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Note: Sinaloa has been unraveling for several months now,
consequences will reach north, Sonora and then AZ. Badiraguato is
Chapo's home town Will blood feuds take priority over business as
in Guerrero?

Sunday September 25, 2011

Murders. Nobody stops.
Six people were killed in Sinaloa in recent hours, in the
municipalities of El Fuerte, Choix, Badiraguato and Navolato,
according to reports from the State Ministerial Police.

In the community of San Blas, municipality of El Fuerte, two men were
shot dead when they were driving in an SUV Grand Cherokee, gray,
VKL-4226 plates, Sinaloa, and and were ambushed by an armed group.
The bodies of Luis David Martinez Quintero and Luis Enrique Castro
Ruiz, were inside the vehicle.

Almost simultaneously, in the town of La Cienega, a town of Choix,
unknowns shot and killed Jose Palafox Mario Vega, 45.

In Navolato, was located the body of Miguel Angel Ramirez Olivas, 50,
taxi driver, and the unit where he worked was found burned in the
town of La Loma.

In the community of Surutato, Badiraguato Township, two people were
executed. The victims were identified as Jose Alfredo Olivas Beltran,
46, and Proceso Angulo Lopez, 24.

Martin Duran
Monday September 26, 2011
Killing of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes nephew Sparks Tensions in Navolato

There was nothing to indicate that he hoped the peace Navolato
target. The murder of another member of the Carrillo Fuentes family
at the hands of hired killers with no name, became the youngest of
the municipalities of Sinaloa again in a "hot spot" of violence run
by organized crime.

It was the same government headed by Mario López Valdez who fired the
warning, first voice of the Secretary General of Government, Gerardo
Vargas Landeros, and later in the mouth of the governor: the violence
could flare up in a "break out of revenge", the "Max alert "was great
in the region.

Ríodoce obtained unofficial accounts that suggest that collected by
the head of the Juarez cartel, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, Vicente
Castillo's uncle of Francisco Vicente Castillo who was finalized late
Thursday September 22, has ordered his forces to be searching for
those responsible for the death of his nephew , the second son of his
sister Luz Berthila.

The killing of the 18 year old was reported at 21:00 hours on the
road stretch known as The 25, including the communities of San Blas
and Juan Aldama ejido, El Tigre, in the receivership of Villa Angel
Flores, La Palma .

What little can be inferred of the murder, he was intercepted gunmen
aboard another vehicle and shot in his red Cherokee, license plates
VMH-5358, in which Castillo Carrillo was traveling home after going
to see some land under cultivation in the area.

The riddled unit went off the road to finish at 300 meters from the
road Vitaruto-La Palma, in an irrigation canal in flames with the
body of the young man inside.

That night, in two separate funeral homes, bodies were bodies of,
Jorge Lopez Montoya, 29 years and the brothers Jose Luis and Rafael
Ernesto Verdugo Barrera, 23 and 21, respectively. All three were from
the colony Ejidal.

Their bodies had been found at 01:30 hours, tortured and killed in
front of the School of Law at the UAS of the municipality, the road
leading to El Castillo.

At midnight on Friday, when news of the death of the nephew of the
late Amado Carrillo Fuentes visited the village, the funeral of Jorge
Lopez was deserted.

Family members were excused with the employees of the funeral home
and asked to please "take care" of the body through the night. They
return in the morning to start the ritual of burial.

According to reports obtained, Lopez Montoya was the cousin of an
individual nicknamed el Pulpo, who is related to a drug trafficking
cell operating in the receivership of Eldorado.

Although the Elite Group of the State Preventive Police, and Gloria
de Cordova Francisco Celaya, Public Security Secretary, had claimed
triumph in Navolato, the uncontrollable violence shown in the region
since it was the stronghold of the Juarez cartel, from the time of
Amado Carrillo Fuentes and sent tons of drugs into the U.S..

Family tragedy, also for Navolato

Seven years after the death of Amado, the Lord of the skies, under
rare circumstances to undergo an identity change surgery, came the
assassination of Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes, El Niño de Oro, at the
hands of assassins of Chapo Guzman, in Cinépolis plaza in Culiacan.

Since then, death has sealed the fate of the Carrillo Fuentes family
with a bloodied Navolato.

On October 27, 2008, when the war between the cartel was at its peak,
a group led by the seemingly seudomilitares then commander Germain
Ashtrays Ibarra, took forever another brother of Vicente, Jose Cruz,
married to a daughter of the family Jacobo.

According to the PGR, his body was found charred in the Piggy Back
that night. El 28, shortly after 23:30 hours, 15 armed men stormed
the Semefo of Culiacan and took the charred remains.

But this was known months later, when the same Eduardo Medina Mora,
public prosecutor, confirmed that he was the youngest son of Dona
Aurora Lopez Fuentes, although the family always maintained that it
was soldiers who took the boy and disappeared.

Then came a wave of violence in Navolato that almost exterminated the
Municipal Police and washed away dozens of civilians. The war for the
plaza, said the ordinary people.

But it was not until October 15, 2010, two years after the
disappearance of Jose Cruz, then was was taken, Miguel Angel Castillo
Carrillo, younger brother of Francisco Vicente.

That evening he was in the painting business of his mother when
several armed men arrived and, after asking his name, took him at

He was met by a week long tensions and narcobanners demanding the
release of a teenager, when the young man came home without a scratch.

But it was only a matter of time for another family member fell, this
time under the lead and fire of the assassins, and the fate of
Navolato be kept in suspense by announcing the winds of war.

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