Sunday, September 11, 2011


Note: this is a very short version of the data on U.S. arms &
associated exports for year 2010, to Mexcio and Central American
countries with the most "leakage".
As we have long claimed, there is a whole lot of stuff moving south,
via govt. exports. Of course way too much seems to pass go and right
to the TCO's (cartels)
Listed value of total exports to Mexico under this section 655, was
$85 USD million plus
Then there are the european arms exports to Mexico.

As noted on occasion before, civilians would be astonished/horrified
at the rate men and materials are used up in a war. Even BATFE can't
supply enough weapons.

Cat 1. Firearms of several types and related components

To Mexico: 2,547,047 items (nothing specified of course)

To: El Salvador: 4,300 items
Guatemala: 5,597 items
Honduras: nothing listed for 2010
Nicaragua (?) 3,571 items
Panama 23,408 items

Cat. 3 Ammunition/ordnance

To Mexico: 11,374,846 items

To: El Salvador: 1,050,000
Guatemala: 10,287,040
Honduras: nothing listed for 2010
Nicaragua (?) 15,297,154
Panama 5,450,150

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