Friday, January 13, 2012



Napolitano of DHS and Garcia Luna the Sec. of Public Security meet
in Washington to discuss border security. Also intelligence and
specific operations. No details yet

Note: we can't make these things up

Mexican chamber issues advisory for Brownsville
January 11, 2012 6:47 AM

The Matamoros office of the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico
has issued, for the second time, an advisory for travel to South
Texas, particularly Brownsville.

"It is because of the violent event that happened this past Sunday at
Sunrise Mall, where a shooting took place, as well as many other
events of extreme violence taking place in the (Rio Grande) Valley,"
the statement from the chamber said.

It said it was issuing the alert for businessmen and Mexican
nationals and stated that people "should take maximum precaution and
avoid as much as possible being out late at night."

Roberto Salas Martínez, president of the organization, said that they
have received reports from businessmen visiting Brownsville that they
have been victims of violence.

He said people have the perception that moving their businesses to
the United States, especially to Texas, will offer more security and
stability, both personally and economically — something he says is
not necessarily true.

"It is important to alert those who have the intention of moving to
Texas cities to analyze all aspects, including insecurity," he said.

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