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Agents seize cocaine, marijuana worth $1.1 million
February 10, 2012 6:07 PM

Yuma U.S. Border Patrol agents seized 70 pounds of cocaine and nearly
a half-ton of marijuana with a combined street value of $1,125,200 in
three incidents Thursday.

According to Agent Spencer Tippets of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs
Office, Blythe Station agents working the California Highway 78
checkpoint at mile marker 56 referred a Ford pickup for secondary
inspection after a canine team alert.

Agents searched the vehicle and found approximately $640,600 worth of
cocaine hidden in the truck's spare tire, which was attached to the
underside of the vehicle. The cocaine, vehicle and driver, a Mexican
national with lawful permanent resident status, were turned over to
the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"It's obviously a good-size seizure," Tippets said. "This is a good
example of no matter where they try and hide it, we are good at
finding it."

Tippets explained there are only four main routes people, including
drug smugglers, can take when leaving Yuma. There is Interstate 8,
going either east or west, Highway 95 and Highway 78, all of which
have checkpoints on them.

While there are some rural roads that people may occasionally take,
Tippets said they are, for the most part, usually all patrolled as well.

Wellton Station agents patrolling near Hyder stopped what appeared to
be a utility work truck on a rural road after noticing the driver's
suspicious behavior. The driver, a Mexican national with lawful
permanent resident status, consented to a vehicle search.

Agents found 251 packages of marijuana in the vehicle's gas tank. The
driver, vehicle and marijuana, weighing more than 700 pounds and
worth $353,000, were turned over to the Yuma County Narcotics Task

"It was inside the gas tank. It's actually something we see on a
regular basis," Tippets said.
"When the agent questioned the driver, it created additional
suspicions, so they called a K-9 handler to bring his dog to that

Wellton Station agents patrolling west of Gila Bend apprehended a
group of six subjects carrying backpacks filled with marijuana
through the desert. The suspects and marijuana, weighing 263 pounds
and worth an estimated $131,600, were turned over to the Maricopa
County Sheriff's Office.

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Note: following pieces computer english, Sinaloa continues to not be

Friday February 10, 2012

Murders. Accounts that do not end.

Five people were killed by gunfire in recent hours in Sinaloa, in the
towns of San Ignacio, Mazatlan and Salvador Alvarado, according to
reports from the State Ministerial Police (PME).

During the morning were found the bodies of three people outside the
town of San Ignacio, the same municipality. The deceased is a woman
and two men who were allegedly hanged, have signs of having been
tortured and his hands tied with rope.

None has been identified. Took the place of police officers and
Ministerial Council, and the Mexican Army.

Near the village Carricitos municipality of Salvador Alvarado, was
found the body of a person who had hands and feet handcuffed and
bullet wounds. The deceased has been identified.

A man was shot dead and a woman was injured, being attacked from car
to car a few minutes ago at the junction of the deliverance Luis
Donaldo Colosio Avenue and Manuel J. Clouthier, alongside the new
bridge The Conchi.

In Mazatlan, one person died and a woman was injured during an attack
from car to car, for the issuance Colosio. The victims, who were
traveling in a van Tornado, have not been identified, according to
early reports.

Note: Rocky Point news

Published: 11/02/2012 10:41 By: Editorial ElImparcial
Make PESP seizures in Peñasco
Puerto Penasco, Sonora (PH)

As a result of operational actions carried out by the State Police
Public Safety (PESP) in the northwest of the state, to locate
suspects in recent hours the results were positive, making the arrest
in the vicinity of Puerto Penasco, a person more than 60 bundles of
different drugs.

This is Jorge Luis Lechuga Garcia, 30 years old, who allegedly
engaged in the sale and distribution of drugs in the region.

The arrest was made around 21:00 pm on Thursday, on the street alley
Juventino Rosas Benito Juarez Lazaro Cardenas and Sports of the
colony, through the work of State Police conducted research to locate
such persons.

Elements police intercepted the subject when trying to go unnoticed
aboard a Honda sedan type vehicle, likewise to make the revision in
the interior, was found in the passenger seat bag black with several
wraps of drugs.

Jorge Luis, was arrested for bringing 46 wraps of white powder and
granular characteristics of the crystal, 16 wraps of drugs apparently
cocaine and 11 packages with green grass and dry as marijuana, with a
total of 73 bundles, avoiding the blow to drug dealing at the Port,
were distributed to the community.

State police said Jorge Luis Lechuga Garcia, who was arrested and
brought before the Public Ministry where you will continue with the
investigations concerned.

Note: cartels can afford to buy, new guys?

Published: 11/02/2012 10:34 By: SUN
Armed group assaulted agrochemical company in Cajeme

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora (SUN)
Gunmen stormed, on Friday, a firm of agrochemicals, which took at
gunpoint as possibly used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

The employees were apparently at gunpoint by four guys who arrived to
the scene around 18:00 hours at the firm of agrochemicals 'JAM',
located in Norman Street E. Borlaug No. 3305 Lazarus Market Street
south, where they took lots of products that represent a preliminary
estimate of 800 000 pesos on average.

According to the description, subjects apparently youthful appearance
and "cholos", entered the company and threatened three employees, a
man and two women with guns, square type, apparently size 45, those

According to preliminary data, the types covered their faces with
balaclavas and scarves dark, same as those forced to lie on the floor
where the gagged with masking tape, but entered at that moment
another employee on board a van stolen twice, type 3 / 4, white, late
model, used for delivery of orders, but so at gunpoint.

Then he was forced to enter the truck in reverse to the cellar of the
establishment, but to resist, one of the robbers hit him in the face,
plunging to the floor and then lock him gagged in the bathroom.

The suspects loaded the car with boxes of agrochemicals on the market
known as Biomix, Tactic, and Convertible Forum.

In the robbery also robbed the workers of two thousand 500 pesos, and
then fled.

Time later, police officers spotted the vehicle in free flight to the
south of Ciudad Obregon, by Norman E. CTM Borlaug Street, but assume
that went into the Yaqui Valley, spreading a search operation, while,
Red Cross paramedics treated the employees who suffered nervous

Published: 11/02/2012 10:18 By: Gerardo Lopez
Hundreds of young people begin military service

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)
More than 850 conscripts class 1993, assets and reluctant, began this
morning with the implementation of National Service.

Through a ceremony at the 24 Infantry Battalion and civilian and
military authorities to young people pledged to take the guidelines
to be better citizens and be available to defend the nation if

Stealing in home of the Consul
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2012 14:53 EDITORIAL / theOfficial

Extract >> various electronics from home in Colonia Kennedy.
Again the alien lovers return to their old tricks but now housing the
American Consulate, located in Colonia Kennedy in events last night.
The robbery occurred around 20:30 hours, was at that time that the
elements of the three levels of government went to the street corner
with Navojoa Gavilondo 536 of the colony number above where they met
with the staff that was in that time.
According to data collected at the scene the robbers were introduced
into the home where they managed to steal a computer, copier, and
various valuables.
To place elements of State Police arrived Researcher (PEI), agents of
the Federal Investigation Agency (AFIS), State and Municipal
Preventive and expert services personnel first Agent of the
Prosecutor's jurisdiction crimes

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