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Note: For us locals mostly, will get little to no coverage north of
the border. On the good side of things, the Sonora State Police
among the most effective in Mexico, Mexican Army has also been
active in north and west of the state, and finally, looks like el
chapo has gotten business under control. The meeting took place in
Puerto Penasco aka rocky point

New alliance to focus on border issues, Brewer says
by Yvonne Wingett Sanchez - Feb. 10, 2012 09:44 PM
The Republic |

Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday announced the creation of a Transportation
and Trade Corridor Alliance, which will study border infrastructure,
border-entry capacity and competitiveness in Arizona and its Mexican
sister state of Sonora.

The governor, who spoke against the backdrop of a heavily militarized
police force along the rocky shores of this beach town, touted recent
improvements to port capacity. But she stressed that Arizona must
continue to repair and improve outdated roads and ports of entry and
minimize wait times at the border to aid trade and tourism.

Arizona's largest trade partner is Mexico, and visitors from the
southern country spend an average of $7.3million every day in Arizona
stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses, Brewer said. The
alliance will work with state transportation and commerce officials
to examine infrastructure needs, she said.
"This is a perfect occasion for the two states to assess strengths,
weaknesses and opportunities of our corridor and port infrastructure
-- with the ultimate goal of increasing economic competitiveness and
job creation in our region," Brewer said.

Brewer's remarks capped a conference of the Arizona-Mexico
Commission, a 53-year-old organization that aims to tackle shared
issues such as commerce, transportation, border security, health and
the environment. This conference was supposed to occur last year, but
neither governor could attend. And in 2010, Sonoran Gov. Guillermo
Padres Elias canceled meetings in protest of Brewer's signing of
Senate Bill 1070.

The conference came as the U.S. State Department updated its long-
running travel warning on Mexico, cautioning Americans to stay on
main roads and travel during the day. The warning upset local tourist
officials and business owners who said the advisory will sabotage
spring-break bookings that the resort town heavily depends on.

The two governors met privately Friday morning with transportation
and tourism officials. Both vowed to create more jobs and increase
trade and tourism.
"This relationship is very, very important for us," Padres said. "We
represent an economic region which is important for jobs, development
and growth. We have a very strong alliance, and a very strong
relation with Arizona."

Throughout the conference, officials from both states focused on long-
term issues, including:

The health of agricultural workers in Arizona and Mexico, and needs
of Mexican deportees who need medical assistance.

Ad campaigns to promote tourism on both sides of the border.

Roads and ports along the border to increase transportation capacity
for trucks, farmworkers and tourists.

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Published: 10/02/2012 15:38 By: Editorial ElImparcial
Brewer is 'ambassador' for the Safety of Sonora

Under heavy security, the governor of Sonora, Guillermo Padres and
his counterpart in Arizona, Jan Brewer, noted the proposed
establishment of a public beach and a wastewater treatment plant,
which was introduced by the government secretary, Robert Romero,
Puerto Penasco. Photo: Fausto Ibarra.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)
"I want to be his ambassador about the safety of Sonora," said
Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer, while participating in the
National Tourism Promotion Meeting in connection with the Sonora-
Arizona Commission stating that the state is safe and no risk to U.S.
tourists who visit it.

The Governor made mention of the statement made a year earlier by
Tucson Mayor Robert Walkup, where he offered to become the U.S.
ambassador to the security provided by Sonora.
"We have many friends in Arizona and traveling to Sonora region, we
have great bonds, many friends between Sonora and Arizona and want to
share with everyone that I want to be your ambassador," he said.

Brewer denied that there is a risk to travel to Sonora, however, said
she has never been afraid to come to the state, she has, recommended
to the citizens of Arizona to do so.

She said the Governor Guillermo Padres has done a great job by
providing security and make tourists feel comfortable.

Published: 02/09/2012 17:35 By: Miguel Angel Urquijo
Arizona Sonora to help its economy
Puerto Penasco, Sonora (PH)

After growing 7% and 40 000 jobs created so far in six years, Sonora
helps Arizona with its economy, agreed the U.S. consuls in
Hermosillo and Nogales.

Chad Cummins consul in Nogales and in Hermosillo, John Tavenner,
agreed that the economy will grow in Sonora this year and were
confident with numbers showing the state's growth.

Cummins said that Sonora has much work in the aerospace industry and
many areas with good opportunities, so if the economy grows in Sonora
then to Arizona and back.

He argued that all forecasts say the economy will grow Sonora, hence
the importance of strengthening partnerships between the two states
as the agreements made at these meetings will become apparent
benefits for citizens on both sides of the border.

John Tavenner said the Comisión Sonora-Arizona has a lot of work in
many important areas such as tourism, security, education, health,
real estate, businesses, among others.

"It's an opportunity to meet many people involved in the commission
and see how they can strengthen bridges to encourage the development
of both states," he said.

Published: 10/02/2012 13:34 By: Miguel Angel Urquijo
Commission agree to promote organic farming

A plan to promote culture and environmental ethics and sustainable
development practices, which identifies the schools that will give
technical support and educational materials, was one of several
agreements that were taken at the table of Ecology and Environment
Sonora-Arizona Commission.
Puerto Penasco, Sonora (PH)

A plan to promote culture and environmental ethics and sustainable
development practices, which identifies the schools that will give
technical support and educational materials, was one of several
agreements that were taken at the table of Ecology and Environment
Sonora-Arizona Commission.

The head of the Committee on Ecology and Sustainable Development of
Sonora, Oscar Tellez Leyva said that along that program will be
developed workshops on environmental management plans and use of
clean energy to create awareness and to involve more sectors this
approach the environment in the border area.

