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Note: of interest mostly to gunnies, especially the second from
Nogales. "a proliferation of automatic weapons detonations"

Published: 01/01/2012 14:23 By: SUN
Stray bullets wounded two in Caborca ​​and AP

Hermosillo, Sonora (SUN) Bullets "lost" from gunshots in the New Year
holiday left at least two people injured in different parts of the
state, said in a report the State Police Investigator.

In the town of Caborca, Consuelo Robles Tarin, 28 years old, who was
outside her home the night of December 31, was wounded in the left
shoulder, being hit by a stray bullet, which was apparently triggered
by a person who fired at the time of the New Year.

The injured told police that when she was in a convenience when she
suddenly felt a blow on the left shoulder, and he was taken to
General Hospital where she was treated.

In Agua Prieta, another person also was injured by a stray bullet
during New Year celebration after he was inside his home. The project
went through the tin roof of his house.

The victim, Juan Antonio Aguilar Morales, 42 years old, suffered a
wound in the right buttock while he was inside his home, located on
Calle 50 and Avenida 10, of the colony Centenario.

Posted January 2, 2012, 1:40 a.m.
Alarm hail of bullets
Activity reported a lot of shooting high powered rifles in various
areas of the city.
Many people reported explosions on the night of New Year
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

Damage to roofs of homes, vehicles, hundreds of shell casings on the
streets and alleys of the city, was the result of the first few
minutes of the new year, when the detonation of the weapons was
constant and resonant in some sectors of the city.
A large number of reports to hotlines were receiving in 2012, when
residents of different areas made known to hear the thunder of high-
powered rifles, which coupled with the explosion of fireworks framed
the beginning of a new year.

For more than two hours and minutes, between 11:00 pm on 31 and well
past midnight on January first, a proliferation of automatic weapons
detonations and flashes in the sky was observed in a clear sign of
strength in armaments account with which organized crime in this
border in a disregard of authorities.
Various police corporations patrol remained in expectation only,
codes and lights on.
The constant wail of sirens was part of the night of 31 and early on
the first day of the year.
On streets and avenues were found a lot of shell casings that were
mostly collected by the neighbors, or children focusing at night or
early in the morning and went out to meet the new year.

In the same way it had knowledge of the seizure of a firearm in the
colony Villa Sonora, when residents reported shots in the sector, the
authorities found a subject triggering the gun several times,
although no information was officially announced that place in a
pistol seizure presumably even if the subject fled.

Injured by stray bullet
Monday January 2, 2012 11:33 Writing / ElDiario
A woman injured by stray bullet fire attempts, plus people arrested
for carrying firearms, driving offenses, shock, alcoholic breath, as
well as fights, including several families, was the balance left by
the celebrations for the arrival the New Year.

This, according to information provided by law enforcement agencies
and emergency rescue corps, which remained alert to the completion of
2011 and the arrival of 2012, mainly due to the explosions that
usually performed at this border, during the celebration.

The Red Cross, attended dozens of calls, including one in the Bella
Vista neighborhood, where a woman named Elizabeth Madrid, 29 years
old, was injured in her leg by a projectile from a firearm.
The woman was taken to General Hospital for medical care, where she
was diagnosed out of danger, the above around 12:10 pm and said the
bullet went through the roof of her house.
The institution said that the calls received were mainly due to
problems of people who were consuming alcohol.

In the case of Municipal Public Security reported that dozens of
calls were received, mainly by detonation of firearms, the foregoing
minutes before and minutes after 12 o'clock at night.
Among the incidents attended in the corporation, emphasizes a vehicle
that crashed into a wall, above the junction with Hills Road
International Yaqui and to conduct a review into the unit, found a .
40 pistol in the glove box.
Also reported that during the morning, three people were also
arrested with a firearm, which was turned over to the Federal Public
Municipal Public Security also reported that attended several calls
about fights and family disputes, also mentioned that they made the
arrest of three people driving offense, one of them to participate in
shock, and other people with alcoholic breath.
In the case of Fire "Gustavo L. Manriquez, "the commander, Manuel
Hernández Domínguez, reported that it took two calls during the
night of Saturday, both of Reform Street, that in the Del Rosario.

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