Friday, February 17, 2012

AZMEX I3 17-2-12

AZMEX I3 17 FEB 2012

Note: particularly disturbing story.

Sheriff: Gunman killed by deputy was convicted murderer
February 16, 2012 7:35 PM
Naxiely Lopez
The Monitor

An earlier chapter in this story:
>> Sheriff: Tactical unit fatally shoots suspect in home invasion

NEAR ALTON — A preliminary investigation revealed an Hidalgo County
sheriff's deputy was justified when he shot and killed an alleged
home invader Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Lupe Treviño said.

He identified the suspect as Victor Manuel Cassilla Herrera, 31.
Herrera, who was previously convicted of a murder in Georgia,
participated in the home invasion of a family living near La Homa
Road minutes before his shooting death, Treviño said.

Records indicate he was released from jail in 2003 and federal
immigration authorities deported him to Mexico, he added. But Herrera
came back to the United States and was living in the Mission area,
where he was involved in all sorts of criminal activity.

Investigators believe three other men were involved in the home
invasion — one went into the house with Herrera and the other two
served as lookouts, Treviño said. All have since been arrested and
are expected to face criminal charges Friday.

Herrera and the suspect who went into the home with him fled the
scene in a vehicle, but one of the persons inside the residence
tailed them and called authorities.

Deputies caught up to them about a minute later, forcing Herrera and
the other home invader to bail on foot.

The pair ran through a neighborhood shooting at deputies, Treviño
said. Officers did not return fire, fearing for residents' safety.

Instead, a deputy intercepted them on Gregory Street and ordered them
twice to drop their weapons.

Herrera made a motion as if he were going to shoot the deputy, and
the deputy responded by firing several rounds that struck Herrera in
the upper torso. He died after emergency personnel transported him to
a hospital.

Meanwhile, the other suspect ran into a home as a family ran out,
Treviño said. Officers persuaded him to surrender about 15 minutes

"As tragic as this event is, my deputy gets to go home to his wife
and children at least for that evening and that's very important to
us," Treviño said. "They are out there doing their job and laying
their life on the line every day and you have to commend that."

Investigators were still trying to determine what charges the men
should face, he said. All might be charged with attempted capital
murder under the law of parties.


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