
2007, when 52 were recorded, according to state police statistics.
The murder tolls for 2009 and 2008 were 130 and 116, respectively.

Despite the apparently dramatic reduction in killings, and the
continuing assumption that most murders involve score-settlings
between organized crime groups, the city suffered several killings
with widespread reverberations:

• Three student murders in less than two months sent hundreds of
marchers into the streets on May 27 to demand justice. The victims
included 17-year-old Sergio Alonso Hernández Verdugo, whose body was
pulled from a shallow grave in early April; Blanca Paola Montijo
Ulloa, 23, was found murdered on April 28 in a vacant lot; and
Xotchil Sofia Estrella Moroyoqui, 18, found dead on a roadside on May
24. In August, local police arrested three men and a woman in
connection with Montijo Ulloa's murder.

• In July, Juan Carlos "Peque" Navarro, a 21-year-old graduate of
Nogales High School and resident of Beck Street, was found wrapped in
a blanket on roadside in the upscale Colonia Kennedy neighborhood. He
had been shot once in the head and showed signs of torture.

• In September, Deputy Police Chief Raúl Suárez Gabriel, 35, and
Sonora State Police Officer Faustino Gil Castelo, 41, were found
dead. Nine suspects - eight men and a woman ranging in age from 21 to
46 - were later arrested for the murders and allegedly told
authorities they kidnapped the two policemen in the Luis Donaldo
Colosio neighborhood, took them to a nearby hotel, beat and killed
them, and then dumped the bodies at a hillside mine outside Imuris,
40 miles south of Nogales.

• According to the local newspaper Nuevo Dia, the most violent day
of the past year came on March 19, when a total of eight people were
found dead.

Other crimes

Citing data from the local police, El Imparcial reported declines in
a number of other violent crimes in Nogales, Sonora 2011. Including:

• Assaults, which reportedly fell from 689 in 2010 to 330 last year.

• Violent robberies, which dropped from 1, 010 in 2011 to 926 in
2010, and non-violent robberies, which fell from 767 to 654.

• Car thefts reportedly fell from 693 to 410, while the percentage
of recovered vehicles rose from 54 percent to 68 percent.

• Kidnappings dropped from 49 to 33, though the crime is often

Some violent crimes increased in 2011, according to the El Imparcial
report. Those included rape, which rose from 16 reported cases in
2010 to 20 in 2011; and domestic violence, which increased from 202
cases to 223.

Mesa police identify suspect in carjacking
by Brennan Smith - Jan. 6, 2012 08:30 AM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Mesa police identified the man suspected in a carjacking on Thursday
night as a suspected gang member. Juan Carlos Soto-Hernandez is
suspected of using a black semi-automatic handgun to steal a red Jeep
Grand Cherokee from a woman near Recker and McLellan roads, Mesa
Police Department spokesman Ed Wessing said.

Officers tried to stop the Jeep near McKellips Road and the Loop 202,
but Soto-Hernandez failed to stop, Wessing said. Soto-Hernandez was
then followed onto the Beeline Highway by a Department of Public
Safety air unit and stop sticks were used to flatten the Jeep's
tires, but Soto-Hernandez refused to stop, Wessing said.

The chase led back to Mesa and Soto-Hernandez struck cars near
Country Club Drive and Loop 202 before police used a "pit maneuver,"
essentially a patrol car tapping the rear of a car, to stop the Jeep
near Country Club Drive and Eight Avenue.

Soto-Hernandez was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assaulted,
failure to yield and robbery, Wessing said.

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Note: always abandoned

Published: 01/05/2012 11:19 By: Editorial LaCronica
Army found abandoned weapons in the Valley

In the barracks facilities was presented the weapons seized in the
Ejido B Agricultural Islands in the Mexicali Valley. Photo: la cronica.

Mexicali, Baja California (PH) A total of 13 useful weapons, more
than 600 rounds, 10 radio equipment, military uniforms and a jacket
with the words "Ministerial Police", were found yesterday around
22:00 hours in the B. Agricultural Islands Ejido

Personal of Motorized Cavalry Regiment 23 reported on this event for
military personnel patrolling the area, we found a late-model BMW
SUV, so that an inspection realized that inside were various weapons.

This truck was at the edge of an irrigation canal in this rural
setting, so proceeded to remove it to the military barracks
facilities to initiate investigations.

Details in the print edition.

Note: about 25 miles south of Nogales

Published: 04/01/2012 3:32 By: Editorial ElImparcial
In Magdalena were murdered three
Located the bodies of the victims on the edge of the road between
Magdalena de Kino and Cucurpe.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH) Three unidentified men were found executed
with bullets yesterday morning and the victims were located on the
edge of the road between Magdalena de Kino and Cucurpe.

