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Note: Some important information from Mexican Secy of Defense, worth
filing away for future use. They have the details on all of the
items listed, including make, model, and s/n. Another somewhat less
encouraging statistic is the low number of troops committed or able
to commit given the tenuous situation.

Note: destroying F&F evidence? Or the usual buy back type junkers?
In the past Mex. army documented all such actions.

Puerto Vallarta, Jal., To January 31, 2012.
Military personnel carried out destruction of seized weapons

The Ministry of National Defense through the Commander of Military
Region V and 40 / a. Military Zone informs the public, within the
framework of the Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against
Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, this date will be held in the
facilities of this military camp, the destruction of various weapons
secured by authorities of the three levels of government, in the
amounts indicated:

- 203 rifles.
- 146 handguns.
- 199 magazines for different weapons.
- 5.522 cartridges of various calibers.
- weapons accessories .

Through these actions, the Ministry of National Defense, reaffirms
its commitment to the people of Mexico, drug trafficking and
frontally combat organized crime for the benefit of Mexican society
and strict adherence to human rights, inviting the general public to
continue denouncing any offense to mobile 01 800 3224 141 and (322)
29 00 703 and e-mail address: denuncia.41zm @ @
denuncia.18cine and ensuring that your report is
confidential and will help restore calm to the population Jalisco and

-0-0-0-0-0 -

Note: interesting statistics, someone should ask for the details.

Culiacan, Sin., To January 29, 2012.
The Mexican Army and Air Force obtained important results in Military
Region III.

The National Defense Secretariat reports that in the framework of the
Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against Drug Trafficking
and Organized Crime, complying with the instructions issued by the C.
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President and Supreme Commander of the
Armed Forces, in the sense forcefully combat this social problem, to
recover public spaces, ensuring security and peace of Mexicans, the
Mexican Army and Air Force engaged in temporary and subsidiary role
in support of public safety entities that require it.

As part of these actions in order to limit criminal activities
carried out by criminal organizations, the National Defense
Secretariat maintains deployed around the country more than 45,000
troops, engaged in various operations, among which those of high
impact such as: "Coordinated Chihuahua," "Northeast," "Michoacan,"
"La Piedad", "Isthmus", "Lake Safe" and "Culiacán-Navolato-
Guamuchil", same with those contributing to the achievement the
results obtained during the present administration.

Among the national results, we mention that the Mexican Army and Air
Force have arrested in flagrante delict 41.992 people, also have
secured more than 9,300 tons of marijuana, 34 ½ tons of cocaine,
nearly a ton of heroin, 3 ½ tons of opium gum, 46 tons of
methamphetamine and 13 million 558,586 psychotropic pills, destroying
636,994 marijuana and 413,000 poppy plants

Likewise, securing 41,476 land vehicles, 520 aircraft, 192 boats/
ships, 107,603 weapons, 8,661 grenades, 10 million 943 thousand 535
cartridges, 172,859,923 USD, 328,652,172 Pesos, 655 drug
laboratories, 3,615 clandestine airstrips.

In this sense, under the direct command of the Commander of Military
Region III, in the states of Sinaloa and Durango, have done search
and information gathering, planning and execution of operations,
implemented in this jurisdiction from 13 May 2008, "Operation
Culiacan-Navolato-Guamuchil" with the mission strongly affect the
control structures, address, financial, operational and logistics of
criminal groups that are present in these institutions.

This Regional Operations are committed to strengthen and permanently
11,010 troops and 1,595 vehicles, in close coordination with all
units within the deployment of the Territorial Command, have made
significant arrests, seizures of drugs, weapons, vehicles , cash and
supplies used for the offenses of various kinds, as well as the
destruction of plantations of drugs, as indicated below:

Arrests affected its management structure and control.

They managed to stop and make available to the appropriate
authorities to 4,144 individuals, among which are:

Alfredo Beltran Leyva (a) "The Mochomo", considered one of the main
bosses in the structure of the organization "Guzman Loera", arrested
on January 21, 2008.
Noel Salgueiro Nevares (a) "El Flaco Salgueiro", founder and leader
of "Gente Nueva" criminal group of the criminal organization "Guzman
Loera", arrested on October 4, 2011.
Ovidio Sánchez Limón, a major operator of the criminal organization
"Guzman Loera", arrested on November 9, 2011.
Felipe Cabrera Sarabia (a) "Inge", a lieutenant of the organization
"Pacific Cartel", arrested on December 23, 2011.

The first three arrested in this city of Culiacan, Sin. and the last
of those named in the state of Durango, were the result of
specialized work of analysis and monitoring of drug trafficking
organizations that allowed the realization of precision operations,
designed, prepared and conducted by the troops of conventional units
and forces belonging and special reinforcement of this Region III,
10 / a. and 9 / a. Military Zones.

The seizures thus affected their logistical and financial structure.

305,942 marijuana plants.
122,49 poppy plants.
4,481 tons of marijuana.
337 kilograms of heroin.
745 kilograms of opium gum.
15 tons of methamphetamine.
687,725 psychotropic pills.
169 clandestine laboratories.
959 airstrips.
346 aircraft.
6.949 land vehicles.
30 million 603 thousand 235 pesos national currency.
And 59,959,116 USD.

In this category the following historical results stand out:

The seizure of 26 million 202 thousand 176 USD, the September 14,
2008, in Culiacan, Sin.
The seizure of 90 kilograms of heroin, December 3, 2008, in
Badiraguato, Sin.
And the seizure of a complex for the processing of synthetic drugs
and marijuana constituted with 22 facilities located on 240 hectares
in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality of Tamazula,
Durango., The August 7, 2009.

Similarly, it is necessary to specify the number of clandestine
laboratories and psychotropic insured, allow the observation that
drug trafficking has taken a turn in the production of narcotics such
as marijuana and opium poppies to make way for increased production
of synthetic drugs, because for the development of the latter require
less space for production, reduced production time, stored in the
same place, transport and distribution areas less likely to be
located, because they can hide more easily than a plantation and
mainly generate illicit profits, and that a ton of marijuana illegal
resources obtained approximately 4 million pesos, while a ton of
methamphetamine obtained about 300 million pesos.

Impact on operational structure.

21,668 weapons.
One million 24 thousand 987 cartridges of various calibers.

It is important to note that in the performance of the tasks assigned
to the Institute Armed military personnel repelled in the states of
Sinaloa and Durango 205 armed attacks on members of organized crime
which has arrested 243 offenders, 162 offenders and unfortunately
died 42 of them wounded, who were immediately provided appropriate
medical care to preserve his life.

In this context, the activities of military personnel in support of
public safety function, are in strict accordance with the law, always
respecting the human rights of people, the proof is that of the 712
complaints filed National Commission of Human Rights against military
personnel in this demarcation, once they were treated in a timely
manner, only 8 resulted in recommendation.

For these reasons, the Mexican Army and Air Force reaffirmed their
commitment to continue working with the same energy and enthusiasm
that have prevailed in all operations are carried out, to show
respect to the memory of military personnel who have given their
lives the line of duty in putting the interests of the nation to its
very existence, and for the sole purpose of serving in the same way
the people of Mexico with the certainty that the confidence will not
be disappointed that the Mexican forces have placed in their Armed
with the assurance that when any member of the Armed Institute does
not conduct according to law, is investigated and punished,
regardless of rank, position or commission, as our institution is not
tolerated in any way acts contrary to the laws, or allowed impunity
or opacity.

-0-0-0-0-0 -

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