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Police confirmed the emergence of the New Cartel de Juárez
By: Staff | 17-Sep-2011 11:24

Seven months after the Human Rights Inspector Ciudad Juarez,
Chihuahua, revealed the emergence of a new criminal organization in
the region, the Federal Police confirmed the self-styled activism New
Juárez Cartel (NCJ).

This group, according to the first reports of police intelligence,
consists of old allies, some arrived from Sinaloa and supporters of
the Carrillo Fuentes brothers especially Amado, known as "Lord of the

As it did in the beginning La Familia in the state of Michoacán,
without the postulates were fulfilled-the NCJ has emerged with the
apparent flag Juarenses protect, to fight against kidnapping robbery,
extortion and murder of innocent people.

Another of his primary goals is to dispute the territory with the
Sinaloa Cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, which has already
begun to recruit Juarez, mainly young people and children.

This emergence is a fracture Line, considered armed wing of this
organization, because narcobanners have invited people to join their

Gustavo de la Rosa Hicterson, inspector of Human Rights in the border
city, spoke in an interview with Chronicle of a new cartel has not
been investigated by local or federal authorities. We now know that
this group is the NCJ.

One of the leaders and has been identified as Cesar Carrillo Leyva,
alias "El Gato" relative of "The Lord of the Skies", which means
criminal empowerment of a new generation of the family that founded
the old Juarez Cartel.

Just this past February 13, derived from a citizen complaint received
by the Centre for Emergency and Rapid Response (CERI), Federal Police
officers arrested three young people, two children, soon after placed
in the wall of a school a blanket with a related message to the new
Juarez Cartel.

The trio tried to flee in a stolen van but was apprehended and the
vehicle were found two other messages to position the organization,
which would be hung in other parts of the city as well as bags of
marijuana and cigarettes.

Today's Chronicle

Note: yes, everything is under control at the jails.

Arrested shift manager and two guards after finding weapons in Cereso
From the Editor | September 17, 2011 | 8:02 pm

Chihuahua, Chih .- Following the discovery of a large number of
weapons, including submachine guns and assault rifles as well as
drugs and other banned substances within the Social Reintegration
Center Serdán Achilles, it was reported that two guards and one of
the shift leaders that prison are being held by the Attorney General.
Rosales Víctor Manuel González, José Gutiérrez Mendoza Guadlupe
Jesus Jacobo Carmona Bonifacio, the former chief attendants and
custodians turn the last, are the names of those arrested and who are
charged with the crime of unlawful exercise of public service, crimes
committed in the area of ​​criminal enforcement and criminal
After that was unveiled that had underground prison facilities where
prisoners kept firearms (pistols, revolvers, an Uzi submachine gun
and assault rifles AK-47 and AR-15 and a large number of "point")
commenced an inquiry ministerial agents about it, what led to the
arrest of the guards.
As part of the investigation, later informed the Attorney General,
through a statement has been made in forensic ballistics expert to
determine the use of weapons in criminal acts insured and the time
they remained hidden in the prison.
On the first point, the results of forensic ballistics expert
conducted by Forensic Services staff of the Attorney General, state
that a 9mm pistol was used in a triple homicide occurred in 2008 in
the north of the state, while a submachine gun 9mm, an escape of
prisoners in the prison Serdán Achilles in 2009.
To date and based on ministerial statements, the entry of weapons
into the prison could be within two years.
The Attorney General's Office reports that the investigation will
continue until complete clarification and it is working in
coordination with the Attorney General's Office in regard to the
commission of crimes within its competence as the origin and
ownership firearms and introduction of drugs.
Just Friday night, several of the custodians of Cereso complained
because they were stationed about three days and wished to leave home
to be with their families, however not all mpodrán do, because as
mentioned earlier, two of were arrested for investigation in relation
to the entry of weapons into the prison. Both were made available to
the court security

They say 80 weapons of various calibers and 2 grenades
From the editors | September 17, 2011 | 15:11 pm

Chihuahua, Chih .- The Attorney General's Office announced that after
7 days of constant inspections of the facilities of Social
Reintegration Centre in Achilles Serdán siezure was achieved of a
total of 80 guns, long, short and homemade, as well as magazines of
various sizes and 2 grenades.
The review began after 8 this month, when he discovered a gang of
extortionists who worked from inside the prison and its main victims
relatives of other inmates.

Then the total insured up yesterday:
10 Long weapons (Uzzy, R-15 and Goat Horn)
34 different caliber handguns, 9 mm. 38 Super, 380, 40, 45, 25, 38
Magazines 89 different calibers
2.953 rounds of ammunition of different calibers
2 Fragmentation Grenades
1 Shotgun
35 homemade weapons including 2 12 ga shotguns with 4 barrels
132 Cell Phones
Nextel Radios 26
26 tips homemade Thousand
26 knives
2,260 doses of narcotics (marijuana, cocaine and heroin)
20 Packages or wraps with green foil apparently marijuana weighing
approx. of 300 grams. each
10 traditional liquor flasks of 18 liters each
2 patios basements of two modules ??

Note: not good to lose the shipment.

Saturday September 17, 2011
Young man Executed by 20 impacts of the goat horn
By: Rafael Pineda Leon

Caborca​​, Sonora. A 23-year-old was executed at noon on Saturday
in front of the Rancho San Ramon, belonging to the region Bizani,
attended by authorities to take note of what happened and seek
information of the implementers.

The victim was identified as Jose Alberto Nuñez Meza, who was
domiciled in the Almita town, located 30 kilometers from the township
of Caborca, agricultural area near the coast.

The incident took place at 14:00 on Saturday September 17 when they
received the alert in the town of Almita several heavily armed
individuals forcibly entered a home and took a person, who minutes
was later found dead, with twenty impacts on his body, down the road
leading from San Ramon to Almita.

Coming to the place where law enforcement agencies along the road
found the body of the young man shot to death, finding at the place
several shell casings from AK-47 7.62x39mm caliber, known as the
"goat horn".

According to the first examination, was released unofficially so that
the facts were derived by a "reckoning" as the young man worked as a
donkey, who was arriving from the United States after leaving a
shipment, two hours later was abducted and executed.

As the Public prosecutor came to the place to order the lifting of
the corresponding body by municipal corporations that were
coordinated state in the region to locate the perpetrators.

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