According to the report of the State Police Investigator (PEI) was at
7:40 pm yesterday, in the Magdalena-Cucurpe stretch of highway, where
they found the bodies of three male persons.

The three victims had wounds inflicted gunshot to the head and
according to investigations, the three men were deprived of life at
the site were located.

Personal expert services of the Attorney General of the State,
located at the crime scene several .40 caliber shell casings and a .380.

Evidence collected

The three people shot to death, dressed in black trousers were of
dark complexion and two of them were were wearing no shirt and white

Municipal officers came to the place and elements of the State Police
Investigator (PEI), who protect the area of ​​crime, while the
experts conducting the search and removal of evidence.
note; same old story, commit crimes in Mexico and flee to safety in

Note: headed to sanctuary in U.S.?
Found decapitated
Details Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 9:57
Written by Martin Alberto Mendoza
The alleged murderer left the head inside the car and hid the body

5 others are killed in Magdalena and Etchojoa

The decapitated body of a woman allegedly attacked with machete by an
individual who fled is fully identified, was found yesterday morning
in an area of ​​the Rio Yaqui, "Railroad Bridge", about three
miles east of Station Corral.

The victim was identified as Maria Emilia Valdez Mendoza "La Guera",
27, a resident of the Camelia Blanca and Governadora streets, in the
colony Beltrones.

Although initially the version that aired was domiciled at Paseo del
Monte # 237, Colonia Villa Bonita.

The gruesome discovery occurred shortly before 08:00 am in the
vicinity of an abandoned house where a few months ago ran a
rehabilitation center for people with drug addiction and alcoholism.

On one side of the building was parked a Chevrolet sedan, Chevy
Monza, 1998 model, red and license plates WBF 7251. ( AZ plate?)

On the passenger seat was found the severed head of the now deceased,
according to signs found at the crime scene, was killed in front of
the car and dragged about 30 feet into the left side.

She was in a gap of about one meter deep partially nude with
impressive injuries allegedly with the same machete in arms and
other body parts.

During the Municipal Police investigations established that the
alleged killer by the name Octavio Chavez Encinas, "el compaye" of 27
years of age,.

The man, who was allegedly held in the United States where he resided
several years, was considered too violent for their own relatives who
live about 150 yards from where the crime was committed.

That same version was spread that the woman came on Monday at eleven
o'clock on that site, presumably for buying fish there since the
place was selling that product.

Other accounts say that the now deceased had known and previously
visited that site when she was with her boyfriend, identified as Jose
Tabardillo, who yesterday was in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hence today knew her assailant and there was a relationship of
apparent friendship and both his mother and other relatives he is now
a fugitive from the law Maria Emilia was warned about not joking with
him and less that they will provide beer, as he is very violent .

However, on Monday after he came to the site, presumably began to
drink alcohol. Even at the site of the murder was found a broken beer
bottle-called "caguamas."

Relatives of "el Compaye" said yesterday at 1:00 in the morning was
the last time they saw them together. Presumably they had gone to buy
beer at a site until yesterday afternoon undetermined.

It was concluded that the murder occurred between two and four in the
morning, when everyone was asleep, because they never heard anything.

Encinas Chavez used a bicycle to flee towards Corral station where
yesterday was traced around without results

Not known if he went to the mountain or to the International road
into a vehicle that took him to some northern border of the entity to
evade justice.

In the place of discovery, elements of Expert Services of the
Attorney General of the State (PGJE) made the lifting of fingerprints
and other evidence as part of the judicial inquiries.

Staff also attended the Public Ministry of Common Law of sector three
to attest to the remains of the woman and ordered its removal to the
disposal of Forensic Medicine to the procedures of law.

Note: our outlaw buddies continue to keep up the price of ammo.

Publicada: 06/01/2012 16:17 Por: Rubén A. Ruiz
Logran aseguramiento de balas en frontera Sonora-Arizona
Un mexicano de 26 años fue sorprendido trasladando mil 900 balas de
diversos calibres

NOGALES, Sonora(PH)El aseguramiento de mil 900 balas, lograron
oficiales del Departamento de Aduanas y Protección de Fronteras (CBP,
por sus siglas en inglés) en una operación realizada en esta frontera.

Rob Daniels, oficial de información pública de CBP, comentó que el
evento se realizó en la garita Denis DeConcini durante la mañana de

Todo ocurrió cuando oficiales comisionados a la revisión de
automovilistas que salen de la Unión Americana hacia México,
refirieron a un mexicano de 26 años para una segunda inspección.

El individuo conducía un pick up de la marca Chevrolet, donde
localizaron una maleta tipo deportiva en la zona de carga, donde
localizaron las municiones de calibres .9 milímetros y .223.

Las balas fueron incautadas y el individuo que las trasladaba
arrestado, quien quedó a disposición de personal del Departamento de
Inmigración y Control de Fronteras (ICE, por sus siglas en inglés).

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