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Note: updated
"Iraq had ties to the cartels'
The Iraqi Canadian citizen killed Sunday in Culiacan was a senior
member of the UN gang in Canada

The Iraqi Canadian citizen was killed with 9mm and 45 caliber pistols
Photo: ions.

The Iraqi Canadian citizen killed Sunday in Culiacan was a senior
member of the UN gang that served in Canada contact the Mexican
cartels, especially that of Sinaloa, said the Canadian newspaper The
Vancouver Sun. The newspaper says it has documents showing that Saleh
Abdulaziz Sahbaz, spent much of the last three years in Sinaloa and
was the key contact with the gang's criminal group. Regularly, he
says, traveling to the city of Surrey, British Columbia, with his

According to published information, Sahbaz had taken charge of the
Mexican branch of the gang after two other members Ahmet (Lou)
Kaawach and Elliott (Taco) Castaneda were killed in front of a taco
stand in Guadalajara in July 2008.

Castañeda was the contact of the gang with Mexican drug cartels,
while a Lebanese Kaawach was doing business with the UN and Sahbaz
mexicanos.Abdulaziz groups indicates The Vancouver Sun, had been
charged with drug trafficking twice, when he was leader of the
"Kurdish crew" and controlled the drug trade in Dowtown Eastside, one
of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver.

He also had a confrontation with the Iraqi emigre, Barzan Tilli-
Choli, an early leader of the gang with whom he later settled their

According to the newspaper, the UN gang was founded in the Fraser
Valley in 1997 by Clayton Rouche.

Honduras says US personnel to help stem violence
The Associated Press
Posted: 01/19/2012 12:04:22 PM MST

MEXICO CITY—Honduran President Porfirio Lobo says the United States
is sending people to help Honduras battle the violent crime that led
to the withdrawal of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers this week.
Lobo says the Americans will work on analyzing the problems.
Lobo told the HRN radio network Thursday that "soon there will be
U.S. personnel here ... and that will contribute to the tranquility
of the Honduran people."
He did not say if the Americans would come from some government
agency or a private company.
The United States confirmed Monday that all 158 Peace Corps
volunteers had left Honduras.
Lobo says that Honduras is also receiving security help from
Colombia, Chile, Spain and other countries.

Note: no weapons? AKA Sinaloa cartel

Arrested in Culiacán "El Lalo" alleged introducer of arms to Mexico
Eduardo Avila Ojeda is considered one of the leaders of the Pacific
19.01.2012 | 9:00 a.m.
Eduardo Avila Ojeda, "Lalo."
Photo: SSP.

MÉXICO._ Federal Police arrested in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Eduardo Avila
Ojeda, identified by authorities as Lalo, who introduced alleged
firearms and ammunition into Mexico to serve the Pacific Cartel.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that the Federal
capture of this individual is the result of research work after the
arrest, on 30 December, Ramiro "N", considered high security and
service to the criminal organization .

In a statement, the agency said that both individuals are considered
leaders of the Pacific Cartel, for which introduced weapons, and are
related to several previous investigations in the Office of Special
Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO).

At the time of his capture Lalo was in possession of three cell
phones, three credit cards, two driver's licenses issued by the
government of Sinaloa, a credential from the Federal Electoral
Institute, four bank deposit receipts and various photographs, among
other things .

After his arrest he was transferred to Mexico City where he was made
available to the federal prosecutor who will determine his legal status.

Note: from Sinaloa

Ask the Governor not to be intimidated against attacks
Deputies regret the assault killed one employee of the Governor's
company-owned hardware store
Claudia Beltran
19.01.2012 | 12:35 p.m.

CULIACÁN._ Do not be intimidated and continue in their fight against
crime, deputies asked the Governor Mario Lopez Valdez.

Zazueta Cenovio Ruiz, coordinator of the PRI in Congress, did not
doubt that the attack on Wednesday at the company-owned hardware
store of Governor López Valdez, was an act aimed at the Executive.

The Governor's challenge, he said, is not to be intimidated.
"It's a very focused aggression towards him, everyone that has a bit
of common sense understands, I think in that sense the solidarity of
the deputies, the solidarity of the PRI will be present."

He said you can not endorse aggression in the company of Lopez Valdez
hardware store, where died one of the employees, was the arrest of a
group of kidnappers.

It's a targeted attack, reiterated Zazueta Ruiz, by the way in which
the Group operates.
"Of course, the way they operate, reach, attack for no reason, on
fire, evidently agrees that is the day of his birthday, is an act
evidently very focused."

The deputy of the PT, Ezequiel Reynoso Esparza, seen in the company's
attack on the Governor, an impotence of the crooks, because they feel
"That way they want to attack the Governor or his property, so I
interpret it, is an inability of these people."

Asked the authorities to arrive in the latest research implications.
"No fair, that they are cowardly acts against employees, against
workers who have nothing to do with things."

Reynoso Esparza, the Governor proposed to speed up investigations and
that the Governor not be afraid.

"The state role is the safety of the citizens where the state be
dismayed, where the state says it takes steps backwards in the
defense of citizens and we are lost ... no turning back."

Felton Carlos Gonzalez, coordinator of the deputies of the PAN, said
it appears that was an attempt to intimidate.
"Thinking as a citizen rather than as a deputy, was apparently quite
deliberately, it was a very cowardly attack where unfortunately died
an innocent person that his only sin, his only crime was to work at
that establishment and be there at the time, but it appears that an
attempt to intimidate. "

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