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Note: Oped. A "gun-free" and defenseless society. Mex. govt.
continues to disarm citizens to aid drug gangs and corruption.

Are they also destroying evidence? Have to wonder if they have
documented the weapons destroyed. If the documentation exists, and
could be obtained, how many would be sourced to U.S. aid programs,
Fast & Furious, stolen in U.S. etc. ?

Also as in the U.S. much of what is turned in is the "junker" class.
Another factor is very heavy sentences for anyone not a cartel
associate caught with an "illegal" firearm.

Published: 12/28/2011 21:40 By: SUN
2,138 destroyed weapons in 2011

Since the inception in 2002, the Ministry of Public Security of Baja
California has destroyed more than 30,000 firearms, while during 2011
they disabled 2,138 pieces.

Mexicali, Baja California (SUN) from inception in 2002, the Ministry
of Public Security of Baja California has destroyed more than 30 000
firearms, while during 2011 they disabled 2 000 138 pieces.

The weapons were delivered to military installations by people
"socially responsible", said Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, secretary of
state Public Safety.

This was unveiled during the ceremony of destruction of weapons
donated by the citizens, in which De la Rosa Anaya said that
"prevention activities carried out hand in hand with society, are
critical to improving climate Security in Baja California. "

"A gun-free society is the reason the momentum of the 'Campaign
Donation State Firearms and Explosives' in which the participation of
the community since 2002 have been received and destroyed more than
30,000 weapons firearms and explosives delivered by the citizens,
"the state official.

In the campaign of 2011 were 2,138 delivered and destroyed artifacts
in exchange for which each was given a grocery voucher worth 1,500

"Importantly for the implementation of the preventive activity, the
Ministry of Public Security of the State (SSPE) invested in 2011 the
amount of 3 million pesos, and by 2012 it will invest approximately 5
½ million pesos," said Public Security Secretary of State.

Gen. Gilberto Landeros, commander of the Second Military Zone, said
it was important work being done in coordination with officials from
the three levels of government and society.

Finally, Daniel de la Rosa said that "the fight against crime will
continue and be strengthened through coordinated efforts among
various government agencies, corporations, police and the Mexican
Army, with the clear objective of safeguarding the integrity of the
citizens of Baja California.

Note: Area is saturated with fed law enforcement. Some local folks
claim that is the only visible means of support for community.

Crime continues to be down in Douglas
By Bruce Whetten
Douglas Dispatch
Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 3:19 PM MST

Crime statistics for the month of November show crime in Douglas
continues to decline while traffic enforcement citations are up

According to information provided to the Douglas Dispatch by Sgt.
Jose Duarte of the Douglas Police Dept., crime in Douglas continues
to be down 25 percent with notable differences in burglary, theft and
aggravated assault.

Traffic accidents are down 15.8 percent compared to last year while
traffic enforcement citations are up 11 percent.

Douglas' Police Chief Alberto Melis said he increased his motorcycle
patrol officers from two to four and a number of the traffic
enforcement citations have come from the patrolling his officers are
doing along Third Street.

"This is a direct result of the fact we're getting more people in
town," he said.

The Chief said he is very happy with how the Third Street route into
Mexico is working right now and is happy the congestion his officers
were once facing when traffic was going in along Fifth Street seems
to be solved.

Chief Melis said his officers will be out over the holiday stretch
watching for any impaired drivers and he wants the citizens of
Douglas to be able to enjoy a safe holiday weekend.

Note: do the Army and Leyzaola get the blame?

The 2011 closed with 3,900 homicides in the state, 35% less than in
2010: Duarte
Flor A. Holguin | December 29, 2011 | 14:14 pm

Chihuahua, Chih.-state governor, Cesar Duarte, said that in the state
of Chihuahua are still many security problems but-assured 'we
consistently down phenomenon', in this context, the Chihuahua leader
announced that 2010 ended with almost 6,000 intentional homicide in
the state but this 2011, to date there have been 3,900 cases of this
nature, which means, 'said the executive, it has been a decrease of
35 per cent.
In this context, Duarte said that only in Ciudad Juarez there is one
report in which more than 850 commercial establishments reported that
they do not pay flat fee (extortion), 'This is thanks to the 140
extortionists arrested in the year, "said the official.
He also explained that in the border city, as of December 2009, there
were 292 intentional homicide while December of 2010 were 218, but
this December (2011) takes account of 106 murders, which he said
represented a drop more than 70 percent.

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