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Note: Not good, too many opportunities missed. Governments on both
sides of border failing the people yet again. Would think they could
afford/hire scheduling staff? Don't skip over the Proceso piece by
Gil Olmos

Sep 29, 9:57 AM EDT
US-Mexico governors conference languishes
Associated Press

ENSENADA, Mexico (AP) -- New Mexico is again the only U.S. state that
sent its chief executive to an annual conference of governors from
the Mexican and U.S. states along the border, fueling questions about
whether the 30-year-old tradition has lost its way.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer canceled last year's gathering in Phoenix
after Mexico's border governors boycotted the event because she had
just signed a tough law against illegal immigration. The New Mexico
governor at the time, Bill Richardson, convened a meeting in Santa
Fe, but he was the only one of four U.S. border governors to show up.

Richardson was also the only U.S. governor at the 2009 conference in
Monterrey, Mexico.

"The governors are in a position to set the agenda for border issues,
but they haven't quite figured out how to do it," said Andrew Selee,
director of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute in
Washington. "This could be the one conference a year that everyone
who cares about the border has to be at. It hasn't become that."

Current New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is the only U.S. governor at
the 29th meeting, which began late Wednesday and ends Thursday in the
Mexican port city of Ensenada, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south
of San Diego. Three of Mexico's six border governors attended the
opening ceremony at a vineyard in the rustic Valle de Guadalupe region.

Brewer backed out Tuesday, depriving the gathering of some potential
excitement after last year's fiasco. Her spokesman, Matthew Benson,
said she needed to catch up on state business after a 10-day trip to
China that ended Saturday.

The most important item on Brewer's schedule was a briefing Wednesday
on reforming the state Child Protective Services agency, Benson said.
He insisted that last year's meeting and the Mexican government's
opposition to Arizona's immigration law played no role in her
decision to stay home.

"There are a number of other new governors on both sides of the
border. She was looking forward to meeting some of those governors
and having a chance to sit down with them," Benson said.

California Gov. Jerry Brown considered going but is busy in
Sacramento reviewing hundreds of bills for his signature, said his
spokesman, Gil Duran.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is raising money ahead of Friday's filing
deadline for presidential campaign finance reports. He had
fundraisers in Tennessee on Wednesday and in Tennessee, North
Carolina and West Virginia on Thursday.

"Conversations about border issues between Texas and other states and
the federal government are ongoing whether or not someone is
attending border governors' conferences," said Perry spokeswoman Lucy

It's a far cry from 2008, when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
drew all nine other border governors to Hollywood. Many posed for a
group photo dressed as characters from the "Terminator" movie.

The meetings have been forums for a host of shared opportunities and
challenges from trade and cross-border violence to water rights and
infrastructure needs since 1980, when the governors met in Ciudad
Juarez, Mexico. Up to 1,200 people came in the early 1990s, leading
to limits on attendance aimed at making the gatherings more intimate.

Part of the governors' challenge is that many decisions are made by
federal governments, a dilemma also facing border city mayors who
meet periodically to discuss issues like immigration and congested
border crossings. Only one U.S. mayor - Jerry Sanders of San Diego -
attended a meeting last year, and his city was the host. He left
after welcoming remarks.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon sent two senior Cabinet secretaries
to the opening ceremony, which ended in a fireworks display.
Governors from California, Arizona and three Mexican states sent
substitutes. Only Texas had no one represented on the dais.

Martinez, the first Latina governor in the United States, told the
wine-sipping crowd she was confident the meeting would be fruitful.

The venue alternates each year between the United States and Mexico.
Martinez hosts next year's conference in Albuquerque.

Note: long but interesting analysis. Is he right, or just confused?
Or other forces at work? If he is right, severe consequences for
both countries. The winner if any, will be a significant threat to
national security of both Mexico and the US. Don't think this was
the first appearance of the "matazetas". BTW, the CJNG seems to be
building on the business model somewhat successfully used locally by
the LFM/CT groups in Michoacan.

'The Matazetas' or co-governance of organized crime

The first message of 'The Matazetas' on Youtube.
MEXICO CITY, Sept. 28 (approved) .- For over a year and a half, in
early 2010, to be precise, there were new cartels, La Resistencia y
Jalisco Nueva Generación, , after the arrest in October 2009, of
Oscar Nava Valencia, nephew of Luis Valencia, head of the cártel del

From this fact, the group that coordinated by El Lobo Valencia was
divided into two, which gave rise to the above associations, of which
the latter emerged as the new arm of the Sinaloa cartel, for
terminating Los Zetas in Veracruz.

