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Note: Don't know if this will be significant or not. More
significant if he should be elected.
BTW, been through both towns mentioned, years ago, formed by group
that didn't go along with the polygamy policy of the church. Some
very interesting history in those parts. Not mentioned in this is
the security concern if he should be elected. The LeBaron's another
prominent family in the area. Still make the news now and then.

Mitt Romney does not frequent his family in Mexico
His father was born in Mexico and the candidate still has many
relatives there, born and raised in the state of Chihuahua

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 .- As a candidate for the Republican presidential
nomination, Mitt Romney's life is at stake in primaries in Florida, a
state where the Hispanic vote is key. However, rarely mentions his
Mexican roots.

His father, George, was born in Mexico and the candidate still has
many relatives there, born and raised in the border state of
Chihuahua and those who support his candidacy but their grievances
over illegal immigration.

Romney's Mexican roots are generating interest now that his status as
favorite among Republican hopefuls hanging by a thread in Florida.
Newt Gingrich has been able to shorten the advantage that in order to
vote next Tuesday.

Romney does not know any of the Mexican second cousins, including an
abundance of tall, light skin, which have the same surname and speak
English with American accent. This despite that they are still living
in the birthplace of his father and shared his Mormon faith, which
sees the family and genealogy play an important role in the Hereafter.

Romney's brothers have visited the little colony Dublan to see the
house where his father George Romney was born on July 8, 1907, in a
colony of Mormon pioneer farmers in a spectacular valley at the foot
of the Sierra Madre.

Leighton Romney, 52, who runs a fruit growers' cooperative called
Group Paquime in nearby Nuevo Casas Grandes, this week showed a
reporter the family tree on a TV in the office where he sells fruit
to Walmart and other big chains.

The Romney family tree can be traced to 1555, years for which record
of a Mr. Romney, no first name, born in 1555 in Tonbridge, England.

"Many people ask why Mitt did not come to the site where are their
roots," Leighton Romney said, who was born in the United States and
is registered to vote in Phoenix. "His father was very young and does
not have this deeply rooted culture like us."
"I live here because I love my country," said Leighton. "And that
country is Mexico."

George, who was governor of Michigan for two terms, he ran for
president in 1968 and had to fight allegations that could not run
because he was not born in the country. Mitt said that neither his
father nor his grandparents spoke Spanish.

In an interview with Spanish television network Univision in the
United States, however, Mitt said he would like to spread the word
that has Mexican roots.
"I wish I could convince of people that, especially in a primary in
Florida," he said. "But I think it might sound fake on my part."

As any American politician, Romney should try to capture the votes of
those who oppose illegal immigration, which comes mostly from Mexico,
while courting Hispanics, most of whom are Mexican and are the voting
block that is the fastest growing in America.

No mentions that his father was born in Mexico and tells the story of
a family of humble origins who became rich, not of the immigrant
dreams came true. George Romney's family left Mexico when George was
five. He returned to America to escape violence of the Mexican

For his part, who would become his rival in the election, President
Barack Obama, wrote a book about the life of his father, who came to
America from Africa, and emphasizes that his success in life is the
son of a successful immigrant.

Romney may not want to talk about his family because his grandfather
Miles Park Romney had five wives and 30 children. His descendants are
scattered through Mexico and the United States. Miles Park fled to
Mexico after the passage of a law prohibiting polygamy cohabit in the
United States in 1882. He married his fifth wife when the church had
already banned the practice in 1890.

Miles Park, born in 1843 in Nauvoo, Illinois, where Joseph Smith
founded the Mormon Church, was among the early Mormons who settled in
the valley in the Mexican border with Texas.

Among the 11 children he had with his first wife included Gaskell and
Archibold Miles Romney. The family returned to America in 1912, when
the Revolution came to Chihuahua. Mexican revolutionary forces
invaded communities and speakers.

Gaskell Romney was in the U.S. with five children, including Mitt's
father, George, who was governor of Michigan from 1962 to 1969.

The Mexican branch of Romney, about 40 people live in brick houses
with beautiful gardens and its members are among the most prosperous
farmers and ranchers in a region 305 kilometers (190 miles) from El
Paso, Texas. They raise cattle and grow pears, apples and peppers.

Manage a prestigious shops and schools with football and basketball,
the students leave speaking impeccable English.

"It's a very open community where we have been progressive and have
made a life for ourselves, our children, we believe is a healthy
lifestyle," said Leighton. "We love it here. We are here for several

Colonia Juarez and surrounding areas did not escape the drug
violence. Meredith Romney, Leighton's brother was kidnapped in 2009
and held captive two days, until his family paid an undisclosed ransom.

The family says the region has become much safer in the last year and
kidnappings fell. They give the credit to the new governor of
Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, who took office in 2010.

Colonia Juarez, a town of 1,035 inhabitants, has another iconic
symbol of his success: a white marble temple of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), with a golden statue of Moroni,
the angel who visited Joseph Smith. Next to it is the Juarez Academy,
affiliated with the LDS, with its brick buildings of three floors and
large gardens, which suggest that one is in Utah, not in Mexico.

As is so common in the area, Leighton Romney said he attended the
Brigham Young University, LDS Church, where he also sent his daughter
and son.

"We are not a cult," said Leighton. "The religion of the U.S.
president, of course that is part of his ethics and his way of making
decisions, but do not really think it will influence decisions too
have to take to all the people. These decisions are must take coolly. "

Leighton's nephew, Brandon Romney, 33, grows peppers and collaborates
with school sports teams. During a recent basketball game he was seen
giving instructions in English and Spanish to students.

He knows that he is a relative of someone who aspires to the
Republican nomination, but says "for me is a guy like anyone else."
"Some people are proud of it. I do not know him, never talked to
him," she said.

Brandon and others intend to vote for Romney Mitt and some say it
will bring money to his campaign if he gets the nomination.

The family considers their cousin as a smart businessman, he can pull
the country out of its economic problems. Only differ with him on the
issue of illegal immigration. They think that migrants seeking work
in the United States should be able to regularize their immigration
"America has to admit their part in the immigration problem," said
Brandon. "I've had people on my farm that goes back illegally. I had
a guy who had been jailed for illegally crossing. They do not want to
leave. They have to do it."

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