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Mexican firefight ends on U.S. side
February 03, 2012 12:27 AM
The Monitor

NEAR SULLIVAN CITY — A shootout between rival members of two
organized crime groups and the Mexican military ended at the banks of
the Rio Grande, where at least one man was possibly killed on the
U.S. side.
The shootout began Thursday afternoon along the Ribereña Highway near
the Anzalduas International Bridge in Reynosa between the organized
crime groups, according to a source outside law enforcement with
direct knowledge.
Members of the Mexican military responded to the scene, and a chase
ensued for more than 20 miles from the area all the way to the
outskirts of Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas, where some of the men then tried
to make their way to the U.S. side, the source said.
U.S. Border Patrol agents patrolling the river near Havana
encountered several subjects. One of them was injured, which prompted
the agents to seek medical attention for the man, said USBP
spokeswoman Rosalinda Huey.
At the scene, at least two men were taken into custody by US,
A U.S. law enforcement official not authorized to speak to the media
said that U.S. law enforcement officers discharged their firearms
during the incident and also confirmed at least two or more bodies
could be seen on the Mexican side of the border.
Soon after the incident, a U.S. law enforcement helicopter could be
seen overhead combing the area for additional individuals.
FBI spokesman Erick Vasys said his agency had taken over the
investigation because at least one person had possibly died on the
U.S. side. However, because the investigation is in its early states,
he could not disclose additional information, including whether the
men were armed or fleeing a firefight.

Note: From Eagle Pass, TX
PRESS RELEASE - On Wednesday, Februrary 1st, the Maverick County
Sheriff's Office responded to an anonymous call regarding a green
duffle bag by the side of the canal located on Eidson Road near
Leonard's Orchards entrance gate.

Upon arrival, the Maverick County Sheriff Deputy responding to the
call was able to locate the green duffle bag by a brush area of said
location. Further investigation by the deputy resulted in the
discovery of several AK-47 assault rifle magazines inside the green
duffle bag. The green duffle bag and magazines were confiscated and
brought to the Maverick County Sheriff's Office where a total of 95
Ak-47 assault magazines were discovered.

Case pending further investigation by the Criminal Investi

Note: more links with local street/drug gangs and DTO's

Authorities arrest gang members wanted for murder
February 02, 2012 10:26 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz,

EDINBURG — Residents of a quiet neighborhood were shocked to find a
large armored vehicle rolling down their street Thursday as more than
50 law enforcement officials from various agencies began an operation
to arrest three murder suspects.

The suspects were wanted by the San Juan Police Department in
connection with the Jan. 16 beating death of Rogelio Pardo Jr., said
Police Chief Juan Gonzalez. The arrest occurred Thursday afternoon at
the 5000 block of Kendlewood Street amid a massive show of force by
authorities in an effort to dissuade any resistance.

"This is the result of good old-fashioned police work," Gonzalez
said. "We worked our leads day and night alongside all of our law
enforcement partners, and we were able to apprehend these dangerous

The men were identified as Regino "El Reggie" Gonzalez, Rudy "El
Venado" Ramirez and David "Prophet" Enriquez, all high-ranking
members of the Tri-City Bombers street gang, authorities said.

Since the murder of Pardo, who was a member of the Vallucos, the
suspects had been keeping a low profile both to avoid capture and
keep out of the reach of other Vallucos members who were looking to
even the score, thus escalating the violence, Gonzalez said.
"These men had been seen in the Delta area, Pharr, San Juan,
McAllen and Edinburg," Gonzalez said. "Thanks to the work of our
partners and our investigators, we were able to track them down."

The men were hiding in a safe house or a location where they believed
authorities would not look for them. Gonzalez said it was used much
like a stash house is used to hide drugs. The men had several
thousands of dollars in their possession, which led police to believe
the three planned to be on the run for a while.

For the operation, San Juan police called their tactical team and had
the support of the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office armored vehicle,
as well as additional support from Edinburg Police, the U.S.
Marshals, the FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety
helicopter. One suspect intended to run out the back but went back
inside when he saw that the property was surrounded.

The operation was a shock for resident Ismael Garza, who was
surprised to learn the neighbors were wanted fugitives.
"They kept to themselves," Garza said. "We never crossed words."

Trained negotiators with San Juan police were able to talk the
suspects into coming out of the house with their hands up in order to
avoid any violence.
"When dealing with hardened criminals, we can't take any chances,"
Gonzalez said. "These men are wanted for murder and they don't want
go to jail. We want to take them in peacefully, but we were also
prepared for a fight if thing had escalated."

Inside the house, authorities found a revolver and small amounts of
marijuana and cocaine. The men are expected to be arraigned on
murder charges today at the San Juan Municipal Court. Authorities
also arrested the owner of the house, who will be arraigned today on
at least three charge of harboring a fugitive.

Ildefonso Ortiz covers law enforcement and general assignments for
The Monitor. He can be reached at and

Que haya justicia en todos los casos: Álex LeBarón
Por: Redaccion | 03-Feb-2012 12:11

En un mismo discurso, el diputado Álex LeBarón dejó ver sus dos
posturas: como funcionario público y como ciudadano común, al señalar
que la sentencia para el secuestrador de su primo Érick LeBarón es
una muestra de que la justicia existe en Chihuahua, pero que debe
garantizarse a todos por igual.

"A dos años del caso LeBarón estamos viendo los resultados de esta
nueva manera de impartir la justicia; es una muestra de que la
justicia en Chihuahua se está dando, ya que en el transcurso de un
año y medio se han logrado avances importantes en la impartición de
justicia", explicó.

Apenas ayer se dio a conocer la sentencia de 50 años otorgada por un
tribunal de juicio oral al principal secuestrador, Jorge Luis Chávez
Rodríguez, junto con otras personas por el secuestro de Érick LeBarón
en mayo del 2009.

Con esto "se está sintiendo el peso de la ley en las personas que han
sido capturadas al cometer secuestros, y espero que toda la
impartición de justicia se lleve en todos los casos, no sólo en
aquéllos que fueron muy mediáticos", indicó el legislador del
Distrito I, al que pertenece precisamente la comunidad de LeBarón.

Además, consideró que la sentencia servirá para que los ciudadanos
recuperen la confianza en las autoridades y se atrevan a denunciar
delitos como los secuestros, al ver que "los tribunales y los jueces
están cumpliendo con su trabajo".

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