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Posted September 24, 2011, 1:04 a.m.
Mexican Narcos could attack US
US officials fear that the wave of violence over Mexico, will cross
the border.
El Universal
Mexico City - New Day

The U.S. government investigates the possibility of high-impact
attacks on U.S. soil and Mexico by Mexican cartels, after the
discovery in Texas of a portable rocket launchers, heavy weapons,
grenade launchers with ammunition, handgun, three rifles and three C4
packages with which buildings can be demolished, allegedly linked
with criminal groups, according to information from the Department of
Homeland Security.
On Tuesday September 13, after conducting a patrol on the Rio Grande,
at Fronton, Texas, Border Patrol agents found the weapons and the
three packs of C4 with its US Army army green packaging within a
black bag.
Intelligence agencies last year warned the U.S. local, state and
federal authorities about possible attacks against agents and the
Falcon Dam by drug trafficking groups with explosives, so the
discovery of weapons increased concern about the Mexican cartels
threat to the United States and Mexico, said Border Patrol information.
Photographs of the findings mark 15:41 am on 13 September show at
Border Patrol agents placed on the grass found weapons, including
anti-armor rocket launcher with rockets, grenade launchers, grenade
launchers with ammunition, handgun, a dozen rifles assault, 20
magazines, sticks of dynamite, six assault rifles, M4 carbine, AR15,
and three packets of C4 which can knock down buildings.
"These deadly weapons could have a devastating impact on communities
on both sides of the border and to our law enforcement officers,"
said Rosendo Hinojosa, chief of the Border Patrol in the Rio Grande
This finding is the first of its kind, but this year in Texas have
found other artifacts and items related to organized crime, the
sheriff of Zapata County reported the discovery of .50 caliber
cartridges, camouflage netting and vision equipment night in a parked
vehicle by individuals working for drug cartels.
Zapata County in Texas have been seized various weapons, equipment
and people. On December 16, 2010 the member of a gang working for
drug cartels in Mexico was arrested with 30 grenades hidden in their
Additionally, both Border Patrol agents, sheriffs, and members of
other local and federal agencies have in the past year reported
receiving threats and attacks by members of drug trafficking within
the United States.

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