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Note: interesting on how they get around to using these laws when
they want to. Have to wonder if .30 or .50 links?

Feds: Man smuggled 30,000 ammo parts to Mexico
September 15, 2011 9:53 PM

McALLEN — Federal agents detained a man who allegedly smuggled 30,000
ammunition belt links into Mexico.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents arrested
Roberto Hasbun Villarreal on Wednesday.

The arrest came after almost a year of investigation into Hasbun and
his company, Hunting Code, a criminal com-plaint states.

Agents received notification in October 2010 that Hasbun, a Mexican
national, had ordered a "large number" of assault rifle magazines.

Agents say they observed Hasbun purchase "large quantities" of
military gear, weapons components and accessories.

Hunting Code LLC — at 1300 N. 10th St. in McAllen — was registered as
a corporation in November 2010.

Hasbun's company had no U.S. Department of State licenses to export
weapons or ammunition from the U.S. into Mexico, agents said.

Agents later learned that Hasbun exported 30,000 ammunition belt
links — used for belt-fed rounds on assault weapons — via a freight
forwarder into Mexico.
Hasbun made an initial appearance before a U.S. magistrate Wednesday.

Rockets seized near Matamoros; peaceful Diez y Seis celebration
follows protracted firefights
September 16, 2011 1:38 PM
The Monitor

Mexican authorities announced the seizure of a major weapons arsenal
Tuesday near Matamoros — including 15 rockets, 57 grenades and 56

And despite protracted firefights Thursday, the city's Mexican
Independence Day celebration went ahead as scheduled late Thursday
night, apparently without major incident. Several hundred soldiers
provided security for the event, which prompted the city's main plaza
to be cordoned off.

The seizure took place Tuesday evening near the Ejido La Sierrita
after members of the Mexican military received information that
members of organized crime were using an abandoned construction site
as a stash house.

The soldiers raided the site and found the explosives and weapons. No
arrests were reported.
The seizure included:

>> 15 rockets

>> a rocket launcher

>> three 7 mm rockets

>> three grenade launchers

>> 57 grenades

>> 56 assault rifles, including several AK-47 and AR-15s

>> close to 38,000 ammunition rounds

>> 370 ammunition magazines

>> 50 road spikes

Other items included 11 false license plates and some military uniforms.

Firefights and road blockades were reported through the streets of
Matamoros beginning early Thursday morning and continuing
sporadically throughout the day, with the most intense fighting
taking place about noon, a law enforcement official said.

Clashes were reported near the Sendero Nacional Highway and along the
Reynosa-Matamoros highway. Other firefights were reported along
Avenida Universidad, near the intersection of Calle Sexta and 16 de
Septiembre, and at the Palmares neighborhood. The blockades took
place along the city's main avenues and outside Veterans
International Bridge.

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