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Note: A report from EPT on homicide rates and counts in Mexico over
past several years.
Very interesting details if accurate, and illuminating to say the
least. Also true that not all the mayhem related to drug business.
As in Guerrero for example.
Not sure if it will forward ok

Re: AZMEX UPDATE 26-1-12
Had a tip that a bunch of rifles had arrived for local cops in Sinaloa.
Should be the FX05, not XM05 But in this report from Noroeste it
looks like Beretta AR160's also. Younger, sharper eyes?? Report
has it at 677 including a few bolt guns, 1800 mags and million plus

Note: more interesting arms bust than usual in Sonoyta, Sonora Just
south of beautiful downtown Lukeville, AZ Maybe a thousand feet or
so south.

Roots SIEDO gets two with arsenal
Friday January 27, 2012 12:06 El Diario de Sonora

Under heavy security they were transferred to the Federal District by
SIEDO the two people arrested with an arsenal in Sonoyta are treated
to presumed members of the Sinaloa Cartel.
It was at 6:30 in the afternoon when the Sonoyta detainees held by
units of the Federal Preventive Police and State Police personnel
Investigating with the Mexican Army and municipal police were
transferred from Sonoyta to Puerto Penasco and then to Mayan Palace
airport bound for the Federal District, for a stay of forty days,
according to a statement released by the Attorney General's Office.
The two men arrested and now available to the Office of Special
Investigations into Organized Crime work for the Sinaloa Cartel,
according to preliminary inquiries and are being investigated for
their alleged role in organized crime and violation of the law on
firearms and explosives .

It was last Tuesday when the Mexican Army to conduct reconnaissance
on Avenue F, in the vicinity of Ejido Hombres Blancos in Sonoyta,
inspected a vehicle manned by individuals who had six rifles, two
machine guns three plastic grenades, 18 magazines, 156 links
disjointed, seven metal belts connected with a capacity for fifty
cartridges each and more than a thousand cartridges of different
The PGR reported that the relocation and charges due to an injunction
to continue the investigations of the safest possible way for the

Note: Even body armor requires extensive paper trail for export. As
is true for most all military related items, including many
designated "dual use".

Tucson body-armor maker wins international registration
Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star |
Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 1:04 pm | Comments

Tucson-based Bourque Industries says it has been issued an
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registrant code, a
step towards foreign sales of the company's proprietary line of
aluminum-alloy body and vehicle armor.

Bourque said the ITAR registrant code for the company's Kryron
Terminator Armor Systems line was issued by the U.S. Department of
State on Jan. 5 and received by the company this week.

The company is awaiting final certification of its Terminator Level
III body-armor system by the National Institute of Justice.

In September, Bourque opened a 20,000-square-foot industrial space on
the southeast side that the company said could employ some 200 people
once the company's armor is certified and production ramps up

Read more:

Several Tucsonans arrested in drug-smuggling bust
Veronica M. Cruz, Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star |
Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 12:40 pm

Members of a large-scale drug-trafficking ring accused of smuggling
cocaine and marijuana through Nogales have been arrested, officials say.

The group is responsible for smuggling over 19 kilograms of cocaine
and 2,952 pounds of marijuana into the U.S. from Mexico since
December 2010, according to a news release from the Arizona Attorney
General's office.

It had smuggled drugs through the Nogales Port of Entry in dump
trucks with scrap metal, backpacks and hidden compartments in
vehicles for over 10 years, the release said.
The drugs were kept in stash houses in Nogales, Rio Rico, Tucson and

Search and arrest warrants were served on the suspects and stash
houses Thursday and 14 of the 15 people were arrested, the release said.

All 15 of those arrested have been indicted on several charges
including money laundering, illegally conducting an enterprise,
transportation of cocaine and marijuana for sale, use of a wire
communication or electronic communication in a drug related
transaction and weapons misconduct, the release said.

Read more:

Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 8:39 am | Updated: 9:42 am, Fri Jan
27, 2012.
Manhunt in Patagonia leads to arrest, marijuana seizure
By JB Miller
For the Nogales International

A manhunt in a normally quiet area of Patagonia had residents on edge
Monday afternoon as law enforcement officials surprised a Mexican
national who was allegedly sitting on close to 550 pounds of marijuana.

At approximately 4 p.m., a number of unmarked vehicles as well as a
Pima County Sheriff's Office patrol car descended on a neighborhood
at North Avenue and North Third Avenue.

Patagonia Marshal Joe Patterson said police had gathered information
in Tucson and then come down to Patagonia to conduct a "knock and
talk." In addition to the Pima County Sheriff's Office, agents from
the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Border Patrol were present and,
according to witnesses, had been seen in town hours prior to the
knock and talk.

When law enforcement neared the house in question, the action began.

"As they approached a subject took off running," said Patterson, who
added that law enforcement personnel were not sure which way the man
had fled, and therefore began combing the general area, which
included neighbors' yards and property belonging to the Patagonia
Community Montessori School.

The man, who was later described as only a Mexican citizen with the
last name of Sanchez, was eventually found hiding underneath a boat
just north of the house he had run from.
"The subject wouldn't comply to come out and they used the dog to get
him out and he was bit on the arm," said Patterson.

Captain Ike Isakson of the Patagonia Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Department said emergency personnel were dispatched at approximately
5 p.m. and treated the man for his injuries before he was transported
to Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital in Nogales.

Law enforcement officials later located the marijuana in the house.

Soldiers ambushed in Reynosa, sources say
January 26, 2012 11:11 PM
The Monitor

Several Mexican soldiers were killed when gunmen ambushed them
Thursday afternoon in Reynosa, said sources outside law enforcement
familiar with organized crime.

The ambush came in response to heavy casualties the military
inflicted on gunmen Thursday morning, the sources said.

The clashes continued a violent week along the northern Tamaulipas
border, which had experienced weeks of relative calm until a reported
push by the Zetas drug cartel to take over Gulf Cartel territory in
Reynosa and Matamoros.

In Thursday's clashes in Reynosa, roads were blockaded and gunbattles
pitted the Mexican military against gunmen, and rival groups of
gunmen against each other.

In the morning, gunmen fought the Mexican military for more than 30
minutes in the Aztlan and Las Lomas de Infonavit neighborhood. The
exchange of fire included hundreds of rounds and more than a dozen
grenades. At least seven gunmen were killed, said a source outside
law enforcement familiar with organized crime in Mexico.

Tamaulipas Ministerial Police agents refused to disclose information
on the shootouts.

About 5 p.m., a firefight broke out between rival gunmen in the
Jarachinas neighborhood. It became a three-way battle when the
Mexican military arrived.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., gunmen drew Mexican soldiers into an ambush
near the Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena Middle School, also known as
Secundaria 60, said a source outside law enforcement. When soldiers
sent to investigate a suspicious-looking vehicle emerged from their
truck, members of organized crime ambushed them, setting off an
intense firefight. At least four gunmen died and an unknown number of
soldiers were injured or killed.

Thursday also saw bloody clashes in San Fernando, Tamps., and the
state capital of Ciudad Victoria.

At least four gunmen were killed amid fighting in parts of San
Fernando, said sources outside law enforcement.

And in Ciudad Victoria, gunmen battled the Mexican military along
main avenues and other city streets. Several soldiers were gunned
down outside the state government offices housed in a building known
as the Crystal Tower, a source outside law enforcement confirmed.

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