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No troops due for Yuma border
February 09, 2012 3:48 PM

The U.S. Department of Defense will begin deploying military units
along portions of the border with Mexico in both Arizona and New
Mexico this month, but no troops are expected in the Yuma Sector, a
Border Patrol spokesman stated.

On Thursday, Pentagon officials said other communities on the border
can expect to see military personnel, vehicles and equipment
patrolling beginning in a few weeks.

The military units assigned to the border as part of Joint Task Force
North will work in a support capacity from Border Patrol officers.

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Fed travel warning again includes Rocky Point
Staff and wire | Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012 12:02 pm | Comments

As spring break approaches, Arizonans are urged to avoid Nogales,
Mexico, and the beach areas of Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky
The U.S. State Department issued a traveling warning over Mexico's
continued drug violence and human smuggling activities.
April 2011 was the first time the popular beach town was mentioned in
an official travel warning. That warning inspired a backlash in the
resort community, which depends heavily on visitors from the U.S.,
and business leaders on both sides of the border.
The warning urges any travel in Mexico should take place on main
roads during daylight hours.
People still wishing to travel to Puerto Penasco are urged to use the
Lukeville border crossing in order to limit driving through Mexico.

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Swimming pool caretaker leads cops to drug load at vacant home
Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012 9:04 am
By Terry Ketron
For the Nogales International |

A swimming pool caretaker led authorities to a bust of nearly 400
pounds of marijuana at a vacant home in Rio Rico on Tuesday.
When the caretaker went to the residence at 995 Calle Carmona at
shortly past 9 a.m., he discovered three men there. He then called
law enforcement.
When deputies arrived, they conducted an area-wide manhunt for the
men - described as three Hispanic males, one much shorter than the
other two - who had since left the home on foot. They were not located.
However, inside the home, deputies found eight bundles of marijuana
weighing a total of 390 pounds, said Lt. Geraldo Castillo of the
Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force. Speaking Wednesday afternoon,
Castillo said the three suspects had still not been located.
"We are still investigating, but no arrests at this point," he said.
A representative of the listing real estate company said it is owned
by a bank and is advertised for sale. The house was apparently
undamaged by the intruders.

CBP Officers in Douglas nab sex offender
Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 2:31 PM MST
Douglas Dispatch

Customs and Border Protection Officers in Douglas arrested a 31-year
old Mexican national last week as he attempted to enter the United
States from Mexico.

According to a press release from the U.S. Customs and Border
Protection Office the man, who is not being identified at this time,
is a registered sex offender in the state of Florida.

The press release states he attempted to enter the United States
through a pedestrian lane at the Douglas Port and that when he
presented his documents, officers suspected him as an imposter and
referred him for additional questioning.

A routine records check revealed the subject's true identity as an
individual who had previously been deported following a conviction
for Lewd and Lascivious Battery for which he served a two-year prison
sentence in Clearwater, Fla.

The subject was immediately taken into custody, processed, and is
currently being detained pending prosecution.

Mexican army chief admits mistakes in drug war
Associated Press
Posted: 02/10/2012 09:45:48 AM MST

MEXICO CITY (AP) - The Mexican army's highest official concedes the
military has committed errors in the fight against organized crime
and drug traffickers but says those responsible have been punished.
National and international human rights groups have accused Mexican
soldiers and marines of abusing suspects and contend the guilty evade
punishment in the military justice system.
Defense Secretary Guillermo Galvan said during a ceremony Thursday
pledging loyalty to the president that "there have certainly been
The government recently acknowledged that a general and 29 soldiers
have been charged with carrying out torture, homicide and drug-
trafficking in a town on the border with the U.S.

Mexico: Gulf Cartel markings, ammo in vehicles seized in Reynosa
February 10, 2012 12:06 AM
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Ildefonso Ortiz
The Monitor

Two armored trucks and four pickups filled with weapons and Gulf
Cartel uniforms were seized in Reynosa last weekend.

According to information released Wednesday by Mexico's Federal
Police, known as the SSP, the seizure took place late Saturday night
during a routine patrol along Hidalgo Boulevard, the city's main avenue.

The police officers spotted six abandoned SUVs; further investigation
revealed some had been stolen previously. Inside the vehicles,
authorities found 13 ammunition magazines and 322 ammunition rounds.
The most noteworthy find was several T-shits, hats and patches
bearing the letters "CDG," the Spanish acronym of the Gulf Cartel.

Some of the shirts referenced the Gulf Cartel's late Reynosa plaza
boss, Samuel "Metro-3" Flores Borrego, who was killed last September.

Cartel suspect sought in El Paso
By Daniel Borunda \ EL PASO TIMES
Posted: 02/09/2012 12:56:03 PM MST

›› Previous: Alleged Sinaloa drug cartel enforcer and mastermind of
Juárez rehab massacre arrested in Mexico

A man arrested by Mexican federal police during the weekend was
allegedly one of the Sinaloa drug cartel's generals in the Juárez
drug war and is also wanted in El Paso in connection with the Fast
and Furious gun trafficking debacle.

