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Migrants are the best of our people: Calderon
Organización Editorial Mexicana
September 21, 2011
El Sol de Mexico en Linea

Los Angeles, California .- The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon,
held a meeting with members of the Mexican community in Los Angeles,

Addressing more than 1,500 Mexicans living in the United States
referred to as "the best of our people" for the effort they had to
face to be here.

In his message said that "they are here because there was no other
alternative" and reiterated his commitment to seek an immigration
reform that will benefit them.


Organized crime kills more than dictatorships: Calderon
The president lamented that the demand for drugs continues to grow
and consumers felt that countries are obliged to reduce the huge
economic gains of the criminal groups, cutting off their sources of
Claudia Herrera, sent
Posted: 21/09/2011 10:56

New York. President Felipe Calderón warned that organized crime is
now killing more people and more young people all dictatorial regimes
together. "That day thousands of people, tens of thousands in our
Latin America and particularly between Mexico and the Andes, are
dying because of criminals," he said at the 66th Ordinary General
Assembly of the UN. He said all surprised by the dozens or hundreds
or thousands of deaths caused by authoritarian and repressive regime.

He said the power of crime is stronger than some governments but
certainly not ours. And that power, he insisted, is derived from
exorbitant rents.

He regretted that the demand for drugs grows and as long as existing
in the financing will have a major strong. So consuming countries
considered it necessary to carry out effective actions.

Consumer countries are obliged to reduce the enormous economic gains,
cutting funding sources, look for options.

Fourth speaker in the assembly called for an end to the arms industry
profits he sees in every war the opportunity to sell.

Reducing bureaucracy called the UN. He also hope that the stalemate
in relations Israel - Palestine gives way to the solution to the
conflict to allow the existence of two states if it is a result of
solution, viable, real, and that both may live in peace without
hatred or violence.

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