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AZMEX UPDATE 2 18-2-12


Three arrested after guns found outside supermarket
February 17, 2012 7:47 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz,

MISSION — Authorities are working to find out why three men had guns
ski masks and gloves in their vehicle Friday afternoon at the parking
lot of a supermarket, and what their plans were.

Authorities were called to FOY's Supermarket, 501 S. Conway Ave.,
about 3:45 p.m. in regard to several men exchanging weapons in the
parking lot area, said Interim Police Chief Martin Garza.

When officers arrived, they found a man inside a black Ford pickup
that was covered by dirt and mud. The man was detained. Inside the
vehicle, authorities found two pistols, a 9mm rifle, black ski masks,
black gloves and one pair of latex gloves.

"We received information that two men may have gone into the store,
so we had uniformed officers set a perimeter around the store. We got
their description from the first suspect and sent in five
plainclothes detectives to look for them," Garza said.

Authorities also met with store management and reviewed surveillance
footage to see if they could see when the men went in. After
reviewing the footage and making sure they weren't in the store at
that time,, police found that the two had not gone into the store at

"At that time we got a call from Palmview Police, who had received a
tip stating that the men we were looking for were at a tire shop just
north of the supermarket," Garza said.

Police responded to Elizondo's Wheels & Tires, where they found one
of the suspects outside talking on the phone and one of the suspects
inside the store.

The two were taken to the police station for further investigation
and so that authorities can learn what they were doing at the parking
lot with weapons.

"We are still investigating that, but several indicators lead us to
believe that they were staging some violent crime. Whether it was a
robbery, a home invasion or something else, we still don't know,"
Garza said.

Mission, TX - 17 Feb 2012 - A .38-caliber revolver, .40-caliber
semiautomatic pistol and 9mm assault rifle were found inside a black
Ford pickup by Mission police at Foy's Super Market Friday Feb. 17,
2012, in Mission. Photo by Gabe Hernandez/

Note updated, the "assault rifle" looks like a Beretta storm

Three men face weapons charges
February 18, 2012 8:39 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz, Twitter: @ildefonsoortiz

MISSION — A bailiff kept close watch over three men as they stood
before a judge Saturday afternoon facing weapons charges.

The three men were arrested Friday afternoon at or near the parking
lot of FOY's supermarket after authorities found two pistols, one
assault rifle, ski masks and latex gloves in their vehicle. The
supermarket is located in the 500 block of Conway Avenue.

On Saturday morning, Mission municipal Judge Mauro Reyna charged
Alfredo Cisneros, 37, of Weslaco, with one count of unlawful
possession of a firearm by a felon; Rey Reyes, 28, of Edinburg, with
unlawful carrying of a weapon; and Justin Trejo, 28, of Alamo, with
unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a
controlled substance-cocaine.

Reyna set bond for the men and sent them to the Hidalgo County Jail.
Total bonds for Cisneros were set at $150,000, for Reyes at $50,000
and for Trejo at $100,000.

Investigators are still working to find out the reason for the men
being in the parking lot of the supermarket with weapons.

"We are still working on the case," said police spokesman Corporal
Manuel Casas. "The suspects don't appear to be affiliated with any
known gang. We have discovered that one of the weapons had been
reported as stolen."

The suspects are not cooperating with authorities but have given
contradictory statements for their reasons for being at the store.

On Friday afternoon, one of the men was arrested inside a black Ford
pickup, while the other two had left heading toward the store.
Authorities surrounded the store and sent in plainclothes detectives
to find the men, but they were not inside. Shortly afterward, police
arrested the other two men at a nearby tire shop.

Published: 02/18/2012 22:19: SUN
Arrested in Mexicali, a American arms dealer

An arms dealer wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI for
its acronym in English) was arrested in Mexicali by members of the
State Preventive Police (PEP).

Mexicali, Baja California (SUN)
An arms dealer wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI for
its acronym in English) was arrested in Mexicali by members of the
State Preventive Police (PEP).

It was also reported that the detainee, identified as Ralph Ray
Rogers, was wanted for the crime of kidnapping.

Alfredo Arenas Moreno, general coordinator of the International
Liaison PEP, reported the capture of this dangerous criminal of
American origin, who after committing various illegal acts, tried to
hide in this town.

"The result of an arduous investigation was the arrest of Ray Rogers,
this dangerous subject is indicated by the authorities of the
American Union as a kidnapper, is also involved in arms trafficking
to this side of the border," Arenas said Moreno.

The operation to capture this subject was held last night, when the
police elements were able to identify the exact point where the
fugitive was hiding, that near the ejido Coahuila.

Once located, the elements managed to secure the subject who did not
resist at the time of capture.

"Rogers knows he has outstanding accounts with the law once
questioned did not provide further information, but to establish
communication with our counterparts in the United States, we
confirmed that it was the alleged offender," the liaison of PEP with
police abroad.

Ray Rogers, 24 years old, was referred to the appropriate
authorities to be brought to justice in the United States and account
for the alleged crimes.

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