A year ago today, a U.S. District Court in El Paso issued an arrest
warrant for Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo after he was indicted by a
federal grand jury on drug, cash and firearm smuggling charges.

The indictment alleges Marrufo was involved in a conspiracy to
smuggle cocaine, marijuana and more than 60 high-powered rifles,
including a .50-caliber weapon.

The indictment alleges Marrufo, a Mexican citizen, smuggled more than
a half-ton of marijuana into the United States since 2005. The
cocaine and firearm trafficking and cash smuggling to Mexico cases
are from 2009 to 2010.

Marrufo and others are accused of possessing firearms to further drug-
trafficking crimes -- a .50-caliber rifle in February 2009, 40 7.62-
caliber rifles on Jan. 13, 2010, and 20 7.62-caliber rifles on April
7, 2010.

The Los Angeles Times reported that some of the firearms allegedly
linked to Marrufo that were seized in El Paso and at a Juárez safe
house were linked to the controversial
Fast and Furious program by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives.

On Friday, Mexican federal police arrested Marrufo, 33, in the city
of Leon, Guanajuato, officials said.
Marrufo is also known as "Tonin," "El Jaguar" and "El Catorce" (14),
but is best known simply as "El Marrufo."

Mexican authorities said Marrufo was a veteran narco-trafficker and
one of the founders of the Gente Nueva (New People) organization of
the Sinaloa drug cartel. For more than four years, the Gente Nueva
has been warring with the Juárez cartel for control of Chihuahua.

Federal police said Marrufo allegedly told investigators he started
smuggling drugs to the U.S. at the age of 20 for the Sinaloa cartel
(aka the Cartel of the Pacific).
He was then recruited to smuggle drugs, mainly marijuana, out of
Juárez until about 2007. It was around that time that an alliance
became fractured between Vicente Carrillo Fuentes' Juárez drug cartel
and the Sinaloa cartel of Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman.

The Juárez cartel, known locally as La Linea, was being managed at
the time by Jose Luis "JL" Ledesma, who is now rumored to be dead.

Reputed narco-trafficker Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal told
Mexican federal agents in a videotaped interview two years ago that
the war began because Guzman's people didn't like how Ledesma was
managing things in Juárez.
According to federal police, Marrufo was one of four regional bosses
in the Sinaloa cartel that Guzman sent to wrestle control of
Chihuahua from La Linea, leading to the eruption of violence in 2008.

Marrufo is accused of ordering the murders of an unknown number of
rivals, including 18 people at El Aliviane Rehabilitation Center near
downtown Juárez in 2009.

The other alleged Gente Nueva bosses were Noel "Flaco" Salgueiro
Nevárez, Gabino "El Ingeniero" Salas Valenciano and Mario Nuñez Meza,
alias "El M10."

According to federal police, internal conflicts arose among the Gente
Nueva leadership and Guzman ordered a meeting of the bosses in
Sinaloa in 2010. After the narco summit, Marrufo moved to Leon but
allegedly remained in command of activities in Juárez.

Marrufo allegedly became leader of the Gente Nueva in October after
Mexican army special forces arrested Salgueiro in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Daniel Borunda may be reached at; 546-6102.

Note: no crime in this one, just couldn't let it pass. One of the
all time greats.

Ranchera music star Vicente Fernandez announces retirement
The Associated Press
Posted: 02/10/2012 12:19:19 AM MST

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Ranchera music giant Vicente Fernandez says he
will retire after tours of Latin America, Spain and the U.S., ending
a four-decade career.
Fernandez told the Mexican station Televisa Wednesday night that he
had decided to leave the stage when a reporter asked him at a press
conference if he had ever considered retiring.
Fernandez said he hadn't thought about it previously but decided at
that moment that he would end his music career. He said he would
dedicate himself to his family.
The 71-year-old has sold tens of millions of records and is the star
of more than 20 films and the singer of dozens of hits including
"Volver Volver" and "Hermoso Carino."

ncautan arsenal y droga en casa de seguridad de Nayarit
MÉXICO, D.F. (apro).- Elementos del Ejército decomisaron un arsenal
en una casa de seguridad de Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit.

Luego de un operativo terrestre y de reconocimiento, el personal
castrense encontró cinco metralletas AK-47 y R-15, así como nueve
granadas de fragmentación, en un domicilio ubicado en la colonia
Cristo Rey, en el municipio de Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit.

En el mismo lugar, el personal de la 13 Zona Militar encontró dos
vehículos y cuatro pistolas; además se hallaron aditamentos para
lanzagranadas y mil 174 cartuchos útiles para diversos calibres de

De igual manera, se encontró un silenciador y 250 gramos de la droga
denominada "cristal". No se reportaron detenciones.

En los últimos días, personal de las Fuerzas Armadas ha mantenido una
intensa actividad con operativos terrestres en el municipio de Ixtlán
en contra de integrantes de la delincuencia organizada.

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