Tellez said Leyva for the work done is highlighted the synergy
between both environmental authorities on issues such as land-use
planning, climate change, air quality, solid waste management and

He said that during the plenary session also discussed the importance
for both states in terms of Ecological Zoning Programme, through
which it seeks to regulate, standardize and regulate land use and
production activities carried out in Sonora, with the To protect the
environment and promote economic and social development.

The meeting of the Committee on Ecology and Environment gave very
satisfactory results for protection and care of the environment on
both sides of the border.

Publicada: 10/02/2012 15:38 Por: Redacción ElImparcial
Se declara Brewer 'embajadora' de la Seguridad de Sonora

Bajo un fuerte dispositivo de seguridad, el gobernador de Sonora,
Guillermo Padrés y su homóloga de Arizona, Jan Brewer, observaron el
proyecto de creación de una playa pública y una planta tratadora de
aguas residuales, que fue presentado por el secretario de gobierno,
Roberto Romero, en Puerto Peñasco. Foto: Fausto Ibarra.

"Yo quiero ser su embajadora sobre la seguridad de Sonora", enfatizó
la Gobernadora de Arizona, Janice K. Brewer, durante su participación
en la Reunión de Promoción Turística Nacional en el marco de la
Comisión Sonora-Arizona al afirmar que la entidad es segura y no
representa riesgo para los turistas de Estados Unidos que lo visitan.

La Gobernadora hizo mención de la declaración realizada un año antes
por el Alcalde de Tucson, Robert Walkup, en donde ofreció convertirse
en el embajador ante Estados Unidos de la seguridad que brinda Sonora.

"Tenemos muchos amigos de Arizona y la región que viajan a Sonora,
tenemos grandes lazos, muchos amigos entre Sonora y Arizona y quiero
compartir con todos que yo quiero ser su embajadora", comentó.

Brewer rechazó que exista un riesgo al viajar a Sonora, por el
contrario, dijo que nunca ha sentido miedo de venir al estado, por el
contrario, recomienda a los ciudadanos de Arizona que lo hagan.

Agregó que el Gobernador Guillermo Padrés ha hecho un gran trabajo
por brindar seguridad y hacer que los turistas se sientan cómodos.

Publicada: 09/02/2012 17:35 Por: Miguel Angel Urquijo
Ayudará Sonora a Arizona en su economía

Tras crecer 7% y con 40 mil empleos generados en lo que va del
sexenio, Sonora ayudará a Arizona en su economía, coincidieron los
cónsules de Estados Unidos en Hermosillo y Nogales.

Chad Cummins cónsul en Nogales y John Tavenner en Hermosillo
coincidieron en que la economía de Sonora crecerá más en este año y
se mostraron confiados por los números que muestra el Estado.

Cummins manifestó que Sonora cuenta con mucho trabajo en la industria
aeroespacial y muchas áreas con buenas oportunidades, por lo que si
la economía crece en Sonora ayuda a Arizona y viceversa.

Sostuvo que todos los pronósticos dicen que la economía de Sonora va
a crecer más, de ahí la importancia de reforzar los lazos de
colaboración entre ambas entidades ya que de los acuerdos que se
tomen en estas reuniones se desprenderán beneficios para ciudadanos a
ambos lados de la frontera.

John Tavenner agregó que la Comisión Sonora-Arizona cuenta con mucho
trabajo en muchas áreas importantes como el turismo, seguridad,
educación, salud, bienes raíces, negocios, entre otros.

"Es la oportunidad de conocer a muchas personas involucradas en la
comisión y ver cómo se pueden reforzar los puentes para fomentar el
desarrollo de ambos Estados", puntualizó.

Publicada: 10/02/2012 13:34 Por: Miguel Angel Urquijo
Acuerdan en Comisión fomentar cultura ecológica

Un plan para fomentar la cultura y ética ambiental y prácticas de
desarrollo sustentable, que servirá para identificar las escuelas a
las que se les dará apoyo técnico y materiales educativos, fue uno de
varios acuerdos que se tuvieron en la mesa de Ecología y Medio
Ambiente en la Comisión Sonora-Arizona.

Un plan para fomentar la cultura y ética ambiental y prácticas de
desarrollo sustentable, que servirá para identificar las escuelas a
las que se les dará apoyo técnico y materiales educativos, fue uno de
varios acuerdos que se tuvieron en la mesa de Ecología y Medio
Ambiente en la Comisión Sonora-Arizona.

El titular de la Comisión de Ecología y Desarrollo Sustentable de
Sonora, Óscar Téllez Leyva, indicó que a la par de dicho programa se
desarrollarán talleres de planes de ordenamiento ecológico y el uso
de energía limpias para crear una mayor conciencia e involucrar a más
sectores en este enfoque de medio ambiente en la zona fronteriza.

Téllez Leyva dijo que durante los trabajos desarrollados se resalta
la buena coordinación que existe entre ambas autoridades ambientales
en temas como ordenamiento ecológico territorial, cambio climático,
calidad del aire, gestión de residuos sólidos y aguas residuales.

Manifestó que durante la sesión plenaria también se trató la
importancia para ambas entidades en cuanto al Programa de
Ordenamiento Ecológico Territorial, a través del cual se busca
ordenar, armonizar y regular el uso del suelo y las actividades
productivas que se realizan en Sonora, con el fin de proteger el
medio ambiente y propiciar el desarrollo económico y social.

La reunión del Comité de Ecología y Medio Ambiente brindó resultados
muy satisfactorios para protección y cuidado del medio ambiente en
ambos lados de la frontera.

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