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Sinaloa Update
Looks like a bunch of XM05's have shown up in Sinaloa. 500 - 600 ,
and 1,800 magazines and one million rounds. For several local police
forces in the state. Unknown how long before cartel takes
possession. Also way ahead of some towns in Sonora, where the local
cops got some new pistols, and a couple whole mags of ammo.

Change trial date in the United States for Vicente Zambada
Organización Editorial Mexicana
January 25, 2012
Chicago, United States .- A federal judge in Chicago delayed by
several months the trial of confessed a lieutenant to one of the most
powerful drug cartels in Mexico.

Judge Ruben Castillo said Wednesday during a hearing that the Vicente
Zambada trial for drug trafficking Zambada will begin on October 9.

The trial of 36 year old Mexican citizen was to begin next month, but
Castillo said that the complexity of the case and its international
nature makes that impossible. The judge said is still "up to his
neck", reading confidential documents of the case.

The trial promises a glimpse of the seedy world of the Sinaloa
cartel, run by the father of Zambada, Ismael Zambada, and the man
most wanted by the Mexican authorities: Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Zambada heard Wednesday's hearing via closed-circuit television from
jail. Marshals recently installed metal detectors outside the
Castillo courtroom to enhance security.

Couple caught with $124,800 in undeclared currency
Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection
This cash load was allegedly found Tuesday hidden in the transfer
case of a Ford truck driven by a 37-year-old Mexican man.
Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 3:25 pm |
Updated: 5:02 pm, Wed Jan 25, 2012.
Nogales International

A couple trying to drive into Mexico through Nogales was caught
Tuesday with nearly $125,000 in undeclared U.S. currency.
U.S. Customs and Border Protections says its officers were conducting
outbound inspections at the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry when they
selected a 37-year-old Mexican man and his 33-year-old wife for
additional questioning.
When officers put the couple's truck on a vehicle lift, they noticed
someone had tampered with the transfer case. When the officers opened
the case, they found 34 packages containing $124,800.
The cash was processed for seizure and the man was arrested and
turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland
Security Investigations (ICE HSI). His wife was released.
CBP says it has seized more than $875,000 in undeclared outbound
currency Arizona 's ports in January. That brings the year-to-date
seizures for fiscal year 2012, which began Oct. 1, 2011, to almost
$1.8 million.
At this point last fiscal year, CBP officers in Arizona had seized
nearly $5 million. The total seizure amount for fiscal year 2011 was
$12.2 million.

Sources: Zetas make violent play for Reynosa, Matamoros
January 24, 2012 11:03 PM
The Monitor

REYNOSA — A violent push by the Zetas for control of the rival Gulf
Cartel's turf in Matamoros and Reynosa has shattered the relative
peace of recent weeks, said sources outside law enforcement familiar
with organized crime in Mexico.

Since Sunday, the northern Tamaulipas border cities have reportedly
experienced a fresh wave of road blockades, grenade attacks,
firefights and slayings.

On Tuesday afternoon, a bomb threat prompted Mexican authorities to
surround the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, local police confirmed,
though the threat would prove to be a false alarm.

About three hours after that threat was made, shootouts broke out
near the Empalme area, which lies along the Reynosa-Matamoros
Highway, and Ejido Santa Adelaida, the site of the Matamoros State
Prison, sources outside law enforcement confirmed. Road blockades
were set up near the shootouts and near the Matamoros police station,
reportedly to keep authorities away.

On Monday afternoon, downtown Reynosa came to a standstill as gunmen
set up road blockades, said sources outside law enforcement familiar
with organized crime in Mexico.

The violence included at least three shootouts, the sources said.
Additionally, the Mexican military engaged in a chase with gunmen.

One shootout between groups of gunmen took place along Vista Hermosa
Avenue near a large bronze rooster statue, which is said to signal a
strengthened alliance between the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels in their
fight against the Zetas.

Later Monday afternoon, another shootout between groups of gunmen
took place near Villa Florida.

The most intense shootout — one between gunmen and Mexican military —
took place along the Ribereña highway near Rancho Grande. That
highway connects Nuevo Laredo, which is Zetas territory, to Reynosa.
According to the Mexican army, during that shootout, an unknown
number of gunmen opened fire on the troops. The military fought back
and reported killing one gunman, but sources outside law enforcement
said the body count was much higher.

Another shootout near the Ribereña highway took place less than a
mile from the Anzalduas International Bridge.

The clashes on and near that highway followed attempts by the Zetas
to enter Reynosa, said sources outside law enforcement.

A Gulf Cartel lieutenant identified only as Comandante Tachas is
presumed missing or dead, said two sources outside law enforcement.

On Sunday afternoon in Matamoros, a short firefight took place right
outside of the Tecnológico de Matamoros along Lauro Villar Avenue,
which connects the city with Playa Bagdad. The firefight left an
unknown number of dead, but two hours later, at least two grenades
were thrown at the Matamoros police station by the occupants of a
moving SUV. Two Mexican soldiers were critically wounded in the
blast. A law enforcement official not authorized to speak to the
media said one of the soldiers later died as a result of his
injuries. The Mexican military has not confirmed the soldier's death.


Several individuals were killed in a shootout Monday afternoon at a
Ciudad Victoria bakery owned by the Tamaulipas state governor's
father, said sources outside law enforcement familiar with organized
crime in Mexico.

A "violent incident" at the El Mostachón Bakery off the busy 16th
Street in the state capital was confirmed by a Mexican law
enforcement official who was not authorized to speak to the media.

But local media outlets in Mexico have remained mum about the attack,
and neither the Tamaulipas State Attorney's Office nor any other law
enforcement agency has released official information on the shooting.

Note: can't get much further from AZ
PGR Research assurance arsenal in Cancun, Quintana Roo
Organización Editorial Mexicana
January 25, 2012
Manuel Carvallo / El Sol de Mexico

Mexico .- The public prosecutor assigned to the Federation Delegation
in Quintana Roo of the Attorney General's office opened a preliminary
investigation AP/PGR/QROO/CAN/046/2012-II for the crime of violation
of the Act Federal Firearms and Explosives, after the Mexican Army
personnel found weapons, chargers and cartridges on Wednesday.

Derived from a citizen complaint that alerted on a vehicle with
people on board in a colony of Cancun, military items transferred to
the site and noting the presence of individuals fled.

Inside the vehicle located four rifles and 13 carbines of different
calibers, two submachine guns (one of 9 mm and a .45), .40 mm caliber
grenade launcher, three revolvers of various calibers and a
fragmentation hand grenade.

In addition, 74 carriers, 87 thousand cartridges of various calibers,
also four black trimmings.

The insured was made available to the Prosecutor of the Federation,
who is part of the investigation to determine responsibilities of
merit according to law for the offense indicated.

Despite failing to register any arrests, federal authorities have
specific tracks of the fugitives.

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