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El Chapo seeks to dominate Arizona and unleash violence: US
El Universal | 19/01/2012 | 9:12

Federal District ─ The leading organization of Joaquin "El Chapo"
Guzman uses the control of the runners on both sides of the border
between Mexico and the United States to extend its dominance in
Arizona and Texas as did the level of violence and attacks on law
enforcement is increasing, according to a report of the Department of
Justice of the United States.

"The Sinaloa cartel is the largest drug criminal organization that
threatens the counties of greater intensity of traffic in Arizona,
through its continued dominance in drug trafficking in and through
the region," he says.

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers that drug
trafficking organizations linked to the Sinaloa cartel controls about
90% of drugs crossing the border into Arizona.

The cartel of "El Chapo" also controls most of the illicit money and
weapons that are trafficked along the Arizona-Mexico border, as well
as areas with higher levels of drug trafficking in the state.

In 2011, he notes, the Sinaloa cartel dominated the narco trade
routes in Sonora, northern Mexico, and has controlled the corridors
of Arizona. "Organizations that make up the Sinaloa cartel, such as
the one headed by (Joaquin) Guzman Loera and (Ismael) Zambada Garcia,
control most of the runners cross the international border between
Mexico and Arizona, including the Indian Reservation Tohono O 'odham
and the Nogales port of entry, "he explains.

The report indicates that the groups associated with the Sinaloa
cartel within the United States smuggle large quantities of heroin
and marijuana into the US, as well as cash and weapons from U.S.
territory to Mexico.

During the year 2011 and the beginning of this year, the Justice
Department found that the Mexican organization has expanded its
networks to distribute heroin and marijuana beyond the counties that
comprise the area of ​​highest level of drug trafficking in Arizona.

Arizona local agencies reported that most of the heroin transiting
from Mexico into Arizona is intended for the domestic market and
includes the East Coast states like New York, Georgia, and Florida,
as well as others in the central part of Missouri and Iowa being the
Sinaloa cartel that increased supply of drugs makes both Arizona
through its territory to send to other regions.

One of the warning signs to U.S. authorities, notes the report, was
the increase in heroin seizures in Arizona, which "indicated a
potential increase in heroin trafficking through that area," as it
traditionally was introduced through California.

Additionally, the Border Patrol reported that most of the tunnels
between Mexico and the United States discovered in 2011 have better
infrastructure and modifications, such as ventilation, rails, etc.,
which is another way of drug trafficking into Arizona.

In parallel, the US National Guard has also seen an increase last
year of using ultralight aircraft from Mexico into the United States,
especially in central Arizona, which are used by Mexican cartels and
"shipments may exceed 100 kilos "generally of marijuana.

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