Now considered a paramilitary group, and is compared with the
paramilitaries in Colombia, without taking into account that in that
country these groups were created by entrepreneurs and not for the
same cartel, as is the case of "The Matazetas" and even Los Zetas
themselves, when Osiel Cardenas created special security team.

The Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel (CJNG) is present in Colima,
Guanajuato, Jalisco and Veracruz now, which means that it has
agreements with other cartel that uses it as its executive arm to
grab a historically important place for the traffic of drugs.

According to official reports, CJNG was originally known as Los
Torcidos and founders are Nemesio Oseguera, El Mencho, and Martin
Arzola Ortega, El 53, who was arrested in July 2011 with Erick
Alcazar Jose Limon, El Nino, responsible for the transfer of money
and follow the activities of La Resistencia.

Since its inception, the CJNG raised a spirit of "justice" and
"nationalist" who has endorsed in his last two releases, which are
already identified as The Matazetas.

In one of it's first texts made the following statement: "Jalisco,
land of freedom and working people. Death to kidnappers and
extortionists. Here in Jalisco we will not allow other groups that
want to impose their famous "contributions". Businessmen, people in
government, civil servants, police officers of all forces and the
entire citizenry of the state of Jalisco. Do not worry! That while
the Jalisco cartel still here, we will not allow self-destruction of
our own state. "

Until September this year CJNG had a regional presence, focusing its
business on selling cocaine and marijuana, and fighting a fight with
Los Zetas through the plazas of Jalisco, Guadalajara and especially
outlying areas, and Aguascalientes.

However, it was in this month in which, apparently, made a new
alliance with La Resistencia, cartel de golfo and cartel de sinaloa
( the Resistance, the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa cartel ) to stop
Los Zetas, who have extended their from initial territory,
Tamaulipas, to the middle of country.
Transformed into the Matazetas, this armed group has taken a couple
of announcements over the Internet, which again is presented as a
group "Justice" and "nationalist", declaring a "people's army and of
the people" and ask not to ignore the "snares" on the outside, in the
name of God and of democracy", in clear reference to the U.S.

This armed group with a clear profile of military and police, is the
clearest expression of the crisis of the Mexican state security, as
in fact is taking the role of prosecution and justice that the
authorities have not done. Although a clear difference: it will not
stop at the use of violence to kill their adversaries.

This, in itself serious, it deepens when we consider that the Zetas
have also been allied with the Tijuana cartel and a part of the
Beltran Leyva, forming the Alliance or the Company, which means more
fighting and killings.

The proximity of the federal election next year is another factor
that make it more severe and complicated the context of violence that
is coming and that means the highest level in this ill-conceived war
by Felipe Calderón: narco-terrorism.

Attacks on institutional venues, kidnappings of big business people,
attacks on candidates and political leaders, bombs in shopping malls
or public places, are part of the threats if we continue in the same
spiral of violence unleashed by the lack of firm government of Felipe
Calderon, who in five years of government legitimacy has been more
concerned with the use of the army and to protect allies and
corrupted by drug trafficking than in the care of the citizenry.

The Matazetas are the new players in this scenario of uncontrollable
war, and in this turbulent horizon, where it is almost impossible to
distinguish who is the authority to command: governments or organized
crime cartels that have taken charge of implementing justice and the
facts are showing that they are co-government.

El primer mensaje de 'Los Matazetas' en Youtube.
MÉXICO, D.F., 28 de septiembre (apro).- Desde hace más de año y
medio, principios de 2010, para ser precisos, surgieron los cárteles
La Resistencia y Jalisco Nueva Generación, luego de la detención, en
octubre de 2009, de Óscar Nava Valencia, sobrino de Luis Valencia,
cabeza del cártel del Milenio.

A partir de ese hecho, el grupo que coordinaba El Lobo Valencia se
dividió en dos, lo que dio origen a las agrupaciones arriba
mencionadas, de las cuales la segunda se erigió como el nuevo brazo
armado del cártel de Sinaloa, para terminar con Los Zetas en Veracruz.

