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Note: The ruling party, PAN, is in serious trouble. If PRI should
get back in power it will be bad for all of us. Think 2008 in the
U.S. Elections do have consequences. These could be real bad. To
refresh memories, PRI is easily the equal of the chicago democrat
party for corruption.

The party has suffered a "huge tear" in their values, supports
"Renew or die," the President to the PAN
He listed six major tasks to which the PAN should focus its efforts,
including conducting an internal process that does not create divisions.
09/25/2011 • Politics

He was accompanied by Gustavo Madero. Photo: Claudia Guadarrama
President Felipe Calderon said before the National Council for the
NAP for the future and the 2012 presidential election the party is
faced with the dilemma of renewing or die.

"Looking not only to this election, for the future, the party must
renew itself and perhaps for us to apply that sentence so clear here
and applied to many areas of the history of organizations, renew or
die," he said while participating at the extraordinary meeting of the
National Council of PAN.

The president said concerned that National Action, "which for decades
has represented the values ​​of honesty and the exercise of
political principles, has also suffered enormous attrition precisely
to that identity to the profile of Governance and partisan practices. "

He said that 10 months of the federal elections of 2012 "is urgent
that the PAN is reset as the best political choice for Mexicans," and
listed "six major tasks to which I believe PAN should focus their

Firstly, it considered necessary ethical renewal from the local
branch committees to the National Executive Committee and noted that
"the mere fact that in terms of honesty the PAN is perceived by
citizens to be the same as others, (parties) is serious enough to
not ignore this "

Secondly, he emphasized the need to approach society from door to
door without falling into "mercenaries".

Third, open the nominations for elected positions for next year for
governors, senators, congressmen and mayors.

He noted that the PAN has closed the doors of the candidates to the
membership and that there is "obviously childish dispute" he charges.

He said that such a renewal of PAN should be given to citizens who
share the principles and values ​​of PAN and that the effort to
place candidates from the internal party groups explains some of the
electoral defeats have been suffered.

He explained that his fellow party members should be clear what is at
issue in the next electoral contest in which they decide whether to
continue with the same or changed policies, as well as the party in
government, and which still has the dilemma of choosing between a
future option or other looking to the past and the struggle for
security must remain whether it can be improved.

Fifth noted the need to redouble efforts to face the PAN competitive
federal elections next year and endorse the sympathy with the sectors
that support the PAN as the middle class. "I note with concern that
the party is losing a valuable time in building this structure and
must pass from the boards and diagrams to the real action, action on
the street, with the membership and the people."

As a last point, Bush asked the PAN conducting an internal process of
candidate selection that does not create divisions.


The rebellion of PAN members

• Santiago Creel said the election of PAN candidate for the 2012
elections will not be resolved based on the number of directors have
each applicant has related.

• Upon arrival at the National Council of the PAN, Creel referred to
statements by Vázquez Mota, who claimed to have the support of more
than 100 members of the National Council.

• "PAN activist wearing a rebel inside, that's the PAN that
represents a activist I want and to open the internal process," said
the politician.

Sex does not matter: Lamb
(Campeche / Edgar Ichte)

On tour in Campeche, Ernesto Cordero, former Treasury Secretary, said
the PAN's candidate for President in 2012 will be the best prepared
regardless of gender, said Any method of choice for selecting the
next standard-bearer of the blue and white presidential race.

Lamb first met with women workers, there near the bust of Juan Camilo
Mouriño on terrace on the Paseo de los Heroes. He then attended the
second report of the mayor of Campeche, Carlos Rosado Ernesto Ruelas,
which received support from the audience and the mayor. Later,
meeting with entrepreneurs and activists to continue their tour of
Ciudad del Carmen.

When interviewed, former treasury secretary said that the PAN
candidate for President who should be more prepared this regardless
of sex: "I think the election has nothing to do with gender, to
choose who is better able , who has more experience, more
determination, more value, I think that's the most important. "

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