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Note: A good example of the sophistication and resources of the
TCO's ( DTO's, cartels, etc.) Not limited to Veracruz by any means.
for mil/commo types, interesting photos of equipment on MEX Navy
webpage listed below. Impressive resources and the expertise to use
them. Would be good to get more details. Is U.S. "technical" help
making the difference?

Mexican navy op nets Zeta communication system
Associated Press
Posted: 09/08/2011 02:48:27 PM MDT

VERACRUZ, Mexico -- The Mexican navy says it has dismantled a
telecommunications system set up by the Zetas drug cartel and has
arrested 80 people, including six police officers.
Navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara says forces confiscated 13 antennas
the cartel set up in several cities around the Gulf coast state of
Veracruz to provide communication between the gang's cells.
Vergara said Thursday that forces also found amplifiers, power
supplies, batteries, solar panels and wiring. The system was operated
from a central base.
The spokesman said the 80 detainees are suspected of extortion, drug
trafficking, kidnapping and murder.
The 26-day operation also netted seven vehicles carrying medical
kits, clothing and groceries.

Press Release 279/2011


Arrest of 80 suspects.
Dismantling of communication infrastructure.
The Dips, Veracruz, September 8, 2011 .- This morning, the Secretary
of the Navy of Mexico in naval facilities in the state of Veracruz,
announced the securing of 80 alleged offenders and the dismantling of
communication infrastructure of the criminal group known as "Los
Zetas", actions that are part of the achievements of the Navy of
Mexico against organized crime, to strengthen the rule of law in our
country and in solidarity with the people of Veracruz.

It follows an intense naval intelligence work carried out for several
months in that entity, for which Special Forces were deployed by this
institution in Veracruz, mainly in northern and central region,
resulting in the discovery of the infrastructure communication of
that criminal group, by dismantling its network of encrypted radio
communications, and operations to disrupt their cells and gunmen who
supported the actions of drug traffickers. The immediate consequence
is the loss of command and tactical leadership of Los Zetas in the

Thus were dismantled network nodes of communication in the villages
of Tepetzintla, Panuco, Veracruz, Xalapa, Orizaba, Cordoba, Orange,
Tantoyuca, Poza Rica and the Cofre de Perote which consisted of
repetitive high-frequency antennas, power amplifiers, power supplies,
batteries, portable transceivers, solar cells and wiring, allowing an
efficient and secure digital communications.

In addition to the above and a result of this work, Aug. 10 to Sept.
4, has managed to secure 80 suspects linked to various crimes such as
kidnapping, drug dealing, car theft, bank card cloning and traffic
drug. Cited people have already been made available to the Attorney
General's Office, among which are the following:

(names in spanish original for those interested)

Also, in recent days during the course of "Operation Veracruz Seguro"
in the city of Cordoba, located and secured seven abandoned trucks,
three of which were box whose contents were different effects such as
tools, medical supplies, new clothes, among others.

The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico makes the knowledge of the
company remains determined to increase its operations, in order to
continue the dismantling of criminal groups.

Federal Government

01800MARINA1 (018,006,274,621)
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