Considerado ahora como un grupo paramilitar, ya se le compara con los
paramilitares de Colombia, sin tomar en cuenta que en aquel país esos
grupos fueron creados por empresarios y no por los mismos cárteles,
como es el caso de "Los Matazetas" e incluso los propios Zetas,
creados por Osiel Cárdenas como su equipo especial de seguridad.

El cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) tiene presencia en
Colima, Guanajuato, Jalisco y ahora Veracruz, lo que significa que ya
tiene acuerdos con otro cártel que lo usa como su brazo ejecutor para
apoderarse de una plaza históricamente importante para el tráfico de
las drogas.

De acuerdo con informes oficiales, al CJNG se le conoce originalmente
como Los Torcidos y sus líderes fundadores son Nemesio Oseguera, El
Mencho, y Martín Arzola Ortega, El 53, quien fue detenido en julio
del 2011 en compañía de Erick José Alcázar Limón, El Niño,
responsable del traslado de dinero y de seguir las actividades de La

Desde sus inicios, el CJNG planteó un espíritu "justiciero" y
"nacionalista" que ha ratificado en sus últimos dos comunicados, en
los que ya se identifica como Los Matazetas.

En uno de sus primeros textos hizo el siguiente pronunciamiento:
"Jalisco, tierra de libertad y gente de trabajo. Muerte a los
secuestradores y extorsionadores. Aquí en Jalisco no permitiremos que
quieran entrar otros grupos que quieran imponer sus famosas cuotas.
Empresarios, gente del gobierno, funcionarios públicos, policías de
todas las corporaciones y la ciudadanía entera del estado de Jalisco.
¡No se preocupen! Que mientras el Cártel de Jalisco siga aquí, no
permitiremos la autodestrucción de nuestro propio estado".

Hasta septiembre de este año el CJNG tenía una presencia regional,
concentrando su negocio en la venta de cocaína y mariguana, y
librando una pelea con Los Zetas por las plazas de Jalisco, sobre
todo Guadalajara y su periferia, así como Aguascalientes.

Sin embargo, fue en este mes en el que, al parecer, hizo una nueva
alianza con La Resistencia, el cártel del Golfo y el cártel de
Sinaloa para acabar con Los Zetas, que han extendido su territorio
inicial, Tamaulipas, a la mitad del país.
Transformados en Los Matazetas, este grupo armado ha sacado un par de
comunicados a través de internet, en los que nuevamente se presenta
como un grupo "justiciero" y "nacionalista", al declararse como un
"ejército del pueblo y para el pueblo", y pedir que no se haga caso
de las "insidias" del exterior que, "a nombre de Dios y la
democracia", actúan en clara referencia al gobierno de Estados Unidos.

Esta agrupación armada, con un claro perfil militar y policiaco, es
la expresión más nítida de la crisis del Estado mexicano en materia
de seguridad, pues en los hechos está tomando el papel de persecución
y justicia que las autoridades no han realizado. Aunque con una clara
diferencia: no se detendrán en el uso de la violencia para asesinar a
sus adversarios.

Este hecho, de por sí grave, se profundiza más si tomamos en cuenta
que Los Zetas también se han aliado con los cárteles de Tijuana y una
parte de los Beltrán Leyva, formando La Alianza o La Compañía , lo
que significa que habrá más enfrentamientos y matanzas.

La proximidad de las elecciones federales del año entrante es otro de
los factores que hacen más grave y complicado el contexto de
violencia que se avecina y que significa el nivel más alto en esta
guerra mal planteada por Felipe Calderón: el narcoterrorismo.

Ataques a sedes institucionales, secuestros a grandes empresarios,
atentados a candidatos y dirigentes políticos, bombas en centros
comerciales o plazas públicas, son parte de las amenazas que se
ciernen si seguimos en la misma espiral de violencia desatada por la
falta de firmeza del gobierno de Felipe Calderón, que en estos cinco
años de gobierno se ha preocupado más por legitimarse mediante el uso
del Ejército y en proteger a sus aliados ya corrompidos por el
narcotráfico, que en el cuidado de la ciudadanía.

Los Matazetas son los nuevos protagonistas en este escenario de
guerra incontrolable, y en este horizonte turbulento, donde es casi
imposible distinguir quién es la autoridad que manda: los gobiernos o
los cárteles del crimen organizado que han tomado en sus manos la
aplicación de su justicia y en los hechos están demostrando que son

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