Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Note: very rare report of the 5.7 being used.

They shoot with "cop killer"

CULIACÁN._While circulating on one of the streets of Colonia Miguel
Hidalgo in a 4x4, a resident of the Colony Infonavit Humaya was
killed with AK 47 rifles and a "cop killer" pistol.

The deceased was called Eduardo Adolfo Rodriguez Soto, 27, who was
identified by relatives who came to the place where he was shot.

The murder occurred around 14:50 pm yesterday, streets and boulevard
Antonio Mariano Escobedo Nakayama, of Miguel Hidalgo. According to
the data, the victim was driving a Jeep, gray, without license
plates, and going through the streets from east to west Escobedo was
shot at.

In trying to avoid the rain of bullets that hit the body of his unit,
Rodriguez Soto crashed into a Nissan Altima, which was parked and
then stopped on the sidewalk under an awning.

Authorities said the boy got out and ran to avoid a continuation of
the attack by gunmen, but his efforts were in vain as he was hit by
bullets and fell dead on a sidewalk of Avenida Nakayama.

In the area arrived in medical emergencies specialists who concluded
that the victim had died due to multiple impacts of projectiles fired
from firearms that were in different parts of the body.

As evidence experts from the Attorney General of the State collected
over 30 empty cartridge cases of AK 47 and 5.7x28 mm caliber pistols
known as "cop killer", after the body was taken to the Forensic
Medical Service facilities.

Note: A bit further south, but have to wonder where they got all
that stuff? Might want to keep in mind the close links between the
FARC, et al, leftist states, and Mex. cartels.

Colombia seizes Farc rebels' explosives cache
The rebel camp was in the jungle region near San Vicente

The Colombian security forces have seized three tonnes of explosives
and arms belonging to the country's biggest left-wing rebel group,
the Farc.

Officers found the explosives in an abandoned rebel camp in the
jungle in the south of the country.
They said they had been tipped off by rebels who had handed
themselves in to the authorities.

The seizure comes 10 days after the Farc set off a bomb outside a
police station in Tumaco, killing 11 people.

Security officials said they had seized 3,200 sticks of explosives,
as well as landmines and hundreds of grenades.

Col Wilson Diaz said the camp on the shores of the river Yari was
large enough to house around 100 rebels. The colonel said the
seizure had been one of the largest in that region for years.

Farc rebels have stepped up their offensive against the security
forces since their leader, Alfonso Cano, was killed in a military
raid in November.
Earlier on Saturday, three soldiers were killed in a rebel grenade
attack in the mountains of Valle del Cauca province.

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