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Note: Miguel Nassar Haro, Old Mexico hands will remember him. Tough
guy, in tough days, but probably did more that anyone else to keep
Mexico out of the evil empire orbit way back then.
Yes, that was very a real threat. Broke a lot of eggs, sometimes
those that didn't need breaking. But working under PRI, bad things
happened also. At this point does Mexico need another Nassar Haro
given that so much of the government apparatus is still
dysfunctional? Will Leyzaola Perez become the next? We may soon
find out.

Muere Miguel Nassar Haro, ex titular de la DFS
Falle ció a los 87 años. Aunque fue acusado de torturar, asesinar,
desa pa re cer opo si to res y promover la "guerra sucia", nunca fue
declarado culpable
Andrés Becerril
Miguel Nassar Haro combatió a secuestradores y a guerrilleros en la
década de los 70

Go to the Excelsior website for the story. We will have it also if
someone wants.

Arriving in Los Pinos, offers Vázquez Mota to be worthy commander of
the armed forces
The Editor
January 28, 2012

MEXICO, D.F. (Approved) .- In the Army generals and admirals of the
PAN's presidential candidate, Josefina Vazquez Mota, offered today if
she will win the election next July 1st, knows she will be "a worthy
commander in chief of the armed forces."

The PAN candidate met with military commanders as part of the
Network of Public Servants with Josefina, who thanked them for their
support and promised to get to the Presidency will gain their support
and commitment.

The meeting was held this morning in the auditorium of the Sindicato
Único de Trabajadores de la Música, where there were over 2 000
supporters of the PAN candidate, who will contend in the internal
election of PAN on 5 February vs. Santiago Creel and Ernesto Cordero.

At the conclusion of the event, Vázquez Mota referred to
'spot' (campaign ad) where it appears as whitish-be candidate is
frontrunner, which said it was a production error.

She added that called on the Federal Electoral Institute to withdraw
the campaign ad, and said she will abide by the provisions by the
electoral authority in this regard.

She explained that her team gave the IFE correction and that the ad
is fixed in social networks.

Note: This tactic worked with last "chief", will see what happens
this time

Hitmen carry out threat: killing three police officers in Juarez in a
January 28, 2012 ·

MEXICO, D.F. .- Another element of the Municipal Police was killed
this morning when he left his job, bringing the total to three
officers killed in the corporation within 24 hours at the border.

The officer Julian Juárez Baena, belonging to the Cuauhtemoc
district, left his headquarters on board a late model Chevrolet

Upon reaching his home he was surprised by a commando that riddled
his vehicle

The police report indicates that the execution took place in the
streets Cártamo y Garambullo de la colonia El Granjero, at
approximately 9:00 pm.

Yesterday, a couple of officers was killed after being ambushed as
they left work.

The victims were identified as Yadira Montserrat Rodriguez Martinez,
25, and Adrian Farrera Ruiz, 35, both married, who were aboard a
white Honda car when they were surprised by two young men were shot
at least 100 times with AK-47 rifles or "goat horn", according to
police versions.

Coincidentally, the attacks came after threatening messages came to
the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Julian Leyzaola Perez, that
warned him that if he captured a suspected member of the New Juarez
Cartel, the criminal group would kill an officer every day.

With the murder of police officer this morning add 11 police officers
killed this year, three in the last 24 hours.

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